March 29, 2020

How To Start An Ecommerce Business From Scratch

Million dollar ecommerce final exactly how you should do the research. Let’s go Hey what’s going on welcome to the channel if you’re brand new think about clicking that subscribe button below and what you can see Right here is my private group funnel hacker pro. Just go to FHP dot IO. I can’t wait to see you there Okay, man. Listen, here’s what a Free plus shipping funnel should be okay. Now I’m gonna give you a little bit of history I’m gonna preface you just for a moment. Hang in there with me We’re gonna get to the good stuff in one second, but I want to kind of give you a history lesson recently You see a lot of dudes doing Shopify you see them talking about Amazon yada yada yada ecommerce or whatnot and all that shit’s cool, right, but the original Free plus shipping funnel had absolutely nothing to do with making money Right. So what people have done and you’re gonna see that in a moment But what people have done is they have taken the free plus shipping model and tried to turn into a money-making thing So they could try to sell the the bright shiny object. Here’s how you’re gonna make real money But here’s the thing Right what I’m gonna show you right now is gonna give you a real business number one and it’s gonna give you longevity And you only need one or two products. You don’t need a thousand products. And here’s the kicker you don’t need Shopify, okay. So let me go ahead and try to get into this first First of all, I know you hear it and I know you don’t want to do it But you have to do it. So inside of my demographic right here Inside of my niche I have the average age of somebody in the UK now what I want what I wanted to do because I want to be able to I want to be able to market worldwide So I wanted to make sure that I my demographic would be Somewhere close between the US the UK France and everywhere else, right? The next thing I did was looked at the Philips fielding stream media kit. Just go to your niches Magazine and ask them for media kit and this will give you your median income how much money they have the age bracket? What they spend money on it tells you a little bit everything now don’t trust what they say about people buy fifty billion dollars of shit from our magazine because they’re supposed to say that but you can trust the demographic information And so you see that my demo here and my demo here pretty much match up 49 percent of the people are 50 Plus and they’ve got a couple of dollars. So this is good If you do this, right and you try to find out their major frustrations and you ask your questions What are their surface desires right? What is it? They they really want right? So for a hunter he wants to catch the big buck, right that’s his thing. I have this thing man We watched this thing called meat-eater if you don’t watch it, you should watch it. That’s a part of my demographic So that was my excuse for wasting time watching it But it was really cool and the guy every time that he would get ready to catch a buck right? I Promise you man, you gotta watch this, but he whispered. He’s like, I really want that buck Right. That is the surface desire of my avatar Which what I mean by surface desire is what is it that they want on the surface? I just want a buck but there’s something more than that, right? So is the secondary desire is it and this is the core a desire right? Is it? Status is it look at that book that I caught being able to brag to their friends is it? More than that, is it a connection to the wild? Is it a connection with being able to eat what you catch that type of thing, right? What is it and you need to get really deep down and find out exactly what that is So let me give you a breakdown really quickly on what you should be doing. You guys remember this old board? Yeah, man I’m back to that old school now. All right. So the first thing you should do is you need to identify the demographic right? And this is just what I showed you list demographic their age the the gender and the income Etc Right. We want to connect with that The next thing we want to do is find out what surface desires are. If you don’t do this dude, you just blowing it, right? So we want to find out what their service desires are after we find out what their service divided these Desires are we also want to find out what is their frustration? What pisses them off? I can tell you now that we did a thing on the hunting hunting niche and we found out that soggy socks were big, right? That’s something easy to fix – right but that’s a big frustration with soggy wet socks inside the hunting niche So and then what what do they love about it, right? Let’s put a little heart here Boop. So what they love about it, what do they hate about it? Okay, if you do this You’re gonna be 99% Ahead of everybody else out there trying to do e-commerce Right because you need to know how to write to your people, right? So if you were to write an email To a hunter and talk about soggy socks and you being out hunting one day and how you were so uncomfortable and you knew that you didn’t