April 7, 2020


hey guys Rachel Eisley here and in this
video I’m gonna show you how you can make sales funnels in builder all and
different types of funnels that you can make an overview on how to edit them
here on my channel I have lots of other videos too and I’ll have more specific
tech tutorials about builder all and other landing page funnel software’s and
tools and online marketing tools and ways to make money online through sales
funnels affiliate marketing and automating things so if you are into
that I put out new videos all the time so subscribe to my channel and push the
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freshest content so before I go into what exactly is in build role and what
that is in like how we build that to make sales funnels I want to share kind
of more generally what a sales funnel is and I think there’s like lots of
misconceptions about it but a sales funnel is really to me just a process I
got to comic level board using click funnels with a team and we did sales
funnel but it doesn’t sales funnel can look like different things for different
industries so for e-commerce it may look like something like an info page or
something for lower ticket on the front first page and then on the next page you
might have an upsell for two more things or a different product or a subscription
and then they say yes or no that they want that that we may have like a down
sell or another upsell or alternative option and that’s what a sales funnel is
takes people through a process so it’s like walking into the store and you have
like a personal shopper guiding you along the way some things that we want
to use sales funnels for we can’t ask for the sale right away we need to give
more value at first so it could just be in a landing page that has a bunch of
information and then if people want to take the next step they can click the
button to go to the next page or a click a button and
their email or take some other type of action or even open up like facebook
chat but we don’t have to get too advanced I’m just going to show you some
basic sales funnels and you could see maybe how you would want to use them but
first let me just show you why I am making this with builder all because you
can make sales funnels using lots of different software’s and I show you guys
different software’s here on this channel and I’m always like
experimenting with new ones I just really like this one lately like it is
lower price than a lot of the other landing pages offers that’s out there it
has more features than a lot of other landing page software is out there so
it’s like you know I’m down to try it and and start using it and share my
results with people and actually in this video in the description I’m gonna put
some funnels to that I like some builder all funnels that you can use and I will
put my signup link through builder all if you want to sign up through my
affiliate link I also have their affiliate I like their affiliate program
and there is a free trial too so try out the free trial basically builder well it
comes with a ton of templates and like website templates funnel templates
ecommerce membership sites to get people to sign up for a webinar make blog posts
a ton I’m going to show you guys a few and then it also has cool automation
features so oftentimes people get a sales funnel software and then a
separate email marketing software and yes I do use other email marketing
software’s like come on online marketer it’s my job to be like trying all these
out all day but this is build rows really cool because it comes with an
email marketing software and you can sell and take money like people kept at
credit cards on the site and a lot of people have complaints like oh well I
tried builder all before and it was slow and buggy but it’s just been getting
better and better you don’t have to be I don’t know I would try it again if I
tried it a while ago cuz they have all these cool funnels
that looks so nice wants to collect emails bridge pages
info pages you can embed videos and then they have different builders so
there’s a pixel-perfect builder which is just I mean the templates come already
done but you can drag and drop things I’m going to show you guys how I do that
but like you don’t change much except like the words the pics configure email
and configure a domain maybe do some other configuring the responsive site
builder that’s different than the pixel-perfect because on the
pixel-perfect you edit the desktop version and the mobile version to make
sure they look perfect how you want them both ways where responsive pages adjust
when they’re like good for iPads or mobile first and that’s kind of like if
you want to make an app but they have an out builder in here to drag and drop
email responsive sites blogs you can create videos images presentations
browser notifications heat map which means you wouldn’t have to get a
separate software for that either you can integrate all these different
payment portals and email marketing autoresponders if you don’t want to use
the built in and different social medias different apps it’s real cool let’s shut
up going to show you some of these so I’m just going to show you the builders
that here we have builders which is where you get your funnels the
autoresponder the design apps video apps some more apps a ton of freaking
trainings on like how to do sales funnels and make money online but I also
like the videos on my channel so let’s go into a little perfect pixel perfect
funnel I went to sales funnels and they have different opt-in pages that look
really nice where you can add your own logo and change out the words to change
other colors if you want to match your brand so the ones that so membership
funnels bridge page giveaways if you’re going to do a giveaway I’m going to show
you some very popular ones this is just a basic like squeeze page opt-in page
maybe you’re giving away a free training or a video training
so if you want you can change I mean obviously it would change this this is
what you will learn so maybe instead you would say and this is not like a
copywriting course and I actually forgot to tell you guys there is a script
generator software in here to help you write copy want to learn the top tips
for getting more fit I don’t know I don’t let get that fit but you could say
different things and then you can connect your email autoresponder and you
would configure it here just depending on which one you use it’s real easy to
connect your API or use the built-in one and then okay this is a very basic one
but there’s four I’m going to show you guys some more advanced ones are not
more advanced but just some other strategies if you don’t want certain
things that are in here you can delete them so I’m just going to right click it
and trash it and you can just trash different things
and then once it’s trash you could drag different things down different things
up I decided I don’t like the whole section select it trash it okay let’s
take a look at this one and mess this one all up so we just right click and we
can configure the video and switch it out with a different YouTube link we can
right click on order form and configure that but it’s like a lot of this stuff
it’s great how it is we can move the photo around and the images around if we
wanted them but honestly a lot of this stuff like you don’t really want to move
around because it’s already been tested to be how landing pages should be and
how they convert best and then same with mobile it’s like
instead of just starting from scratch just change out copy here’s just another
really simple opt-in page perhaps you just want to change the image with the
image of you right-click change image here we’ll use this look at this girl
instead it’s important to save though every so often so you can put different
you can connect a domain but I’m just gonna do test five to hop from page to
page in a funnel it’s really cool because it’s just up here and it shows
you the other pages so with the funnel there steps to files too so don’t forget
about the other step so we can edit the Thank You page and you can give someone
a coupon or a discount and then we also you’ll want to edit like your disclaimer
privacy policy terms but it’s really cool they give you all this stuff start
with a liquidation page that’s like a a lower ticket thing it’s called different
things and online marketing but like a self liquidating offer kind of just a
lower price thing to make your money back on adspend so here’s like a low
ticket offer or like a trip wire they call it to get them in the door so we
know who our buyers are and there’s really cool countdown time or two and
each button here goes we’ll go to the next page we got the check out page
upsell page you can connect this with different payment processors stripes a
really easy one and then you can connect your email marketing to be sent to be
following up with people and selling them more things or promoting more
things and keeping them engaged in your audience so you can start putting them
through other funnels that you build to when you are done though you do want to
make sure that you publish the page and connect your domain
which all you have to do to connect the domain you buy on like GoDaddy is just
switch out the name servers and you can turn on SSL here too which gives your
site more security and it’s more trusted if you’re selling something on your site
so this was more of an overview video you can check in my builder all
playlists which I’ll link below like smaller different tech tutorials like
more specific things but i really suggest just getting in there and
looking at the templates and start changing words and photos in your
templates and then you could get more answers or strategy as long as you got
like your domain connected and if you even are collecting emails get that
connected you’ll be good to send it live and drive traffic to it and then you can
work on more advanced strategies after that I will be putting out more advanced
videos I actually probably have some already in the YouTube so be sure to
subscribe to my channel and turn on the notifications so you see when I put out
new builder all tech tutorials but also just general online marketing sales
funnel automation strategies and make money online strategies

