April 9, 2020
How to Start an E-Commerce Business The RIGHT way!

How to Start an E-Commerce Business The RIGHT way!

Alright Guys so well Let’s Get started so Today i saw an Ad and It Was a Pretty Cool ad and Always IF you’re not Looking in your feed for Ads Then you Should Get used to it screen cap Every ad That That you find at least i That’s What i do i screen cap Every fucking Thing if And i and i have it like all Sorted Out Ads That like i said i don’t like e-commerce Ads Marketing Ads software Ads or Whatever right Because You Never Know I don’t know What you’re gonna be advertising from One time to the next so i always like to have Plenty of Examples Right so i saw this ad and it’s a It is a video ad of This and It was really Cool and it’s basically Just a a Wine filter And You can See that the ad Here this first i like how they show Just People pouring Wine Simple Stuff and and then They give You a Little Bit information Here and They show how the Wine production Goes and They’re talking about Sulfates Now Here’s an angle and i want you to keep that in mind That They’re not Just Saying come by my cool Wine? filter and Aerator Right They’re giving you an angle sulfates can Give You a Hangover There’s toxins and The Wine this is the reason Why you need to buy this filter and Aerator Right And That’s Kind of important Is to have an angle as to why People Should buy from you People don’t but i Mean though They’re not Looking to buy this product you’re not online Saying hey man you know i need to buy a Wine filter Wine aerator Deal right but if you have an angle to why people Should do Business with you There we Go hey Man i Just Wanted Yesterday uh Yesterday i totally Ignored you Guys or whatever right alright so if you Start a commerce Product then You want to make sure that you have an angle Now there was somebody Earlier Asking me in my Group about how Can They Start Their affiliate Marketing Right and affiliate Market If You start affiliate Marketing You start Thinking about Angles and How you should present a product to people And You Should Think about That with your e-commerce as well right i always think about What angle can I have a video and I talk about The Angles and the life Force 8 There’s 8 Things That People Just Want to have to live Every day and you use one of Those 8 Angles in order to show you you know how to Use your product or why they Should use your product so i dug deeper and i actually went. To the store right and i took a look and i Really Like the store right Because This story Does one Thing Really Good and It Just Does This or those Decanters Right And That’s all he’s doing he’s branded he calls Herself low Which i looked Up and Finished it Just means I Think it’s a male name That’s it Like You you are a Boy That’s everything so i looked at The David Doesn’t Mean Anything Whatever right so he’s showing Exactly how It works That you Need to aerate or whatever And he talks about by the class how to aerate by the glass and not by the entire bottle right Here’s The Bottle and he sells the care for Whatever right What i found interesting Was Was That He has a Where to buy here and and this where to buy page He shows That he can go to I have to go back on my vpn i had to go my vpn in order to do this in the first place but He shows Where you can Get it at Amazon i think best buy in a few Places so what Is he doing When he runs this ad With This Influencer Because This Was an Influencer ad Right So well he’s getting pixel data right Here right and he is Asking for on the other side he was asking for and get a 10% discount He doesn’t really Want To ship to People in the uk so and i’m in europe so but He was asking for a tip giving Your temperatures a 10% discount if you Give them your email and i really Liked that he was asking i felt like he should’ve Been a Little Bit more aggressive Asking For The emails or whatever but This is how you start a proper store now i did further Investigations and i went Over to his Facebook page To check Out what he was doing on Facebook and the one Thing i found interesting Is Here he’s out and events? He’s Not Just Relying on Facebook itself Are you know those Type of Advertisements Themselves to Sell his product he’s on tV even Here he got some local Press i believe he’s in did in detroit or Michigan Here on fox and he’s Got some local press? Talking about how not to get a hangover and he’s got his wine This Wine purifier on the local news Now you’d have to talk to this dude to see how he pulled this off but Man The news Needs Stories to write and so He actually Showed up on the news talking about how this Wine can Help You out this Wine still Drinking Up? Pretty Sure he sold a Few that Way and another Thing i noticed Was that he was and Chicago’s Ideas Week right so he’s going outside of Facebook and the internet and going into the Real World and he’s getting Reviews right Here on