March 30, 2020
How to start your Shopify Ecommerce business with Instagram?

How to start your Shopify Ecommerce business with Instagram?

– You have probably wanted to build a successful e-commerce
business with Shopify, but you have no idea how
to start, where to start, or actually how to use the most important platform
right now that you can use for your e-commerce
business, which is Instagram. So, in this video, we actually dived deep and reveal exactly how you can use polls, Instagram Stories and Shopify
integration with Instagram to make sure you build a
successful e-commerce business. (upbeat music) what is up, Online CEOs? My name is Josue Pena, helping you grow and monetize your brand, business, and influence with social media and marketing. And today, we’re talking
all about e-commerce, all about Shopify, all
about Instagram integration with Shopify and how
you can actually use it and make it happen for you. And then we dive into actually
how to use Instagram Stories and specifically polls to
make sure you make more sales for your own e-commerce store and Shopify. This video is actually a replay of a live training and
coaching call that we did where we actually broke down step by step, and how to do this, why this
is so important for you, and how these updates on the Instagram algorithm and platform will affect you in a positive way. So if you haven’t already, make sure you hit that Like button and red Subscribe button down below if you do not want to miss
out the next future videos where we spill out a lot more secretes and a lot more strategies that
you can implement right away. And like always, on every single video, if you stay until the very end, we’re giving away $100
straight to your PayPal. So don’t plan on going anywhere, because this one is gonna be a good one. So, in the last one, we
talked about how to use polls. I’m gonna go briefly on it. But if you wanna see that more, there’s gonna be links
in the description below so you can see the videos, so you can see that video again. But the polls is basically
I use them personally to pre-frame the audience
for something that’s coming, or a sale, or to push them to the funnel and stuff like that. So, how do I actually do that? I’m gonna show you now how I do it. But the way, I do it, for
example, I tell something, I intrigue the audience with
something in particular. So, let’s say right now I’m
gonna show a fitness example. But let’s say you are in the beauty niche. You can say something like, you take the phone and you
say, “Hey, what’s up, guys? “Here I am, I’m gonna do
my make up real quick, “and I want just to know. “What do you think I should
wear, mascara or something?” I don’t know even know, I don’t even know what I’m talking about. I’m not in the beauty industry. But you know what I’m saying. Let’s say you’re in the travel industry, and you’re going to the beach, and you’re like, “Okay, I don’t know what “swimsuit I should wear. “What’s up, guys? “What do you think I should
wear, this one or this one?” And same thing, you just
wanna ask people questions, so that they click, and click yes or no, or whatever it is. And you can use emojis, instead
of saying yes or saying no. So, it’s really, really powerful. I use it personally as a way
to pre-frame the audience before I actually show them something. So, I’m gonna show you an
example here real quick, so you can actually see how I do it. So, let’s see right here, boom. So, you should be seeing
my phone right now. This is one of my accounts. It’s called Elation Fitness. It has 221,000 followers. So, for example, if we’re gonna look at the Instagram Stories
right here on the top, you can see that I literally
just did this right now. So, the numbers are gonna
be a little bit off, but you can see right here it
has 1,500 views at the bottom, and 73% voted yes and 27% voted no. So, I was just basically asking them, “Hey, would you like
to see a free workout?” I’m gonna tell them, “Hey,
I’m about to go to the gym. “I’m about to go to the gym, “and would you like to see a free workout? “Because I can give it to you.” So, I just asked the question right? And the pre-frame here is I’m gonna give them a free lead magnet for them to enter into the funnel later on in the Instagram Stories. And you’re gonna see this right now. So, you see me just asking
them, just talking to them, and just randomly doing
an Instagram story, right? And then I just keep going. The second one, and you can see something real interesting here. This one doesn’t have something visual. It just has my face. There’s no result being pitched. They’re not seeing the result
that they’re gonna obtain, so it has 73% say yes, 27 said no. Cool, but what about this one? They see the result. They see my transformation, right? They see me before and then me after with the workout program that I follow. And say, “Would you
like to see the workout “that I follow to get these results?” You see the percentage
of people saying yes is actually bigger than this one. Obviously, this has 73%, this one has 77%. And actually, it was done
in the last hour or so, so the numbers are a little