want your sweat – You didn’t want the deers to smell that sweat on your feet along with you being uncomfortable and you had to stick your socks and bags and stuff like that and Change your socks once you got to your blind Talking like that and speaking their language is really important so if you go and you find out about their secret desires their frustrations and what they hate about it, you’re gonna be 99% ahead of everybody else. How do I find this stuff out? Right? So I’m gonna tell you right now my biggest Source is message boards Not Facebook groups Message boards the diehards that are in your niche are on a separate message board away from Facebook talking about it typing out and talking about their Frustrations their big wins their big losses what they hate about it and pretty much everyday humdrum Conversations right? I want you to understand that there’s a lot to go into those hundred conversations right so Where do they stand politically politically right politics? This is important How do you want to? appeal to them right if they’re liberals, then you can’t go talking about the United States flag, and you can’t talk about You know capitalism and things like that Right if they’re Republicans on the other hand You could talk about this distribution of you hate distribution of wealth and how lazy people are on the welfare yada yada yada I don’t really care either way, but you need to be able to repeal who you don’t want as well. So if you talk about this Redistribution of wealth then you know that you’re gonna piss off Republican It’s not a good idea because those are the guys with the money, but I’m just letting you know Right. So that’s what one way that you can find out and how you can find that out is through their regular Conversations. I follow Clayton Makepeace on Facebook and he is a right-wing Dude, he has some of the best Copywriting that you’ll ever want from his real point of view and he is my demographic Clayton Mick Makepeace is my demo. So of course I follow him on Facebook Of course I listen to everything he says Because I know how to talk to Clayton to get him to understand what I want him to understand, right? so my point being is follow these people and the biggest thing you can do is Talk to them on the phone if you don’t do this You’re losing out talk to them as much as you possibly can on the phone. Listen to them complain Listen to them brag people love talking about themselves just keep directing your questions that ask them more about themselves and ask questions really slick about political politics and and About their family and find out do they teach their kids how to hunt and how do they feel about these type of things? Right, it could be anything I’m just using hunting because I mean, it’s not my niche But I’m just using it as an example find out about those things and you can ask those questions on message boards But getting on the phone with one of those guys and saying hey, man, oh, you know I want to interview one of my favorite hunters on this board You could probably my favorite hunters and my kid has a class project talking about hunting and I also want to start teaching him More about hunting and I really wish I could just have 30 minutes to get him a phone with him go I’m not gonna say any more than out. It’s like if I could drop the mic right there Just imagine me dropping the fucking mic. Alright Alright, so now that we’ve done that right before you if you notice that I haven’t told you anything else before you do anything Do your proper? research Okay, if you don’t do this dude just in this video right now. So the next thing that I did was I went to Zinio right, so I’m in the obviously, I’m in the European Union and I wasn’t able to Get any magazines from Barnes and Nobles. It was really a bummer, right? And so I was scrambling all weekend long to try to do something So I even downloaded the digital versions, but it’s not the same as having the actual printed publication So what I did is I came here to Xenu I found this it was really cool cuz I wanted to pay with PayPal as well cuz I don’t want somebody taking Ten bucks on my ten bucks a year out of my account and I can’t never get them and you know Stop the subscription yadda yadda yadda So what I did was I went on PayPal and these people accept paypal what’s really cool is like if you go here Let’s go to Popular Mechanics, right? You should be able to have Back issues go get ten magazines in your niche different magazines and then Go get a year’s worth of back issues. It’s really important that you do that part and you’ll see why in a second So once I did that and I went and got those ten Because what you want to do once I look at those tennis shoes and those back issues What you want to do is you want to identify What is the market actually buying and there’s no way of finding that out until you actually look in the magazine and see? Who’s putting out the cash to advertise in magazines? That’s gonna tell you a lot because if they advertise over time and you start seeing the same Products over time that means that first of all that the