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  2. are you still using them? i found them time consuming and stopped using them. nothing was working there

  3. Thank you so much for this video! Looking forward to more videos that relate to this! Im currently working on how to do affiliate marketing ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi Rachel nice video! Just a question, how to add affiliate links to the thank you page and how to access the email address from mailingboss at BA?

  5. Hey is Builderall the octopus? I'm guessing that's the mascot or something, lol. Keep it up, Rachel, you're a star.

  6. Thanks Rachel! I signed up, Builderall is suprisingly capable. The funnel builder is only one tool of many, many. This is great for anybody who owns a business, on or offline. There is a lot going on here that Clickfunnels does not do, or didn't aim to address. Builderall is quite comprehensive. For $70/mo you get everything. That's 40 features I counted, about 20 of which are individual tools or services that can replace many of the expensive ala carte services I am already paying for each month. To get the "total" package at CF is significantly more expensive. I really don't think clickfunnels is that much better like people say. Are they comparing the pagebuilders only? They both have areas where they shine AND areas where improvement is needed… but does CF build smart phone apps? Create Videos? Social Media Management? Chatbots? CRM? Help Desk? Not everyone can afford CF starting out, and not everybody wants or even needs to. Builderalls pricing is a no brainer, it's unlimited, you can use it with multiple domains and build as many sites as you want. I have to think Builderall will continue to ramp up and add even more capability. I couldn't get my wallet fast enough. It would be a bargain at twice the price.

  7. What's up Rachel? Thanks for the great content. I understand the basics of sales funnels and Clickbank. But what I don't understand is why people bother to create a funnel when the Clickbank product affiliate page provides all the resources, like landing pages, email swipes, VSL's, etc.

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