bit lower than expected, but in the next 24 hours, this should go up to I would say 85%. I will update you guys
in the comment section or in the group if you’re a part of it, but you can actually see right here me talking to the camera, just saying to them, hey,
I’m pre framing this. This is a pre-frame. but I’m just telling them, hey,
this is how you can use it. This is how you can do it. And here is the pitch. You can see it right here. What I did was, hey,
you could actually get the free workout program. You don’t even have to wait for me to go to the gym and
show you on Instagram. You can do it right now, get your free workout
program just by swiping up. So, I put the link here, and they can just swipe up, and they can just go
to the website, right? They could just go to the
landing page that I built. So, this is the landing page. They can just put their name
and email, book, right there, and this thing is actually
converting really, really well, over 50%. This thing is converting over 50%. So, they can just swipe up and get the free workout program if they wanna follow
along my workout routine that I’m gonna be showing them a little bit later on tonight. So it’s an easy sell, right? I already show them the results. I already pre-framed them. Hey, do you wanna see this stuff? They said yes. 77% of them said yes. So, the next one one is, okay, cool. You said yes, swipe up and
you could get it for free even before you can
actually see the workout, and you can follow along with me. So, the next one, I said, again. I just did it again just
to prove a point here. Would you like to see the results? 72% said yes, boom. 72% said yes, and then swipe up again. So, as you can see right here, this is a perfect example. I did the same thing twice. One with video, and the
other one with photos. So photos on Instagram Stories and then other one with
video on Instagram Stories. And you can actually see the conversion. So, 72% said yes. And over here, when I
actually showed the results, 77% said yes, so the percentage is higher. So use video on Instagram Stories. Pictures do not convert as well as video. My opinion is an obvious understatement, but many people use
pictures instead of videos on Instagram Stories. So, as you can see right here, it’s a super simple way
to pre-frame people, ask them something before
actually pitch them, before you actually pitch them. Hey, do you wanna see the workout I follow to get the result, yes or no? They said yes, cool. So get your free workout program and follow along just by swiping up. And as you can see, I actually put in text the swipe up thingy in the bottom, so they actually know what motion to do. So let’s say I’m just gonna
go right here, and do, like, I’m gonna do another one, right? So, I’m right here, you
can actually see yourself. That’s there. So, right here, I am talking to you guys. And what you do is just simply hold. You talk to the camera. Hey, what’s up guys? I’m gonna do a free Instagram stories. I mean go to the gym, all that good stuff. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You do your pre-frame right here. This is where you do your pre-frame, and then you just… The thing is running out, and
you have the call to action, and then what you do is
go on the top here, boom. You click the Pool button, boop. And whatever question you have. Let’s say you have you want to learn how to become a better, I don’t know, marketer or something. This is fitness account,
so I’m not gonna post this. Instead of saying yes,
you can put Heck yes, and you can put an emoji there, or Nah, you can say Nah, I’m boring. Nah, I’m boring. Boom, there you go, right? So, it’s a quick simple poll, and just people can click any of them, or you can just put an emoji here. Instead of saying yes, you can
put an emoji or fire thingy, or anything you want. This is the pre-frame. Now, let’s say you posted this one, and you’re gonna post a new one. So, what you do is, cool, guys, I see that you’re seeing, many of you said yes. So, what I’m gonna do is right now I’m just giving you
a free complete worksheet, or a paid one, whatever it is. Just swipe up right now, and you can get it right away. Boom. Call to action, super simple. You put your link here. You put So that let’s say is your link. And here let’s say you put again, you pre-framed them, you
get them the results. Become… I haven’t thought about this. I don’t like to copy, but become a better marketer today. Marketer today. Boom. So, we do another one. We put this emoji. We use caps. Swipe up. Boom, put this. You put it bigger. Put it in the center. Done deal. We post this, and done deal. That’s how you pre-frame, and you just already pushed in traffic to your website and link by just, on Instagram Stories. It’s something super, super simple, but it’s extremely powerful. You have no idea how many people I click. I will probably get from this alone over 2,500 clicks in
the next 24 to 48 hours, just from this to my
website, to my funnel. And that converts over 50%. So, it is extremely, extremely powerful. So, hopefully, you’re
able to see the power at how to actually use polls to pre-frame whatever the
