April 1, 2020


– E-commerce money. Shopify money. Yes! In this video, we go
over how you can build a multiple million dollar store, get endorsements from
influencers and celebrities. Like, celebrities, like
artists and singers for free for your own products or service, and how you can blow up your Shopify store in just two years. This video is gonna be packed
full of nuggets and bombs. So, do not go and do not plan on going anywhere. [Techno Music] What is up online CEOs? My name is Josue Pena. Welcome to a channel that is
all about helping you grow and monetize your brand,
business, and influence with social media and marketing. And today, we’re talking all
about E Commerce and Shopify, and how you can build a
multi-million dollar brand on Shopify in just two years starting just with a hundred, few hundred bucks in your pocket and do it even if you are a young — or even if you’re a teen, all right? So, this is what we’re gonna cover today. Today, we have a very special guest. His name is Shawn Kelly, and just in his teens, he was able to build
a multi-million dollar Shopify, e-commerce empire, that even celebrities endorse and promote. Like Mark Cuban, and artist, and rappers, and all these different
people wear his products, and endorse them, and promote them. He’s doing multiple six figures a month organically from Instagram, and doing Facebook Ads, and traffic, and all this stuff. And in this video, he
spills out all the secrets on how we was able to do it, and how you can do it as well. So, let’s just dive into the interview and make sure you keep your ears peeled, and take out your notebooks. Take notes and pay attention ’cause this stuff is absolutely pure gold, and you have never heard
stuff like this before. Why? Because you have never seen and heard how you can actually get
artists and celebrities like Mark Cuban and all these
different people for free while building a multi-million
dollar Shopify empire. Oh and one more thing before we actually get into the interview. Make sure you stay until the very end, because we have a very little
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and hit that like button. Welcome everybody, today we
have a very special guest, Shawn Kelly. He’s built a really successful e-com brand really really fast, especially like using Instagram,
Instagram influencers. I think like you just, they
like a couple of months ago, the last time they did like 500K. Like above half a million
dollars per month, in revenue, in sales, that is an insane amount of numbers. And today, we’re just gonna
dive into Shawn Kelly’s story, and just like see how he did it. A couple tips that he has for us. Well you know how I roll, just value bombs so you can actually implement it to grow your e-commerce brand, using Instagram, using social media, using Influencers, and how you can actually scale that up very, very quickly. So Shawn, thank you so much for taking the time for
being with us today. I’m really excited. – No problem man, let’s do it. – Awesome, so tell us a little bit of background about yourself. Like the story, like how do
you even like get into this. I know like it’s Jersey
Champs, the brand is called. – [Shawn] Yeah. – How do you even like get into this? Like what was like the train, process for you, in
order to get into this. – Yeah, so senior year of high school I had an Instagram page that posted cool jersey designs, and I ended up doing that for a year. Then once I built a following, I was thinking, I should probably start making money off of this somehow. So I started like making my own designs, and I made a site. I switched the username to Jersey Champs, and that’s how it got started in college. – Yeah, like how old are
you again, right now? – I’m 21. – I’m 21. Oh my freaking. Like that’s crazy. That’s crazy to me, you’re freaking 21, had an E-com store that
would make like 500K a month, in the last two months. That is insane, that is
freaking awesome dude. Like how much is the following right now on Instagram, like with on Jersey Champs? – We’re about to hit 1.7
million right now, I believe. – 1.7 million followers. You started the last year of high school, you said right. Then going into college. – Yeah, it’s been…
– [Josue] Did you drop out of college or no? – Yeah, I dropped out
beginning of Sophomore year. The account is a little over three years old now. – I got it. Cool. That’s amazing to be honest with you. And then you were like, how were you like designing, were you doing like print on demand? – So for jerseys, there’s no factories that
really do that, honestly. So we would have a graphic designer team whip up designs and talk to
