March 31, 2020
How To Start Your Fashion Company (Boutique + E-Commerce Website) Trailer

How To Start Your Fashion Company (Boutique + E-Commerce Website) Trailer

Hello! Welcome to How to Start Your Fashion
Company–Boutique and E-Commerce Website. My name’s Michelle Alleyne. I’m a fashion
expert. I own I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years. I have tons of fashion information to give to you. I’ve done just about everything you can imagine
in fashion as well. I started in manufacturing working in corporate
fashion in the New York Garment Center overseeing production for large companies. I’ve been a merchandiser, product developer. I’ve been a stylist, I used to style TV commercials
and editorials. I design as well. I currently teach at Parsons The New School
for Design. Let’s see. I produce fashion shows and events. My company actually started as a boutique
and has since morphed into a full service fashion company that provides resources on
how to start your business. Which is why we started these workshops. A little bit about the workshops is that just
because people would email me tons and tons of emails a day asking me “How do I open a shop? I want to have a boutique,
what do I need to do?” And I just started the workshops and we’ve
held them in a few different cities like Miami; Washington, DC; LA; San Francisco;
Atlanta; New York. So they’ve been around, people love them and
I give tons of information. So sit down, relax, and take a ton of notes. Alright, so, I am going to break down how
to open a boutique or have an online boutique. Now I start with the business aspect and then
I get into the meat and potatoes of opening your brick and mortar boutique and then setting up your online boutique. Opening your brick and mortar store: this
is going to cost you. And remember before I said location, location,
location, location, location. It’s so true. It’s all about where you are situated with
your store. Hang out in that neighborhood. Pay attention
to the traffic. Is there any traffic? When I opened my shop I wasn’t thinking this
way. This is one of the reasons I hold these workshops.

49 thoughts on “How To Start Your Fashion Company (Boutique + E-Commerce Website) Trailer

  1. Do you provide workshops for those of us who are trying to break into the fashion industry? If so please let me know when the next one will be. Thanks in advance.

  2. hi ,my name is priscillia i am a fashion student in belgium in antwerp .
    I wanna to ask you if you know what they are looking for in te ashion industry ??
    young peoplewith meny dregee's or more experience?? cuz i want to move to london to get more chances instead of keep studying 2 more years in the academy… but i don't know what to do whats best …??

  3. i really want to become a fashion designer and i think that i have to have more experience in the fashion industry so i can learn it than studying cuz you don't learn it in school how it is out there and create myself more chances now i am still so young what do i have to do ..?? cuz i will do work hard do make it thank you

  4. @MegaCillia you should purchase the How To Start Your Fashion Company
    (Clothing + Accessories Lines) Workshop DVD if you are interested in learning how to successfully design you own line. It breaks down everything you need to do. Visit mshopfashionworkshops for more details. And I would always recommend studying fashion in a university if you can, to get the full range of how the industry works.

  5. The closest we get to Dallas is Atlanta. Which is why we offer the workshops via DVD & Phone/Skype for those who are not in the cities we visit.

    Best Regards!

  6. You should either take our workshop or get the DVD – How To Start Your Fashion Company (Clothing + Accessories Lines). It really tells you EVERYTHING you need to do to start. Visit the link above in the video comments for details.

  7. Sorry, not anytime soon. Which is why we have the workshops available on DVD. Right now we hold them in NYC, LA, & Miami. You'd have to come see us in one of those cities or get the DVD, or via SKYPE or phone.

  8. You said you were a stylist before. Can you give me some tips on how i can become a stylist and put my name out there.

  9. Hi bryan,
    We have a workshop that breaks down exactly how to that and more called HOW TO BECOME A FASHION STYLIST. Visit for details and let me know if you have more questions.


  10. Hi how can i personally contact you i have an idea that ill like your opinion on please. Where is your company here in NYC

  11. thank you for your time and kindness.. would it be possible to give advice on an online boutique..pls.. the do's and dont'ts..tks..!

  12. Hi Lily,
    If you get the DVD it details EVERYTHING you need to do to start an online boutique. You can visit our website to purchase it at

  13. Amazing video and great and useful tips. You should check this online store: Rüga Store. It's a great online clothing store. Thanks for the great advices.

  14. Hi, We sell Resource Guides that have factories listed in them. Check out out website under Business Products.

  15. Hello and thank you for such wisdom. God has given me a desire to design clothes. However not sure where to start or really if I should. The problem is, I don't know how to draw. I have in mind the designs for the clothes, but don't think I can draw it. Should a fashion designer know how to draw. Can you please help as to where to get started? Thank you in advance and may God continue to bless your business.

  16. Hello, Can a person who don't have much
    possibly start a clothing line, at least get it out there with little to no money. Or do they have to wait until they really save or come across a great deal of money?

  17. You should get the entire DVD. It breaks down the complete process of starting a line and tells what to do if you can't draw.

  18. Since capital investment is a necessity when starting a business, I'd recommend that you create a business plan so that you can better gauge how much you need to start your line. And you should raise more than enough than you deem required in order to keep afloat as it takes a moment to build a clientele. If you need help writing the business plan, we can assist you. But you should start out with bullet points of your ideal scenario first.

  19. This is VERY helpful thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise is this business I plan on attending a few of the workshops if my work sschedule permits. Are most of the workshops on the weekend?

  20. You are VERY welcome! Yes, our workshops are on the weekend once a month in NYC. We just had them last weekend as a matter of fact. The next ones will be on Oct 12 & Oct 19. Check out the link above in "About" for the schedule. Hope to see you there!

  21. How does manufacturing work? Can you send your designs off to have them made? And who would I contact in order to do so?

  22. We have a How To Manufacture/Produce Your Clothing + Accessories Line Workshop that would explain the entire process for you. Check out our link in our description above to get all of the details. And if you have questions let me know.


  23. I wanted to hear more..Im very interested in starting an online boutique but i need to know the foundation like where do i get the clothes from and how easy or hard will it be for me to do that. how do i tax the clothes, how do i price the clothes without over or under pricing. I just need help cause i want my business to flourish and not be just another Instagram online boutique thats around for a few months and then vanish but something that can really work for me..Im willing to put forth the hard work and dedication along with the consistency thats needed to build my brand! So can you help me please.Thank you!   

  24. I am really interested in starting an online fashion store. I really do not know where to get started. I have considered drop shipping options. I really want to relay quality clothing and service to my customers. Any advice would be good advice. I have worked many places and now I want to invest in me and my dreams!

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