different Places or whatever He’s trying to get People Involved on his Facebook or whatever? Here’s What i thought Was interesting as Well so When i had a look at his store With Our Little Nosey sniffer he hasn’t added a product in over a Year right so he Just Added this Care if Eleven Days Ago This is on the uk store right so but on his main store it’s Been a Year right since he law he launched products in 2016 he Just you can Just did this uk store to make It available in the uk or whatever right so i Found It Really interesting on how he Positioned Himself Online Getting The Pixel data so he can find out Exactly Who his audience is right and So i immediately thought about My quote might you know my squad my Crew i thought about you guys Because this is the proper Way You can Do Things to get data right so if you have something That’s really Cool in your in your store? But You’re not Really sure about who to target it with right you can Always start With One of These big influencers Because he’s Just Going directly to a store right and That’s Why doesn’t he go directly to amazon then Because he’s getting That pixel data right so if you had something that Was Really Cool You could Send it off with These Guys Here i think they Charge like a Hundred and Two Hundred Bucks? To send out these Ads are like a Nice video But You’ll see Who’s gonna click through With this pixel data right Here and Now you can make a Look-Alike audience and you can Also retarget People With Other products so i went further right but Let me All right Cool all right so i took it a step further And I Says well you know how could we do This on the Road so obviously i went and found a Narrator Here on Aliexpress for a Couple Bucks right But What he did was Was he branded Himself So you want to put that little name on there and Have your own Brand Right But They’re Here these little Wine Aerators to do It by The bottle there’s quite a Few here for Seven Bucks or Whatever Here’s One that looks Really Slick Right? That has a Stand or Whatever to go with it so All you Need to do is you see this one comes with a box is Put Your own brand on there Which is really important and i teach This in my Class Right But This Is a Perfect Example of How he’s not Just waiting for Amazon People on Amazon to buy his product cuz he’s on Amazon he’s in best buy he’s everywhere but he’s not waiting on that He’s? Proactive and he’s Going After It right so i really Liked how he did that in he’s in Play in different Places He’s Wearing His t-Shirt and he branded One Thing You can’t do that With a General shopify store? It’s Just impossible for you to do that Right What are you gonna do wear a Jewelry Shirt one day the next day Wear your Dark Necklace and The day After That Way your cat Headphones your ear cat Just It Sucks right but if you have one product Great and then You can Kind of move Around so i went further right so i says Well you know that Would suck To have One product Let me find? What could You do to Upsell once you had you Know an Audience or Whatever so i went to my little Spy tool that i have here and i Saw This shirt Which Was Really Cool I never Earned a Vineyard But I’M Pretty sure i’ve Drunk 150 300 Thumbs Ups 333 Heart Reactions 928 comments Right And Well There you go it’s six Thousand four Hundred and Twenty-Two dollars an ad Spend it’s Been running Over the last 30 Days so obviously he’s doing Really Good but What i want you to do is see what country he’s running in That Was Really interesting to me right so he’s running This two Males in Italy of Pretty Much all Ages Here right and you can See What Ads that he’s running so This WouLd Be interesting right so if This Crowd Right Here likes this t-Shirt You Could first of all Knock This guy for his slogan make a different Design on the t-Shirt? Send it to your pixel data that you have Going on right Here right and Now you have something else that you don’t? Have to Necessarily Put on your store but You could Just make a one-Page You Could Just Make a one-Page Of you know a one-Page Excuse me cart for This One product right and then What are you gonna Upsell them once They buy the t-Shirt well of Course You’re gonna Let them come talk a look at your little filter That’s It right and That’s Your Upsell so you can Let them end on a $20 t-Shirt right Because This is Expensive This is like 79 Euros or something like That a 79 bucks right so let’s Get them in on the T-Shirt Which is really Doing Really well I’m a Little Spy tool i almost want to sell this Myself right so Get them in on a $20 t-Shirt and then Upsell them but you don’t Have to put that on your main store right That’s not something you have to do and you can Still Put your little uh low Brand Somewhere on this shirt right so That’s what i was Thinking When i looked at This Whole Breakdown did this is? How an e-commerce Should be done you Should Have a Brand You Should