advertising and the copy work. That’s number one Second of all the actual ad they wouldn’t have it in there unless they were selling shit Okay, so that’s really important for you to understand. So this is a really good way to go market first Don’t just go by your hunch because now if you had to guess what was selling in the field and stream magazine for me I swore it would be nothing but binoculars and hunting gear and Camouflage shit. I swear that’s all I thought I was gonna see and I would have been wrong Flashlights and this and that I would have been 100% wrong on What’s going on inside this magazine? Right? So the first thing you see obviously is the good old four-door Chevy Truck and that’s you know, that’s pretty I still surprise me They’re like fuck I forgot about trucks, right and so as I started coming down here obviously insurance came into play if we’re gonna sell trucks I’m gonna sell insurance as a side note man. She is the number one influencer in Insurance and the highest paid influencer. I think her name is Flo and Insurance. The next thing I saw was shit like this this How to breathe Phillips simply go mini right for oxygen. I’m like, oh shit It really kind of just smashed me man. Unlike really just like How did I miss that, you know? How come I didn’t think of that and so then as I came down in here? Obviously the the stuff that you expected was in here, but how about this commemorative? Rifle right with John Wayne on the cover right on the on the on the in with the picture of John Wayne on it Right, he’s engraved But how about this? old-fashioned, you know straight up Deck direct response ad right. I really love this officially authorized by John Wayne Enterprises Really, right and so here it is right now. It’s a hundred ninety five dollars per tribute is enclosed I wish to pay the balance blah blah blah hundred dollars a month. You actually have to pay monthly on this shit Wow So anyways So I started looking more through the magazine and I wanted to see What other things would sell and like even here like you just didn’t think that oh shit This meat grinder would sell or this Thing right here. This cyclone Drake is in every magazine ever, right? So if there was if they have an affiliate program This is the one to go with and you see they have a free info kit, right, which is your lead magnet So I started looking through things like this so the thing you want to do after you start looking through here and I’ll show you the one of the biggest ass before I go. There’s everything in here like from supplements right here, right? Which really kind of freaked me out You would think that all you were gonna see is stuff like this guns and shit like that, but it’s just not true This is a little 380 or whatever, but actually there’s only like one or two guns in the entire issue, right? So as you start to scroll through here, the one thing I noticed what there was two ads For hearing aids right? So if you see here on the side, there’s jury for her in there here’s a Tub for older people that they can walk in instead of having to climb in the tub and bust our ass that was smart and then here is the advanced hearing aid technology for less than two hundred dollars really kind of freaked me out and Another like you wouldn’t think of these things, right? But here’s the second ad for a different company in the same magazine more expensive, right? But that lets you know that hearing aids are An affiliate program for a hearing aid will probably work right and look why pay even 2,300 more Here better for only $4.99 each right 45 risk-free trial a risk-free trial sin no money now for Qualified buyers right there small, right. I love the Hat so but What I really love about this is they’re showing how small it is Nancy told me that men really hate to have big devices in their ears and they don’t want to go in To a location and they would prefer to do these type of things Whether like mail delivery thing so it makes sense that that people are advertising out I think she worked for a guy like this. And so she had this little insider information for me So now I found an affiliate program that pays 15% 15% on a grand man not too bad on and then how do you do this? Well, you have the ad right here You have the ad right? So how you would want to do this? Just this, uh this particularly I’m just wanted to show you really quick before I go into that I did find this medicine man hearing remedy right here on Macs bounty, right? That pays $35 a lead And they have a proper thing here so you could actually do that inside your emails once you build your list up I also found this water proof portable Camping light because that was also in here, so I was looking for some free plus shipping offers, right? And so this is how it all gets started. So I saw this guy right here And I was like, okay. I’ve seen it in a few magazines This would be a good free plus shipping. Okay, so we’ll talk about that in a minute. So I did my research But I did it from a market first standpoint What are people buying? We know that they’re buying these lights right? So I went to go