a wholesaler, or factory. – Got it, cool. So basically like, and then you would like drop ship it, or like
you would buy inventory and then… How would you like do that process? – We do both. I used to order a lot of inventory, but now I got a pretty
steady drop shipper, so… But for the holidays, we order in bulk so we can meet the deadlines. – Yeah of course, that makes sense. That’s crazy. So basically, you went from high school, went into college, and then dropped out Sophomore year, just because, I mean you have
a very successful business. And today, I believe I saw, that you actually sold the company, for how much was it? – We just got acquired for four mil. – Four million dollars,
can I like ca-ching. Ca-ching for you brother, that’s amazing. 21 year old, four million
dollars, and that’s crazy. 1.7 million followers, honest to God, is that just, the numbers
are mind boggling, like in just three years, also. That’s the beaut about
it, just three years you’ve been doing this, which is amazing to be honest with you. Alright, so walk us through the process of how actually this all happened. Like, most people are wondering right now that are watching, like, “Man, how’d he actually
like do this stuff. This is just, like, insane numbers.” How you actually got started. What would you say were
some of the mistakes you did at the beginning. Like, man, I wanna start
an e-com store, I wanna do, you know build an online business, like a brand, a clothing brand, and whatever that looks like, but I have no idea where to start, I have very little money, cause probably when you
were in high school, you had no money right
or very little of it. – Uh, yeah. – So like, how did you actually
build this entire process to make this company
successful and sell it for four million dollars in just three years. – Yeah, so, we first started
with Instragram Shout Outs two, three years ago that those
were actually really good. Now, it’s a bit saturated,
and then from there we moved on to Facebook Ads, and at the time I think they just launched Instagram Ads through their Ads manager, so that was really cheap
Impressions in cost for purchases. And we’re still doing Facebook Ad’s and now we’re doing Influencers, and like, the celebrities you’ve
seen wear the jerseys, have been really impactful. Yeah, Influencers are key. Fashion Nova uses a ton of them, and they’re one of the biggest companies, so I’d recommend using a lot
of Influencers if you can. – Yeah, like obviously once you started, you didn’t have money to get Drake wearing your t-shirt right? (laughs) – Yeah, you gotta work your way up. I started with rappers you
would have never heard of, and then eventually worked
my way up to 2 Chainz. And then once you land an
A-list artist like that, it’s very easy to land other’s, cause you have it on your resume. – Yeah. Damn, like, you have 2
Chainz wearing your jersey, and like basically endorsing your brand. That is crazy. For example, how did you went out there and start and start to find the rappers that nobody knew about? Before I let you dive into that, one of the things I see that you were really really key and smart is that you already knew who
your target demographic was. Like, people who love basketball
tend to love rap, too. – Yeah. – So, like, it’s very very similar When I’m like seeing your stuff, I’m like that’s really interesting. You didn’t even go for the music industry, you didn’t even go for
the basketball people, you went for the music people, because you know the music people love the basketball people, and there was a very passionate niche. – Exactly, yeah. – That’s smart. That’s like really really smart. So like, anyways, tell
me how were you able to find these micro
influencers, these rappers that only their grandma
and their mom knows. (laughter) – Yeah, so these micro influencers, most of them are gonna respond to you if you DM them on Instagram, but we also used YouTube. Basically YouTube and Instagram, honestly. And then basically you work your way up, cause they’re gonna know someone a little more popular than them, and then they’re gonna know someone, and you just work your way up. – Got it, cool. And like did you pay
them up front or did you just like send them a t-shirt, a jersey? How did the interaction
work with the rapper? – Yeah, we’ve actually never
paid for a single Influencer. We just send them free
merch, and we send them this merch every couple months, because when you have such a good product, people are willing to
represent it for free. – That’s crazy. So, wait, time out, let’s back up. You have never paid
for a single promotion? – No man (laughs) Those photos you see with
Mark Cuban and 2 Chainz, they all, we didn’t pay them. – Really? That’s, I forgot, you also