Definitely Do One Thing Really Really Good and i don’t i don’t know if you Guys Know that or not but Nowadays it’s What People want you to do is One Thing Really Good right Which is Why i don’t like clickfunnels right Just to give you give you a Little perspective on this Why don’t i like clickfunnels Because Clickfunnels Does a Bunch Of Shit Kind of mediocre Why do i like This landing Landing i Because all They are is a Landing page builder and They do this Shit Really Good right and i Have a shopping Cart Which is right Here at Thrive cart They do that One Thing Really Good Right so if you’re gonna do a Store then do This One Thing Really Good but What i don’t like is iF this is the only Thing you sell and Sells Gets Low right But You Need little Stuff Like This Little T-Shirt Like Little coffee Mugs and Stuff Once You have that pixel data so Here’s how Obviously he’s running This he’s going Every They’re getting getting a Paying Money For Advertising right and then he’s getting This? Pixel Data for Everybody That Comes to his store Now he’s he should be if he’s not then he should be i would be retargeting People That were interested in this This Wine filter and that came to my store but maybe didn’t purchase well fuck maybe They’d like a T-Shirt or maybe They Would like a Less Expensive Version of That Wine filter Right or maybe They want a discount and then he was getting the emails you can’t do pop-ups When you’re
Advertising on Facebook So he did have a little small little Thing Over Here Saying Get 10% off if You give me your email or whatever? So he’s collecting Information he’s getting emails he’s getting pixel data right and he’s using this wide? Targeting Because Just These People Have millions of People Following Him right But He’s Able to find out Who these people are Get That Pixel data make It make an audience Out of Those People and then Make a Look-Alike audience and then you’re Able to sell More Stuff Right so if you’re interested and stealing This Guy’s idea then Go right over here to 1y Narrator Filter is what i ran on Aliexpress and Then Run It on alibaba as well See What Kind of pricing you can Get on Alibaba Make Yourself a Cool Little Lower This look how simple this shit is whoo low i mean it’s Just Easy for Him to do right It Was cool it Was like Hip or Whatever right so Make Yourself a Cool little name and don’t think too hard on It right and then Start Selling Shit right if anything also Remember That Going Outside of The country is What’s What’s Working for People People are not and Just i Love Wine order Here done That Ads has nothing more Than that Wacky Order Here the short This shirt Kind of Says It all right so and he’s targeting Italy right so That’s another Lesson That You Should Learn When Talking about E-commerce And i noticed a Lot of People Making That mistake and This is the second and and i’ve looked at Here in the last week Where people Weren’t targeting United States Of America and They were targeting europe and They’re targeting Different Places Over Here they were target like Russia something like That like the ukraine? They were targeting Every everywhere else that Was Cheaper like if you you realize That People Do Now This guy Would not be running this ad This long right and getting This Was iF he wasn’t getting paid so Clearly This is Working for Him right so That’s another Thing you have to think about so if you had a Few Takeaways from This? Number one Go outside and Get and Get different promotions Besides and Just Looking at Facebook It’s really Smart That You do That That’s Number One Number two Is do one Thing Really Really Good right Take This one Thing Make One store with One product he’s got Beautiful fucking product images Here he’s got a Nice name and he’s doing This one Thing Really Good he only has a Few products on this store the Next Thing is Make a Funnel With It right Find something Else That You can Upsell Just in case if People don’t want to Take That Find a Cheaper product and Upsell Them your other products Even Say Hey Man Get The normal price on this is 79 bucks Get Two for One or something like That right Because you Know They’re only $7 a pop so get two for one After You buy the t-Shirt and a Bonus Takeaway from This Would Be hey man Italy Europe You don’t even have to put it in an italian Just Place to add and see how many People like It right i’ll Run Your test and Not it’s your Businesses isn’t Just gonna be in the united States of America Australia Canada or Whatever you Need to look in france you Need to look in Italy you Need to look in belgium and Germany and Places Buy all These Places Have Money That Mean And Clearly These People are making a ton of Money on This ad Right so those are the Takeaways oh Cool Man I’m Glad Man Just Shit Man i can’t Catch You Guys and talk at The same time but Thanks for Showing Up Guys Um i really like going live When i can And i saw This