offer that you’re using, and then the swipe up
thingy, the swipe up feature, to actually push traffic to your website, to your landing page,
and all that good stuff. So, hopefully that makes sense. If you have any questions,
drop them down below. Whether you’re in the
livestream or in the replay, I’ll be more than happy
to answer if you have any. So, now we’re gonna move on. Hopefully that makes sense. Now we’re gonna move on and show you the Shopify and Instagram integration that they just rolled out. So, imagine being able to use polls and push in traffic to the link, but with also the
integration with Shopify. So, for example, let’s say
you have a watch brand, you build watches, right? You build watches and all that good stuff, and you ask your followers
on Instagram Stories, “Hey, which watch do you like
more, this one or this one?” Or, you’re about to do a launch and instead of you doing the launch, by you thinking that you know
what your audience wants, how about you ask what
your audience wants? So, instead of you
rolling out a brown watch with a dark center,
instead of like, ask them. Would you like a silver one? Would you like a black one? Would you like a brown one? Something super simple. They will tell you what they want. And then you roll out an update. And here’s the cool part. Something I did not show you. Let’s say you’re selling. So you don’t have a big following, you don’t have 200,000 followers, but let’s say you still wanna make sales and push traffic, okay? Let’s say you wanna push stuff, right? You don’t need a big following. This is a huge, huge misunderstanding that we see in the industry a lot. People think that you
need a big, big following to make money on Instagram,
which is not the case. I’m gonna show you how
you could actually do it, because Instagram polls just killed it and made your life so much simpler. So I’m gonna use this thing before I actually show
you the Shopify thingy. So, we’re gonna go again right here. So, let’s go on the
Instagram Stories again. We see 73%. Actually, it’s probably
a little bit more now. I don’t even know. 71, okay. So, one down. This one is 77 still. So let’s say, we say we’re here. Let’s say we want to only talk to the people who said yes, because they said, “Hey, I’m interested “in your product and service.” They already said that. So what you do is you swipe
up and you go right here. And you’ll see all the
people who voted yes. So, see all. So you can see this guy voted no. So, I don’t wanna talk to him. But Juanpa, this guy said yes. So what do I do? I said, hey, boom, send message. Oh, look at this guy actually send me several message before, and he speaks Spanish. So I just send him a message. But let’s say this one
is actually super easy, because this message that
I sent him right now. If I send him a message
like blablablablabla. This message will not go in the request. So, it will not go here. I’m gonna show you. It will not go in this inbox right here. I have a lot of request, right? I have over a hundred, but it will not here because
he already talked to me for once. So, if we go right here and we actually see the people
who voted, see all again, and we owe Juanpa right here, boom. We send, send message. This is how you actually pre-frame. You already pre-framed your audience, and you can say, “Hey Juanpa. “I just saw that you voted yes “on the little poll I did. “So it looks like, so it looks like “you are interested in
seeing awesome results “and getting a six pack ASAP.” So, that might be a question, or you can just tell him,
“Hey, I saw that you voted. “Here’s where you’ll get the thing.” You can just put the link right here, Boom. I can just put the link there. I can just tell them, hey, you can get it. You can get it here. And I put a couple of emojis. There it is, boom, boom, boom. Done deal. Super simple message, Hey Juanpa, I just saw that you voted
yes, blah, blah, blah, blah. And when you have a small following, you’re not gonna get
this many votes, right? But for you, it’s super simple
to follow up with people, and this is gonna increase
your conversion rate by a lot. I’m telling you by a lot. So, you said, Juanpa. Yes, you send them a message. Jose voted yes, you send them a message. Alex here said yes you
send them a message. Matt said yes, you send them a message. This guy is Aditya said no,
I don’t send him a message. He said he wasn’t interested. But hey, this I am a 50 pieces
chicken nugget, he said yes. Apparently he doesn’t wanna
eat chicken nuggets anymore. He wants a six pack, so
you send him a message. You send a message to this guy, too. Let’s say, this guy voted no. You don’t send them a message because he said he’s not interested. You wanna pitch people
who are not interested and will not buy. You don’t wanna become that
sales guy that’s annoying, because they’re followers, by the way. These people that are seeings
these are your followers and you don’t wanna annoy
them and over pitch them. So this is how you pitch
without actually being salesy, which people love. People love to buy, but they
don’t like to be pitched. So, you just keep going on this, and you’re just like,
