March 28, 2020
HOW TO START BUSINESS | STARTUP 2.0 | कामयाब बिज़नेस के 5 राज़

HOW TO START BUSINESS | STARTUP 2.0 | कामयाब बिज़नेस के 5 राज़

hey, friends!There is lot of confusion among people out there while starting business. There will be lot of questions arising from confusions in their mind about business like- what business is to be done? How is it to be done? And because of this confusion majority of people would not even start a business So ,I am going to share imporant opinion from the book of Guy Kawasaki The Art of Start 2.0 Which will end your confusing questions regarding business. questions regarding ,thinking business idea to developing business model In this book of Guy, people often believe in Silicon Valley done every life gained knowledge a CORE DUMP That is Every thing that he learns from his business life experience he has gained from dealing with thousands of startups and wisdom gained from investing in them everthing has been shared in this book author says that some of the people who are into business for most of their life thinks that What if I had known about everything about business before It would be much easier and better so the author wants through this book that You dont have to mingle onto this question in future so lets begin The truth is that every business has two phases 1st is microscopic phase and 2nd is telescopic phase In Microscopic phase there is uncertainty on plans regarding business and when people give focus on fundamentals , do research and analyze their market etc meaning they focus on detail in this phase in the otherside ,In telescopic phase, business is running smoothly business persons are dreaming big , dreaming about changing the world with their big visions Guy says when this phase comes business persons become astronomer and think the sky is the limit, But when microscopic phase begins they started to see problems everywere but the fact is For the successful business these both phases are important And to handle these both phases and entrepreneur has to focus on 5 things Because these 5 things will make them successful They are make meaning , make affirmation get going , business model Weave mat, So we are going to understand these 5 things. no.1 make meaning When you have to use computer in old days you have to be accessed to university or government departments because computer were only available to those places so Steve and Wasbe thought Why not to make computers that would be used by normal people as well The apple started because of this need when Dr . Spencher Silver was trying to make sticky glue Mistakingly he made a substance which was not strong as glue but was sticky, because of this mistake posted note was invented and is in use when Regrov moticed that there was a demand for 8 mixture from unknown store He becomes curious about that After that event he visited that restaurant and he loved it so much and he questioned himself why this kind of restaurant is not everywere? And from there Mac . Donald is started Ferdinend Porche was not getting his dream car so, he started to build his own dream car From there porsche company get started majority of people believe to start a great business people have to understand about complicated things,there should be great idea and plan but the truth is lot of great company is great only by searching for answers of some simple question In the business examples above there were only simple questions By asking those questions you can also create awesome business ideas 1st question is Is not its interesting? order of mixture .making of substance from glue they were interesting, after finding out the answer of those things Mc donalds and Post it notes ideas has been created second question is – Is there a better way? Steve and Wasbe created Mac and docx and ferdinend porche got the idea of making amazing Porche cars only because of this question And the third question is therefore what? In the coming, years people are going to use computers a lot todays computers are lot more complicated to use so what why not making a software which will make it easier for people to use it And because of this question Microsoft programme has been made by Bill Gates and 2 more questions that will help you to think about business idea will be received from market leaders and business persons and 1st question is where is the leader weak? example IBM was selling its product directly to the companies So the dell found the opportunities to directly sell its product to customers and gets its place in market Second question where are customers dissatisfied example, some decades ago people used to buy DVDs from DVD stores which was not liked by most of the customers, thats why netflix is started And the most important thing is you have to do business not only for money but also to add value to others life adding meaning to their life because the fact is those companies who only thinks about money cannot be a great company so with the help of this questions think about the ideas which will add meaning to peoples life 2nd make affirmations After adding value to people life by your business your business got to have affirmations affirmations is the powerful line which reminds you of your business mission, why you started your business why you want to be successful in your business keep in mind that affirmation and tagline are different affirmation is for you and your employees and tagline is for your customers example NIKEs tagline is just do it and their affirmation is authentic atheletic performance your affirmations would be like your prayer that would be like magic sentence which will give you hope in bad times so think about it concisely, worlds shortest affirmation is an idian word OM another examples are disneys affirmation is fun family entertainment Starbucks affirmation is rewarding everyday moments IBM s is think no 3 get going when most of