and i and i do this Kind of Shit all day I’m like super a Super Geek I Find Little Stuff Like This and those are probably Things Like i Said the little Takeaways you can Get from this this is a Perfect Way to run a store i Can’t Find i can’t This is Exactly i have a i have a Course? It’s called it’s the Amazon Course i can’t even Thing the name of It right Now right it’s like the Amazon Fba Master Class or something But Anyways all i Talk about Is Doing This right Here this is the same Way you could do this on Amazon Right so you you Position Yourself You Would Definitely He’s taking This product and he’s following Exactly What i said do he’s taking This product and he put? He put uh! He put it on Amazon it’s there let’s see he put it on Amazon Right Seasons Now available in Amazon Uk or whatever and he’s sending You over there to his Amazon Store Right But Why is he doing that right Because now he has Your pixel data he’s knows you took a page view and you Viewed His Thing Right ever Why is he doing this right Because He wants to push people to Amazon Amazon Is a Trust factor Right Why buy he like if i can get It on Amazon and he’s Kind of like Um Answering Objection Right Away well can i find them but Yeah it’s on Amazon Already yeah you can Go over there buy it Right so you Know people are gonna do some Googling first Just like i did to try to find another product But Why couldn’t i find this product Right Because he’s Got his brand on it So you’re not gonna you could go on Amazon and Look for a a Narrator right But you’re not gonna find his aerator And you’re probably not gonna find it done as Well as he did it right he’s really Breaking It down Showing Videos Here he’s on YouTube he’s probably on ebay Um he’s doing a Really Good Job with this guy so If you did get something to take Away from that and you can You Know Steal this idea Why not Do It Really Well i actually have a Wine Niche? T-Shirt and a Little store as Well i Just Kind of Like Where i started with My e-commerce Thing It Does Really Well but i never thought about Doing this i never thought about Take The product physically Making a video With It putting It with the influencer and then collecting The pixel data That’s Really Smart Right and so i thought i mean i Just found this out today so i thought i would tell you guys about it and I’m glad you Guys are on the stream Okay i see John’s on the stream John What’s up man so uh I’m glad you Guys came now iF you have any questions i guess i can Sit Here for a minute and Answer some questions if you oh? What Happened My using for the Analytics okay so this Was like a Little Thing Called Adviser dotnet and then i also Have this This Was Just Like a Little Thing That Looks at Ads Um on It’S a little Snoop Thing or Whatever it’s Called Ads Visor I’ll show it to you guys and you can Find Analytics and also What i did Here was this little Thing Here is Called The commerce? Inspector and it’s a free um It’s a free fucking uh? Chrome Extension or Whatever but The Actual store like if you get to like $49 a Month Thing Actually Shows How Much Money They’re Making Like some shit that blew my Mind was looking at What was the name of That store We Looked at oh Shit Man It Was Amazing They were making more Than fucking uh Kylie Jenner Kylie Jenner had made Like four Hundred and Twenty Thousand dollars that Week and then Their store made Like Two million Dollars that Week so Fashion nova oh my god it was Amazing and so if you buy the little Monthly Whenever They tell you What products are It this is a Really Good sniffer tool Man This Is gonna tell You Their Bit like it’s like you click the best seller it’ll go here and show you their best sellers on Any Other store as Well if you Pay the Money It was Paying for these Spy tools is Definitely cool Because it’ll show you you Will Just Go to commerce Inspector now i’m not gonna do the Whole like Like The affiliate Things i don’t care but. Go to that commerce Inspector and this is Ads Visor it’s Just a Little Tool That i have That i purchased Ads visor 2.0 and i wanted to find Any Wine Ads or Whatever and i Just Happen to run across how this Was like oh Shit This one it’s Working or Whatever? So yeah you can Just a Spy tool is Always good to find out What’s Working and I Just Happen to see that this is What’s Working now? So it was cool so you definitely want to pay for Spy tools i think i paid like 67 bucks for This It also has Ones for Natives Ads and then You can Go look at instagram Ads and video Ads It’s not the Best tool it’s Kind of like You Know they got some old Ads it Just It’s Just an Ads database and so What They did is they Just have a Bunch of People Putting uh! New Ads in the database and you Just Kind of wait to see if you can find some cool shit and it Just Happened That I Just did so There’s a lot Better Tools Than This but That’s what i’m using I would sup dear I’m glad You Guys are