February 18, 2020
How to start an online business in 48 hours – work from home – J.R. Fisher

How to start an online business in 48 hours – work from home – J.R. Fisher

how to start an online business in 48
hours can you do it yes of course you can you know Abraham Lincoln said that
if he had eight hours to chop down a tree he would spend six hours sharpening
the axe that’s what you need to do you need to prepare that’s what most people
miss now many people will try to start a business and they don’t really
understand this and they go in a lot of different directions and they find
things that really don’t work and they find them pretty often but look if you
plan and you do your research you can actually start an online business in
about 48 hours if you don’t do that you’ll end up with a business you don’t
want doing things you don’t want in of course wasting times on things that you
didn’t even need to do so I got to tell you planning is the most important step
and that’s the one thing that most people miss out on now in this video I’m
going to give you the top 5 ways to make money online so stay tuned and also I’ve
got a surprise at the end where you can actually get some free training zero
cost I’ll tell you about it in the end I tell you I’ve done so many things online
I’ve done affiliate marketing we we manufacture products we do drop shipping
for other people we’ve had drop shipping done for us we’ve done Facebook Ads
Google Ads so many things that I’ve kind of
narrowed it down to the things you really need to do to make money if you
just start now and this video is gonna save you a ton of time in addition to
time it’s gonna save you a lot of money and we know that’s important now before
we get started don’t forget to like this video super important and you can put
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notified every time I do a video now let’s get into the steps that you’re
gonna need to do if you want to be successful online number one step is
evaluate yourself think about your talents think about what you’re good at
what you’re not good at what you enjoy doing what you don’t enjoy doing because
you don’t want to have a business that gets started and it starts to grow and
you a bunch of stuff that you just don’t
even like to do so plan all of that out in advance so that you don’t run into
that issue step number two choose the business that will earn you what you
want to earn and hire an assistant now the first pushback I get is hire an
assistant chair I don’t have any money I can’t afford to do that there are some
awesome people in different countries that you can hire for a nice salary in
their country and it cost you less in the USA but decide upfront what kind of
money you want to make now if you want to scale and make millions and stand in
front of your Ferrari that’s a certain kind of business that’s gonna require a
lot of work if you want to have an income and replace your job that’s a
different kind of business so decide what level you want to be at because you
don’t want to get to the point where you say well I want to earn a whole lot more
money but you know I’m doing online one-on-one coaching and my time is
limited so I can’t do but so much so you would want to turn to a business that
you could scale maybe drop shipping maybe affiliate marketing something
along those lines step number three make sure you tell all your friends and
family that you’re gonna start an online business what I don’t want to do that
what if it doesn’t work out I’ll look stupid don’t worry about that this is
the one thing that will push you forward if you tell everybody what you’re gonna
do you’re gonna be a whole lot more apt to work on it do a good job and the odds
of you being successful will be much greater if you tell people what you’re
gonna do because it pushes you it makes you do stuff number four emulate success
now the cool thing about social media now is you can actually tell if people
are successful if somebody says they’re good at something they should have
websites they should have following they should have traffic and you can actually
check that online now so my my advice to you is to find somebody who’s really
good at what you want to do and see if they have courses see if they have
training now I have a lot of courses and Facebook ads and e-commerce and drop
shipping crap one of my courses we’ve sold millions of dollars a year in
e-commerce so we know what we’re doing so I just put that stuff in courses and
you can actually buy it and learn from me now the alternative is you could
spend a lot of money and try to go out and learn
on your own and you may at some point learn it but I promise you it’s gonna
cost you a whole lot more time and money in doing things that you probably didn’t
need to do or losing money on things you should have done it’s a whole lot easier
just to find somebody that you trust that has done what you want to do and
learn from them and then number five the big one number five this is where most
people really really don’t get it right and number five is get started
too many people spend all their time taking courses and reading books and
looking at blogs and watching videos but they never really get started that’s the
biggest thing if you get started you’re gonna get involved and you’re gonna come
across things that you didn’t know and you’re gonna learn things a whole lot
faster if you just sit back and watch and you don’t try to do things you’re
not gonna learn anything so you gotta gotta get started now if you do these
five things you can start a business in 48 hours heck you could take the weekend
take a Saturday Sunday go through this list on Monday morning you could get
your business started now I’ve got a bonus for you what’s the bonus the bonus
is actually two bonuses first off I’ve got a free course that you can opt-in
for you’ll find the link below just click on it you can watch some videos
and you can learn about online business right it’s a great series of videos and
it’s absolutely free in addition to that I’ve got a link to my facebook group in
there it’s called the art of e-commerce success join that group and you’ll learn
all kinds of things about e-commerce hey I appreciate you watching this video do
me a favor comment below ask me a question tell me if you’ve
tried some of these things tell me if you’ve started a business or if you’re
gonna start a business what type of business you plan on starting don’t
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