March 28, 2020
How to start an eCommerce Business – eCommerce Can Still Work in the Right Industry

How to start an eCommerce Business – eCommerce Can Still Work in the Right Industry

I’m kind of running through here and everyone’s like what is she doing you know
the whole streaming on facebook is still obviously so brand new but yeah
you can sort of see over my shoulder and a kind of walk and talk like this you
know there’s a lot of the mattress dealers here kinda walking
through that part even used to make sort of down in the in the appliance side of
things but there’s mattress and furniture, coaster retail connect we’re gonna
walk past that. That’s really big so, for the people who say wow you know I really
like to have like an online store right I can make a couple bucks I don’t know
1,000 2,000 a month you know that passive income from an online store or
e-commerce website there are a lot of furniture companies who do this they let
you just call the drop ship model where you can take orders online. Say it was for
a coaster bed or an actual bed and you passed the order through them and
they’ll ship it directly from their warehouse. It’s called the drop ship model
and in fact I do that. I have a specialty sleep e-commerce website I do that
myself I use myself as a guinea pig a lot of time to test things out by myself
and my my.. just take a look at it if you’re ever interested it’s called I love
better b-e-t-t-e-r sleep (dot) com so I love better sleep dot com and we do that drop
ship model and it does give me a passive income. I’m not getting rich off it but it
does give me a passive income. it’s just another cash flow that I have and I and
I learned it I learned it from this industry and I learned it how this whole
thing can work now that’s on the furniture side of things not so much on
the appliance side of things because there’s really, mostly, you know certain
big dealers and appliances and furniture there’s all kinds of small small dealers
ones that you might not know that you can you can resell their products online
I don’t know just kind of an interesting thing I thought you know I thought you
might think it was sort of interesting so if anyone wants to know more about
that just kind of you know right something in the comments here or just
find me at the web4retail that’s the name of the company So, again thanks for watching I’ll be back in just a little while

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