got Mark Cuban, that’s right. (laughter) – Yeah. – That’s freaking amazing. So you never paid for a single
Shout Out of Influencer, you started, we’re micro and
then just put in the work. How many hours per day
were you working on this? – Oh man. (laughs) When I was first starting, cause you know the grind up first, it was 15, 18 hour days, but lately– – Just pushing your Influencers
over and over again. – Yeah. I used to manually
DM people all day, every day. I used to answer all the customer
e-mails and stuff myself. Now I got that all outsourced, so, it’s like eight to 10 hour days. – Got it. You just like shift focus. Now you’re working on
more high level stuff, but still, like. – Exactly, yeah. – The work never stops, but that’s crazy. That’s one of the things I feel like people don’t really understand, is that you gotta just put in the work. You either have money or you have time. – Yeah. – You didn’t have money,
so you put in the time. How were you able to transition from a micro Influencer stage, like a hundred bucks a
day or whatever that was, to actually transition into, like $500,000 a month. There’s a huge gap in there, you know? – Yeah, um, it depends on the, what’s
happening in the media. Two months ago, when
we did that 500K month, we actually partnered with XXXTentacion and his charity and stuff. So we sold a ton of those jerseys, so that was just a big month. But we also scaled with
Facebook Ads and stuff so we were able to maintain a 500K after selling those
jersey’s for three days. – So basically, you
partnered up with a charity, then you used the Facebook Ads
to re-target those customers, and basically just sell them more stuff. Are you coming up with, like, new designs every single month? – Um, so we’ll try to work with a rapper and center it around their new albums, so whenever a big album is released, we’ll try to partner with them. Sometimes it’s every month, sometimes it’s every couple months. – Got it, cool. I’m just trying to wrap my
head around how you never paid money for an Influencer, so that’s like I don’t
think anybody can say that, that I know, like you probably the first e-com guy that can say
I built a multi-million dollar business without
paying a single penny. (laughter) Like, to Influencers. So that’s– – Yeah. – Um, how did you like got
into 2Chainz ecosystem anyways? And Mark Cuban? How did you even like
get those kind of people, those are not like the
Instagram Influencer, like these are like real celebrities. – Yeah, um so 2Chainz, I
actually believe it or not e-mailed him, his manager, directly. I used to like spend hours
a day e-mailing managers and he was like the one out of
like 500 that that responded. So it’s all about grinding. And then Mark Cuban, my
friend works for him, so we ended up just
getting that through him. – Got it, cool. That was awesome, I mean that right there is I would say, you’re a relentless entrepreneur. 500 e-mails? Like most people would’ve just given up at a hundred or 200, or 300,
or into 400, or the 450. (laughter) 500 freaking e-mails just
to get one responding, like just one and then
from there, obviously. When was the 2Chainz one,
like when did that one happen? – He released an album, I
think, a year or two ago, called Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, so it was around then, and they ended up
ordering wholesale from us to sell those on his site. – That’s awesome, so basically, they didn’t even just wear it. They actually just like partnered
up and sell the t-shirts. – Yeah, yeah. That’s always our goal. We don’t wanna just have them wear it, we wanna have them sell it. – Mmhmm, yeah. That’s great. So basically
you wholesale it to them, they basically up market price, and they just sell it on
the website, that’s cool. Do you still tag, like,
Jersey Champs or whatever? – Yeah, so my logo’s on all jersey’s, so people will know it’s from us. – Cool. That’s amazing dude. Like, that’s crazy. Okay, now transitioning, we went over how you got started, how do you scale it
up, just like grinding, how you got to the point
that you’re in right now, how you actually got those Influencers. What’s like, kind of
the next step for you? Like, where do you wanna be headed next? Now that you sold– – Yeah, so esports is blowing up as you probably know, so we just sponsored a few Fortnite teams, so we’re gonna be doing
jerseys, Esports jerseys for a lot of FortNite players now. So that’s probably the next phase, um Esports is gonna be
blowing up the next few years, so we’re pretty pumped. – Yeah, my cousin’s playing
for the FortNite right now, so. (laughter) I gotta know that. That’s awesome. So basically, you wanna take
Jersey Champs like to what? What would you say in the