find now I’m not saying the sorcerers from Ali Baba. It was just easy to find them here You want to source the best product number one and you might want to source it in the United States first, right? Because obviously the US is getting with Trump and taxing the whole China thing You don’t know try the source to the United States You might find yourself surprised to find that you can get competitive pricing from the US or anywhere else But I just came here to show you really quickly that found what I wanted. It was comparable Right kind of looks the same throw your own logo on there It does the whole USB charger for your phone works with a couple half two and a half hours Go on Amazon do your research find out what people hate about it? Find out what people love about it and change your copy but the beautiful thing is is that your copy is already here right you go find out what they’re selling a Benefit is now they’re calling this the guide like a light for guides The Basecamp Lantern right, but it’s just a fucking solar light. That’s all it is But there they actually named it something you figured out whatever it is your niche name it something get an angle But this is a perfect angle. Why wouldn’t I use their angle? Right? They’ve already they’ve already did all the homework They did the brute force. They tried to figure out how things are gonna work And here’s exactly how I should do it right model success duplicate success I also found that supplement right the red boot beetroot powder So if I ever wanted to get into this, right, I wouldn’t found my products that I know are being advertised now Let’s talk about the funnel real quick because this is where everybody gets it mixed up alright So what I want to talk about really quickly is what a free plus shipping funnel should be so what you should be doing With your free plus shipping funnel. Let’s put that here free plus shipping all right is you shouldn’t be trying to make any money, but what I noticed everybody was doing and Selling everybody the bright shiny object to BSO was they were like, yeah go find an item on Alibaba Right and mark it up plus, you know a hundred percent and try to sell it Well, I’m gonna tell you something right now, man nobody’s gonna ignore the world’s largest store They’re gonna do their research. They’re gonna go to ebay. Okay, they’re gonna go to Amazon, right? They’re gonna google it and they’re gonna look on YouTube. Okay, they’re gonna do this, right? So don’t think you’re slick and that’s how you’re going against the grain You have to beat these prices, right? And the only way to do that is to break even on the product Okay. So what you want to do on your free plus shipping is just break even Okay, it took me a long time to understand this and in your career, whatever you do It’s gonna be right when you take action. And after you have some data you go now I get it You can either try to understand it right now or you can wait, but it’s totally up to you But I’m telling you how you should build it and this is a million dollar funnel right million dollars I promise you this is what’s gonna get you paid. Okay. So let’s just say we had that camping light a base camp light Let’s call that base camp Let’s just say we took our Basecamp light and we sent it out there get your free Basecamp light right send no money. If you could do that, it would be awesome If you could go in the rear and say send no money now Take it for the first 45 days. And if you don’t like it send it just simply return it, right That is the ultimate Gary Halbert talks about that. That is the ultimate Don’t send me a dime and you get up to a year to refund it Like and he says it do you have the balls to do it? Right? I don’t have the balls to do that yet, right. I Don’t but what you want to do is you want to be competitive right? So if that light is selling for 19 bucks 10 bucks on Amazon. You just want to break even so let’s just say you get the light for 4 bucks And let’s just say you’re paying 4 bucks for shipping, right? You want to price that right at 995 for shipping, right? If you can right if it’s possible if I were you I would go take a loss on that Okay So if I were you I would totally go in the rear on this and break get my ship I would do the whole thing for free plus shipping for 695 Why you why are you saying that something you’re gonna take a loss on that? No, you’re not Because here comes your upsell and on your upsell. You have to realize that 20% now you do your own math I’m not gonna do it. All right now, but I want you to do the math yourself 20% of the people are gonna take your upsell and you just make sure your upsell takes care of this the $1 law So there’s two dollar losses you’re gonna take right here. Alright, and so usually with you’re upset with ecommerce What’s really cool is you can just sell more of the same right? So here on your upsell? You can just say buy 3 for whatever the price is, right. So let’s just say retail on this is 1995 By 3 for 25 bucks and we’ll pay the shipping right now. You’re you take your taking up the slack for this loss, right? so take