April 10, 2020
How to Start Your Own Business | Squarespace E-commerce Tutorial (Ep. 1)

How to Start Your Own Business | Squarespace E-commerce Tutorial (Ep. 1)

Welcome to the Commerce video series. This series will walk you through building a commerce website using Squarespace. You will learn how to set up your shop process and manage orders and promote your store using social media. In this video we’re going to help you get started using Commerce. We will go over adding, designing, and organizing your product page. “Squarespace Commerce” is a set of features for selling products and managing orders online. There are plenty of benefits to creating your Commerce website with Squarespace. You can connect a payment processor– either Stripe or PayPal which will allow you to accept credit card or PayPal payments issue refunds, and receive donations. If you’re moving from another platform, you can import a.csv file or you can import products from Big Cartel, Etsy, or Shopify. You’re also able to set tax rates appropriate for your store including VAT or GST. When setting up shipping, we give you a range of shipping options including flat rate, depending on weight, and Carrier Calculated shipping through FedEx, UPS, and USPS. While there are many commerce templates that are built specifically for creating an online store every template is fully customizable and can be designed to fit the needs of your business. All Squarespace templates include the same features for adding products and managing inventory while you’re logged in. What separates the templates is how products display on your store to visitors. Product Pages are the most common area to display items for sale so we recommend picking a template with a Product Page layout that you like. Product Pages are where you add new products to your online store. You can showcase your inventory directly on your Product Page or, for more flexibility with the layout you can feature products on a Regular Page using Product or Summary Blocks. You can style everything from fonts to layout to make your store as noteworthy as your business. To get started, you will need to create a product page. From the home menu click Pages. Then click the new page icon and select product page. Since we already have a product page setup let’s use this page for reference. You can add a product to your product page by selecting the new product icon. You will be given the option to create a Physical product Digital product or Service product. Once you’ve created the product type you can setup the product details. These details include the product image name price and description. To edit Variants click on Pricing & Variants from the Product Editor Product variants are variations of a product with different attributes like size or color. Variants let customers choose between product options using drop-down menus. The product needs at least one unique attribute Click the plus button to add a new product option. Enter the Option Name and then click Save Option. Product variants can include different pricing sale, and stock values. Click the plus button below the SKU field to add new product variants. This copies the previous variant for you to edit. You can edit the SKU Pricing Stock Weight and Dimensions of a variant in addition to any new product options you’ve created. A good way to organize your products is by creating categories. You can add categories to help group similar products that your customers may be looking for. In order to enable the category navigation menu for your customers: Go to the Home Menu and click design then open the Style Editor. Enable the Category Navigation Menu option on the left sidebar. Since we’re already in the Style Editor let’s design our site. I’m using the Montauk template so the style options available to me may not be available to you. Don’t worry, you can switch templates at any time to explore a new design for your site. Back in the Design panel we can also style the checkout page. Let’s show the site logo and add some color to the background. Now we can focus on creating an easy-to-navigate structure to display our products. This is key to driving sales and creating a great shopping experience! We’re creating an online store for bags and accessories. Our store also provides Services and resources to customers. So I organized our products into two Product Pages. One page displays bags and accessories. The other page displays the offered services and digital resources. For more information, please check out our next video in this series on setting up your store.

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  1. been waiting for this, i can't setup a website on evoking emotion and good feelings on your videos, i need hard facts, good content, and this will spur me on to get started as it gives me actual finger posts on how to start. keep them coming.

  2. This was great, been searching for "ecommerce shopify" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Giyenry Konthan Approach – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my work buddy got excellent success with it.

  3. Squarespace is the absolutely most untrustworthy company on the planet. Completely incapable of servicing their own products — so why would you trust your business, money, and family welfare on a company that’s utterly incompetent. They are a scam, nothing more. Fraud.

  4. this guy has the london look, but more like the alleged previous father figure for Craig from 'People just do nothing'.. london look.

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