showing Up or whatever That’s cool i kind of like Doing the Whole like live Thing it’s really Cool If you Guys have any more questions Just Ask me because other Than that i’m gonna take off Kadir are you Supposed to be um I think we’re gonna do like a Little Coaching Call or something like that so Just Hit me up We Got We Got The top ring So unless you Guys have any more questions this is awesome look at all This and This This Was like This Was One hour ago that Just went Up and it Already Had like 3200 comments i Mean This is us iF we Probably Refresh The page it’s gonna be way more now but you Have 40 300 comments 800 and What is this 849 Thousand Views Now i mean This is crazy and This This isn’t even boosted This is Just This isn’t responsive this is Just him showing Him there’s Regular People Whatever so he’s Got a lot of comments he’s got a Lot of Shares Here? He’s probably and a Lot of These Right Now so Anyways Guys This Should Give You a Good idea of how to run your ecommerce store Just a Really quick Breakdown of What you can find you could even Knock This guy off Man Here’s What you do Really quickly before i take off We see here? I What’s up man How’s the Spray bud Says Sunny Please start Your own hair Salon Yours is lit oh? Where the fuck Was that oh okay so If he was copying This dude right so if you wanted to copy this dude Yeah I Mean Why wouldn’t you man But Go i mean to be honest with You one thing i notice is filmed this so What i would do if i were you right Now is i would film What are these Cheapy Ones as His competition Give Yourself a Really quick name for Like five or some Shit like that and Have It you Know Just to have a Little box that you purchased and I would Run an ad with these same People i Mean This the Whole like Russell Brunson Funnel Whacker Thing Right So why Wouldn’t you right look at Their video like i downloaded their fucking video you can See Right Here that is their fucking video i Downloaded Their video And i can Make This fucking video in five Minutes Once you have the product? Right Show It pouring or whatever and then Find out What these People are Charging to Run Ads i Mean Why wouldn’t you They’ve Got 18 million People in their audience right and if it’s Working for this guy it’S gonna Work for you right so Why not or maybe You find something Else Wine related But Obviously he’s getting a Lot of Likes and comments and Gadgets Do Really Kitchen Gadgets do Really Well on e-commerce Right so i’m not even like an E-commerce dude but yeah Advisor and the e-commerce Platted Comets Ploughed no it’s called commerce Let me see here who is that Could Hear you Need to stop fucking right you know what you Need to be doing man We Already Talked about This commerce Inspector so yeah commerce Inspector That’s What it’s called Specter All right so What’S the question Here he says is this how to find an offer or a Bribe to get them in your Sales Funnel Um i’m hoping That Let’S see here and the other one is Ads Visor Candy Rollin 2.0 all right What What Would i do Here if it’s okay to get them in your Funnel a Bribe right i think This is the filters right but If you were to get to actual like low Thing The Wine purifier he’s calling It right but it’s a Narrator He’s Charges Seventy Nine Ninety so That’S 80 bucks Right he Says He’s charging The same Thing in u.s. Dollars? Okay i think That’s a Bit much to start with right so Like i Said What i would do is i would Totally do a free plus shipping T-Shirt Right Right i would Either i’ll tell You i would do One or two Things right so first Thing you Need to realize is that you’re gonna pay for leaves so let’s Just Get that Out of your Head either you’re gonna pay for it With Your time and like The other day mike Michael Kohler he has a YouTube Channel Here and he was talking about how he’s totally started in e-commerce? A store for free and What he did was he went to instagram found a bunch Of influencers and Pretty Much Just begged them to Hey Man Let me get on you’re up lat Advertise My Shit on your Your Instagram give me a shout-Out on your instagram and i’ll give you ten or twenty Percent of my Sales Total Sales Right so many People Said yes They ran traffic and he made Money Like Within the first couple of Days of all The People that he Contacted Right Really Good Strategy Right i was Really Surprised at That That’s What This old Growth Hacking Shit is about now it’s like cold Emailing People offering Them a Little Bit of Money and seeing if They’ll do something Without Having any Money to pay them upfront but i personally Think that This would be too much Money to start with right so you start off with an Instagram Thing or Whatever and then Come here and find something you can give away? Because you’re gonna Pay for leads One Way or another right so Maybe You don’t give Away your signature product maybe Your signature product is something else but you find this