“Hey, this guy said yes. “This guy said no, I don’t pitch him. “Thus guy, let’s see, this guy said yes.” And you keep going and keep going. And if you have a small following… Let me put this in here. So if you have a small following, the amount of your votes
that you’re gonna get is not gonna be that big, but the people are gonna
tell you what they want. So you have 500, a hundred, a thousand, it doesn’t matter. This thing works. I know personally students, my students, and people who work with
them, all that good stuff, that are making over two, three,
$4,000 a month on Instagram with less than 10,000 followers. Less than 10,000 followers,
and this is the way to do it. Obviously, they didn’t
even have polls before, so it’s even harder for them. But now they have polls,
an it’s super, super easy, super, super. You just pre-frame your
audience and you pitch them. And the people who say yes, that’s the people who
you show your offer to. Okay? So, hopefully that makes sense. Leave your comment below. If it does, hit the
Like button if it does. I will have to know if it doesn’t. So yeah. Now we’re gonna go over
the Shopify integration with Instagram, which
is super, super awesome. So, we’re gonna go again right here. So, you can see right here. Shopify on Instagram is growing. I mean shopping on Instagram
is growing with Shopify, and you can now tag products like this, and they will take out
automatically from the app itself. So, you can tag to sell your products, your physical products from Shopify. Holidays, by the way,
holidays are coming up. This is huge, huge, huge, huge, huge, and this is literally the
future of mobile shopping. Instagram is a billboard, and you have the opportunity to be able to display
your products and services to these people, and these people will be buy. I’m telling you right now. I’m using this, I’m gonna
be using this a lot, because it’s gonna be
really, really exciting. So, all the links, by the way, for these articles and everything are gonna be in the description below, so you can read them a little bit more pause in your time and all that good stuff. So, we can see right here, also, sell more with Instagram, putting your products right here, tagging your products on the actual post, so you can see everything right here. I mean Instagram has
over 700 million users. Shopify has over 500,000
people on their platform, so this is gonna be
huge, huge, huge, huge. This is gonna be really, really awesome. So, if you wanted to know
how to actually do it, you can just go right here, and this will also tell you all the steps you gotta follow in order to sell on Instagram
directly from Shopify, directly from their Instagram app. So, this should help you a lot. There is create a business
page in six steps right there. And also, this part, so
it’s around five, six steps. All of these links are
in the description below, so you can check them out. And funny story, I also saw Neil Patel. So, if you know anything,
Neil Patel is a huge marketer, a really famous one. Well, yesterday, he uploaded this video. How to use Instagram Stories
to promote your business, three Instagram marketing tips. And funny enough, I have
never seen Instagram, like Neil Patel on Instagram. He’s talking about Instagram. And you know when this guy
talks, something is huge. So, if you’re not using Instagram, it is extremely important that you do so. Implement this stuff that we
talked to you about today. It’s gonna drastically,
drastically change your business, and help you make your money, and increase your loyal
following base and engagement. Because Instagram stories,
the polls and stuff like that is gonna dramatically change
your Instagram account, because it’s new, people are just, it catches people’s attention, and you’re actually able to serve your audience in a better way because you’re only showing your offer to the people who are interested, and you’re not showing it
to the people who are not. It’s basically kinda like a
sales funnel on Instagram, which is super awesome. I hope you guys enjoyed
that video right there. If you then, make sure you hit
the Like button down below, and let’s talk about the giveaway and what you need to do
and actually to participate to win the $100 straight to your PayPal. All you have to do is hit the Like button, hit the red Subscribe button down below, and comment Shopify with Instagram. All you have to do is comment
Shopify with Instagram in order to participate and win $100. The winner, like always, will be announced and selected on my own personal Instagram Stories. So make sure you follow me right here. And that is it for this video. My name has been Josue Pena, helping you grow and monetize your brand, business, and influence with social media and marketing. Make sure you go out there
and implement this stuff, because it will literally
transform your life forever, and help you build a really
successful e-commerce business with integration and
combination of Instagram. Keep crushing it Online CEOs and we’ll see you on the next one.

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