April 6, 2020
How to Submit Your Website to Google, Bing, and Yahoo Search Engines (EASY Guide)

How to Submit Your Website to Google, Bing, and Yahoo Search Engines (EASY Guide)

There are two ways to submit your
website to Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The first is using Google and Bing’s URL
submission pages. Submission using this method is as simple as simply entering
the URL that you wish to submit and clicking the submit request button. It’s the same for both Google and Bing. Simply enter the URL of the website or webpage
that you wish to submit and click the submit button. If you’re wondering why we
don’t need to submit to Yahoo it’s because Yahoo actually uses Bing’s search
results. Therefore, submissions are being automatically results in submission to
Yahoo. So, Google and Bing are the only two search engines you really need to
worry about submitting to. However, although these URL submission pages are perfectly adequate, you may have noticed that you can only submit one URL at a time. Because of this, along with a few other reasons, we recommend submitting
your website via Google and Bing’s Webmaster Tools instead. Again, this is a
very straightforward process and can be done in just a couple of minutes. Let’s
start with Google. First, log in to Google Webmaster Tools and you should see a
page that looks something like this. This shows all of the websites that you
currently own and have verified within Google Webmaster Tools. If you haven’t verified your website
already, simply click the add a property button in the upper right hand corner
and you’ll be prompted to enter the URL of the website you wish to verify. Click
the ‘Add’ button and Google is going to ask for verification of ownership of
that website. They give you a few methods for doing this. Once verified, the website
should appear in this list of domains within search console. Next, you can
simply select the property that you wish to submit a sitemap for, then select the
sitemaps option from within the crawl subheading on the left hand menu. If you
haven’t submitted the sitemap for this website already, this page will probably be quite bare and quite empty. So you’ll need to click
the add/test sitemap button and enter the URL of the sitemap for the associated website before clicking submit. Once you’ve done this, Google should then show something that looks like this: So, you can see that Google shows
you the number of web pages that you have submitted via the sitemaps
along with the number of pages that Google has actually indexed from those
sitemaps. Ideally, these two numbers should be pretty close to one another; if
not exactly the same. It’s a similar process for Bing. Simply login to Bing webmaster tools, enter the domain or website that you
wish to submit, and click the Add button. Bing will then ask a few questions about
that website and will also ask for a sitemap URL for that web site. Once
you’ve filled in this form, simply click the Save button at the bottom of the
website and your website should be then submitted to Bing. If you want to check
the indexation status of any website or any particular URL within either Google
or Bing simply go to Google or Bing and enter the site search operator which is
the word ‘site:’ followed by colon and then the domain name of the website in which
to check indexation status for. Click search and you should see that Google or
Bing returned the results for every web page they have indexed on that
particular domain. As you can see, in this instance, Google has 411 pages indexed on this domain. If you prefer to check the indexation status of a particular URL,
simply enter the full URL after the site search operator and click Submit. If
Google returns a result, as it does in this case, that web page is almost
certainly indexed. If Google or Bing doesn’t return a result, chances are, they
haven’t indexed that web page for a particular reason. You can read our full
search engine submission guide on the Ahrefs Blog. The link is in the video
description below along with links to both Google and Bing’s Webmaster Tools,
their submission pages, and all of the resources mentioned in this video.

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