little Dollar Aerator To give Away for free plus shipping right so i honestly to get them in the funnel this Is a Dollar 91 Right With free shipping Already so i honestly Would Say Get This totally free Just Pay $2.99 for Your shipping That’s What i would do to Get them in a Funnel right and Then i would Upsell them cuz iF They Already Like This They’re into wine right and then i would Upsell them a T-Shirt for $27.99 and Then My Second Upsell Would Be This right My Main Product Just My Core product Is 79 bucks right so you wanna you wanna you don’t want To Just smack them in the face right Away dude right so Honestly If i were to do this like IF you want to know how it would approach this how you get them in your funnel All the information about this sulfites and Everything Is a Really Good Blog post Isn’t it so i would write it Myself or and i wouldn’T Talk about my product at all i would Just Run a Blog post or a video Period talking about sulfites and Why They’re Fucked up for you and how you Should Blah Blah Blah right and then Everybody That Read That article Read That Blog post or whatever got in contact and started Liking My page Whatever i would retarget them with the Cheap Shit and That’s how i would Go about doing that right and then escalate My Funnel from there i Definitely Would Not Send them to an entire store i would send him to a product page right so if this Was me and i Was Just gonna sell This right Here they Will be coming to this page Directly They Would not go To an entire store it’s ridiculous right so Right okay so Um here’s What all right This Lifestyle Running Cool dude all right so you like You don’t have a traffic problem right no one has a traffic problem Right you You do have a traffic problem if you have an offer problem Exactly Right so you Need to make Whoever your avatar is If you haven’t done your research on who your avatar is do you Need to make them you Need to find out What it is that They Really want right so You Need to ask them what the fuck They want is Just roast it’s real simple and then you Need to create an offer right It’s really hard Man The Hardest Thing in the World for People to do is to say Yes Right Here’s The Here’s How it Goes right okay so i see this care if right and i like It and i’ll add It to my cart and Then I’m gonna Say no Right i’ll leave It right Here this fucking cart Man I’m telling You right so you have to make it irresistible right and in before you Before you Try to make Love to this girl the first time you meet her before you try to go you know kissing or sticking your tongue? Down her Throat as soon as you meet her man Why don’t you shake her hand first and so That’s like The biggest Thing i can tell You right Your offer You’re probably Doing Whatever you’re doing. Too fast right you’re busting and That’s super quick right Stop That so Again a Blog post offering Lots of Information and Nobody Wants to Hear That Right Nobody Wants to Hear that But trust me it works and you’re gonna pay for the leads Now Here’s the most Amazing Thing that i’ll find out about about People online and Kind of tripped me out You Fuck off a Bunch of Money on ad trying to go direct Advertising like 100 200 bucks or even a Thousand Right But did when you Say well hey Man Stop doing that and start Paying for your data and You Guys Act Like it’s the Weirdest Thing to you don’t do that right and it’s not your fault because Everybody is Advertising Like That Everybody’s Saying oh Shit This is how you Just Just advertise probably Nobody’s Going Facebook Looking to buy your shit Right and so you Need to first find out Who your audience is and offer Them something of value first Say Hey Listen Man You’re Why do you had you know do you suffer from suffering From Migraines or do you suffer from Hangovers Here’s What the problem could be right to put up a Blog post 10 things you didn’t Know about Hangovers boom done Start That first Get That Pixel data find Out Who’s Who’s fucking with your ad then Here’s The Next Thing right Then Just Run a video again Run a video of This But Not This guy in his product right but iF somebody else Talking about Hangover is on Good morning America or something something interesting Right What about Wine a special Winery or Vineyards or something run something Interesting That Doesn’t Belong to you That’s not selling a product that could Be interesting to them so first Run the blog post then Run The video see who watched a video for more Than 50 Seconds or three Minutes or whatever and then Come with Your offer dude and That’s probably What? Exactly is Like You Ready Slow down Okay so he wants to study Financial ecommerce systems Please suggest a book The Problem and What i’m telling you is Good Money doc no bullshit no problem bro a book on e-commerce do dis now to be honest with you That’s like Not really a book on E-commerce But John Is on the stream or go Join My My um Join My