the people think about business they just keep on making plans they just keep on thinking about different things but the most important thing is taking action which most of them would not take Author says that the most difficult part of business is starting it thats why you should take the actions immediately if you are planning to make software product then focus and start coding if you are thinking about physical product make prototype now the most important point to get you started are 1st think big When Jeff was starting Amazon he didnot started with 30000 or 300000 books titles but he started with 3 millions books title you can also start by thinking big which will motivate you 2nd find soulmates most of the time when business become successful only one persons name come first example in apples success Steve Jobs In Led bulb editions, in virgin airlines Richard Bransons name but the truth is in the success of all these names there was a team there was a partner which made the project successful similarly it is also important to you to make partner and make a team who will motivate you and you will as well to achieve your goals 3rd polarize,most of the people make the mistake of making each and every person a customer targeting everyone and impressing but the best is that you can only select a niche to impress whether most of other people would like your product or not 4th business model a successful business needs a effective business model because only an effective business model will make it clear how your business going to make money for an effective business model you have to ask two questions 1st who has your money 2nd how will they give it to you here 1st question makes clear who is your target audience and second question will make you clear about process and mechansm from which money will come to you adding meaning and value to the target customers some examples of business models which you can select from the help of above questions no 1 . individual solution model in this model you will try to solve the problem of each and every customers by understanding them well this model can make a strong connection between you and your customers Inside this model you have to deal with customers individually example giving the service of Logo design or animation business 2 nd Multi component model cocacola models is that it changes its price per liter according to the places exmple there is different price in store different price in company and in theatre they charge differently for their product 3rd market leader model this model is efficient to those who always bring sth new to the market by innovation, by taking risks because they bring new to the market they charge premium apple has been a market leader from long time but other companies are also competing with them now 4th valuable component intel and dolbys business are not runned only by selling product directly to customers but they sell their product directly to other business and company who s gonna use their technology 5th switch board, use of this model is effective when the supply and demand of your product is far more and you are your market leader example walmart has much demand that is why supplier approach them so that they can negotiate with them and buy in cheap and sell it in cheaper price to customers 6 th after sale model in this business profit is not only selling in product but also selling products along with that particular product example profit in selling a printer and selling printer ink along with it the same is in coffee maker and soda mader 7 freemium model this model is in trend nowadays in this model usually software is used which is offered free to you by the company but after that if you have get your ad needs more features of software or any support you need to pay for that example evernote gives you their app to be freely used but if you need more space then you have to pay $75 yearly no 5 weave mat mat stands for milestones assumptions and tasks like mat used in construction site helps to prevent stones falling from above similarly this mat in business help you from failing in business milestornes, in startups there will be lot of things that you think should be end immediately but from that you have to choose only important thing and set milestones example first milestone proving your idea second completing design specification third making prototype forth raising fund etc , etc assumptins in assumptons you will test those things that you are assuming example assumption regarding performance of product or service, market size details , assumptions on profit and time to sell etc etc if your assumption are accurate then good but if not you have to make change you have to think better ideas to make your assumptions reality and last tasks these are not as important as milestones but they are important tasks that are to be done in business. example , renting an office, doing legal work of business finding key vendors etc. and these are the 5 important thing that an enrepreneur have to keep in mind for today, thats all liike if you like this video comment what is bothering you to start your business share this video in whatsapp especially to those people who are interested in business subscribe as well, every sunday i upload book summaries and sometimes different types of videos as well and yes click the bell icon if you donot want to miss videos to end i have said it that these information are from Art of Start 2.0 which is very nice book for business if you want to learn all the things in this book you can go to description to buy it and learn or if you want the free audiobook syou can go to SEEKEN.ORG/audible and get it audible is amazon company which gives free trial for a month after that it will charge you $15, you can listen to audiobook like me and finally thanks for watching

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