next few years it’s gonna be? – I don’t know man, as long as we grow each
year, I’m happy with that. We’ve been doubling,
tripling in each year so far. This year, we’re gonna
quadruple I believe, so as long as we can keep up the gross, that’s all I care about. – Yeah of course, that’s awesome. What was the revenue in the first year? – First year was 350,000 I believe. – $350,000, that’s
amazing in the first year. The second year was what? – 650? – 650. That’s the second year, and this year, you’re doing
that every single month. That’s crazy, and then next year– – And then next year it’s
gonna be I don’t even know. (laughter) – If the growth continues
like it is right now, what would be kind of
like the projections? – Uh, it’s gonna be between
four and six million. It’s hard to say because it’s
a basic thing as you know. – Yeah, that is true. So, um, that’s crazy. So you’re doing $500,000
a month, this year. You were just doing $600,000 last year, and 300,000 every year previous to that, and the business is only three years old. That is just a whole nother level, dude. Like, congrats. And you’re 21 years old. – Yeah. – Which is the bigger
mind boggling part for me because I’m 25, turning 26, and we’ve been in contact for a while, and your success is
just like astronomical. So that’s really really awesome. And what’s like your next goal, like apart from like Jersey Champs, do you have any other projects that you’re working on yourself? Are you gonna be teaching all
of us how to do this well? I probably know, you got a lot of DM’s. A lot of people like
wanting to work with you. “Hey, how do you actually do this, like for my own brand?” Consulting. What’s kind of the next step
for you, as Shawn Kelly? Instead of just like Jersey Champs? Like, do you have any other projects? – Yeah, consulting can
definitely be a possibility. I wanna get the personal brand out there, it’s really important. I definitely learned that from Gary V’s latest book, Crushing It. And once you’re an entrepreneur, you’re always gonna wanna
start something else, so we’ll see. I’m looking into CBD right now, actually. – Got it, cool. I mean, you already know the path. You already done it. You already built a
multimillion dollar business just three years, so, it’s a replicative process and you can do it as well, like later on. (laughter) – Yeah, so that’s like a formula. – Exactly, exactly,
like a formula, exactly. You have all this youth, but you just shared a formula here, so like I appreciate
you sharing the formula, like the process with the entire family. So anybody here watching this right now, I want you to go, there’s gonna be a link
below or above or somewhere, where do you want me to send people, like to your Instagram? – Yeah, just send them
to my personal Instagram. I’ll answer any questions
your viewers have. – Cool, so like the link is
gonna be above, below, whatever, just send Shawn a message
saying that you came from Josue or Online CEO’s, and just let him know you came from there, and I’m sure you can hook
’em up with some tips, and some secret ninja strategy that you did not share today. And I’m sure there’s a lot more stuff that goes on in the background. Again, I don’t wanna extend
too much of your time, but I appreciate your time, dude. Any last words that you
wanna say to the family here? – Nah, just keep grinding
and you’ll make it, guys. – Yeah, I mean, like you did it. Again, high school, college dropout, 21 years old, multimillion
dollar business. This is amazing, and again,
we just live in a world where this is possible. Before, it wasn’t. Today, it’s possible, so dude thank you so much, again. Here’s the funny thing,
I say like Instagram’s kind of like the future, and you did, three years ago, before it was popular. – Yeah. You gotta hop on early. – Yeah, hop on early and now, like Instagram is popping off so I guess we just need to ride the wave. You just rode the wave and
now you’re just like set. Like, Jersey Champs is just set no matter what platform it goes into, but Instagram’s just like a huge player. Using micro Influencers from Instagram, YouTube, all that stuff, so. Dude, thank you again, hope
you have a fantastic day. And again, people, go follow Shawn Kelly, the link’s gonna be below,
above, somewhere around here. Go message him and we’ll
talk to you later man. – Thanks a lot man. Thanks for having me. – [Josue] No problem, bye. – Peace. (smacks) – Wow, right? Like that’s my reaction basically, after hearing all those value bombs and nuggets and all that
good stuff from Shawn Kelly. So if this is your first time watching, make sure you hit that
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