by 3 for 25 24 and 95 or By 7 for this price or by 10 for this price and give them a discount all the one More than likely people will take the 5 discount for whatever it is The next thing and here’s where your real money comes in is a continuity offer. Okay. Now what is that continuity offer for you? I don’t know but here’s where your real money rest Okay This is where I was telling this is where it’s gonna be and all of this money is Gonna pay for you to get people into this offer right here When it comes down to this up to this 20% right here 12% of those people Are gonna take this offer right here? Okay, and what you want to do is make this, you know twenty seven dollars twenty nine dollars. Whatever makes sense It could be 97 bucks. Whoever makes sense for your niche And for instance if it was a hunting niche, you could just simply do a 50% off Club You know to get off 50% off major brands every month and you’ll save money for non Advertised discounts you can easily set that up with any brand. Okay Or and that’s like one of the easiest ones to do. The next one is Right now I’ve been seeing a big thing for instance in hunting about this outdoors TV. People are paying because they want to see Streaming of outdoor stuff when they want to see it all day all night, right, but being able to talk to their influencers so imagine you had a 30 minute interview with Bear Grylls and him talking about Survival techniques and tips and tricks that he really uses and you’re talking to him directly and he’s speaking to the group Right, what would that be worth? Right. Would it be worth 1995 a month? Of course, it would to a hunter and somebody in your demographic Okay, so that’s what you want to do Right you want to build that continuity program up for 1995 and that is your real free plus shipping funnel This is a million dollar funnel do the math. You might say to me Sonny Your math doesn’t add up would make it work. Right? Don’t take what I’m showing you literal What I want you to do is to make it work What I want you to do is understand that free plus shipping people are not stupid, right? So for that base camp lamp 695 four ninety five people will say yeah the shipping sheet cost about that. Okay, I’ll do it Right, but if you priced it just put a one here at sixteen ninety five. You’re gonna lose You’re gonna lose all day right or if you got some little bit and it right Yeah, I’ve seen dudes do this a little pendant right a necklace right here So this is a face and a smiley face and somebody has a little pendant on this is big. Hey Nancy I always get told me about my fucking perspective, right? So this is a big pendant. All right So so anyways they got a little pendant on there shit on their neck right a little bullshit necklace that probably weighs nothing and they got 1595 as a shipping on it. Nobody’s gone further. That should be a dollar 95. I Think people are not understanding that what the free plus shipping is is a lead That’s what it is man. The free plus shipping. You’re gonna pay for leads no matter what you do Okay, I need you to understand that no matter what you do came here. Look at I raised it No matter what you do. You need to pay for your leads So it’s gonna be $1 lead or dollar 20 or it’s gonna be 10 bucks no matter what you do You’re never gonna get free leads no matter what you do because if you say well SEO I’ll get free leads No, because your hours have to be counted Unless you just not ever paying yourself $80 per hour. Well, I’m gonna pay as VA. You still had to pay and break it down You’re paying for your leads. Well, suddenly, I only pay 80 cents relief. That’s fine You only pay 80 cents for leads, but you have absolutely no control by your leads, right? Speak their language. So to recap it off to what you’re gonna do This is you’re gonna do your research and make sure that you speak their language Talk to them, right? Find out what it is that they really want so you can then the next thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna do a market research By going through magazines and go into a market research and we’re gonna approach this from a market perspective and find out What it is that they’re purchasing if you want to go from the magazines to then go ahead and look at on Amazon That’s fine. But I’m telling you now. You need to look through the magazines Then go on Amazon to use jungle Scout or some shit like that right to find out What are some of the high ranking products and what are being sold and then from there? We’re gonna start to build our two-step funnel, right? So it’s basically free plus shipping okay, and then we’re gonna go to an upsell and Then we’re gonna go to continuity Okay, and that’s it right So now you’re gonna ask maybe how can you advertise this and that’s really a little bit out of scope right now But I’m just gonna give you a quick little rundown on how you could possibly advertise this to make this work, right? So now what I would do honestly is I would send out like an advertorial Editorial type saying like let’s just say for us it was that light, right? And I said this earlier to kind of surprised the shit out of me. So and it’s actually a really good Headline right so new revolutionary LED light takes The camping world by storm right? I’m just gonna scribble right there, okay new LED technology Takes the camping world by storm, right? The the light is so bright. It’s being banned in two states Okay, so you add that in there, right? And do you think somebody that loves camping lights and loves shit like that would click on that? Of course they would right? So then we go find an article or we get one written about this new technology about these new LED lights and they’re out there These new LED lights that put out so many lumens and it came from those other Flashlights that were being real popular three years ago. So anyways, so then we do an article about that but inside of that article Right, and you’re on your blog? We’re gonna do Jonson boxes right here and on the side Here’s your chance to win your own light we’re giving these away absolutely free just click here to get your own that’s exactly what you do, but obviously Not everybody’s gonna take you up on this idea a certain amount of people like three or five percent me to take you up on This idea but now we have their data and we build out a list and we retarget them With the same offer once they’ve already been there and seen it That is how you do a proper funnel, right they need they need touches they need value, right? And then you’re gonna put them obviously and and I’ll do this. I’ll do this funnel for you guys It’s been a couple of days But obviously you’re gonna target those guys with emails with tons of value and how can you do that, right? how is it possible to target people with tons of value and still like so you say what is value right and I used to I used to hate this myself Blanketing the word value is bullshit. And I hate to say that So what you should think about when when I say value and your other gurus talking about value? It’s just information. That is very interesting to your demographic Right. So if you’re talking about let’s just say for instance. You target mechanics, okay? new revolutionary engine changes the world or whatever our Elan must said that so and so gas motor is you know gonna be obsolete in two years Right, or if you’re talking to mechanics find a new tool that I use to get out I don’t know crank shafts in 10 10 hours less or whatever the case may be but just articles that would really interest them and how you know That is because you did the first step in this whole fuckin funnel You really know what’s interesting to them once you sit down and you get into their heads, right? So I’ll give you an example for a hunter right because I know hunters like to teach their children to hunt, right? So at the same time you can send out an article Where you talk about and you just write it out The best the best way to teach your teenager how to hunt without freaking them out right How did – how to teach her? teenager how to field-dress a whitetail buck Without them throwing up or some shit like that or my story on how I taught my They will click on that shit if they’re hunters, man I’m telling you and if they’re fishermen I know for a fact with fishermen right now that they’re teaching their daughters and women are a big growing thing and fly fishing Right now right. So if you had an article where you’re talking about my daughter’s and fly fishing man. They’re gonna click on it, right? because fishermen love teaching their children and going fishing with their children and being on the outdoors with them and connecting with them on a different level How do I know that? Because I’m a fucking fisherman but not only that I did my homework, right so that’s what’s really important. And that’s what value is So how do you get out of value? Cuz all I thought about was because I’m talking about marketing to people How can I give value in fishing or how can I give value in hunting or survival or? whatever I want to do or how can I give value to mechanics talk about the shit that interests them and Keep sending them emails and talking to them in their own language, and then they trust you They know you they like you send those series of emails and then hit them with that damn light I promise you that they’re gonna dig it. All right, man If you like this video man, comment below let me know you dug the value I’m kind of going back old school with this shit cuz this is what makes me more comfortable and I love delivering value to you Guys, and this is why I started this shit So I’m kind of getting back to it if you liked it and you dig it Click that thumbs up, man, if you’re new to the channel, I promise you man I deliver tons of value like this all the time. You might want to think about hitting that subscribe button, man I do want to tell you this stuff before I leave man If you’re gonna do an e-commerce funnel Marketing or anything you gonna do if you want to be successful in the it is an everyday thing man There are no excuses. There are absolutely no explanations. Let’s get it done You

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