Group and Asked John for a book and he’s the guy That’s gonna give you a book man If There’s a guy on a book on Financial ecommerce it’s that guy right That’s another Thing i wanted to talk about Man Again i appreciate you Guys Hanging out with me on the stream because otherwise i wouldn’t Just Been Gone Already Another Thing i wanted to talk about Really quickly it’S gonna Kind of Run Into Tomorrow’s video But you’re not gonna do this alone you Know that right i want to talk to you guys about that Really Quickly iF You’re i don’t know raise your hand if you’re iF you’re online to make $200 a Month or something Like That right raise Your hand if all you want To do is make $200 a month and raise Your hand right i know Khedira She Says she wants to make Like? 500 a Month Right yeah Is John Recommend a book Yeah look at That You Guys see me like Correcting Myself right don’t fucking alright so ah Cool Man Thanks a Lot for that Shoutout right the fba master Course is awesome Check it out Well Well There you go man i appreciate the shout out because This is Exactly What i teach in my FB a Master Course right so That’s the one Thing i was talking about and don’t buy? My Shitty I’M Not Saying for you to buy my shit i appreciate that Shout-Out but it’s not what i’m talking about either When i you Need help though You definitely Need to iF all you’re trying to do is make you know a Couple Hundred bucks you Know a Month Then cooled and You probably can Pull That off on your own right five Hundred Bucks a Month That’s not a Problem Right But When you ready to scale up and you’re ready to really do millions of Dollars Like the man bun dude he’s doing like two Million Dollars a Month Or some Shit When you’re trying to get to that Level Then you’re gonna Need Help dude you’re gonna need to talk to somebody You Gotta buy a Course you’re gonna have to get a mentor you’re gonna have to get a Coach You gonna have to do something? Man So Just Like This Little Bitty Just This Little Bitty Class Right Here right Just a Little Class Right Here right Now is you reaching Out to someone else to get some help you’re not gonna make it on your own you’re definitely gonna Need somebody to Talk to and Get some help from so Don’t think That YouTube University is gonna be it for you like This Guy’s like oh i need a book can You recommend a book You Need to go invest in yourself do don’t Be Ascared Too especially Like Now i will push My course my course is like 79 bucks Right By The Way all my Courses are going double Here in the next couple months if you have it? Actually with The Next not the couple of months in next couple Weeks all My Course are going double so you Better Get on it right so Right See 400 a month If That’s all you’re trying to get and That’s one Thing but iF you’re trying to get more Than 400 a month You’re Definitely gonna Need to get some help you know guy Wondering why his His Ads Weren’t Working for Affiliate Marketing Right Well That’s One of The hardest Things to do is affiliate Marketing so um AnyWays so Guys you Guys have an idea with This Why Narrator if you want to Just rip this guy off Again how i would do this i would Hurry Up and try to i mean you Know What’s working you know that the People in this audience are resonating With This little Kitchen Gadget right i would find something Else Similar Now find it find a Salad Chopper or something – something Really Slick name it chopping Block or some Crazy Remember They had the Chopper Right name It something Crazy Like That do a video With It and do the same Thing and then Again Find Little Upsells Little Things you can Give Away for free free is huge guys it’s huge you’re gonna pay for Leaves Anyways you’re gonna Pay Seven or eight Dollars you Know you’ve Been running ecommerce Leads Right so you’re gonna pay Seven or eight Bucks or ten bucks a Lead AnyWays Why not give them this little two dollar Wine pourer for free They Just Need to pay for their shipping everything you Pay to get it to you and Then You to get it to them right Which Would probably be about. Two or three dollars Charge them that two or three bucks Maybe make a Dollar or two Dollars on each One It Doesn’t matter if you can Try to The self-liquidating Part of It Where is the upsell Right You’ll Be interested in this T-Shirt Get a Get This t-Shirt 50% off right Right Now and if it’s Normally you Say Normally it’s $34 i’ll give it to you Today for $17.99 or some Shit like That Just Be creative With Your shit Right Another Thing i can tell you right Really quickly to everybody out Here? Right That 300 a Month And 300 others irritate dude it’s like fuck can i Just Get past that Part Make It Like For me it’s past That right i’m in the Thousands a Month Now right it’s like can i get past this you Know ten Thousand a Month I’m ready to do a Hundred Thousand a Month Right so it’s always something so you know we’re in The Same Boat Just I’m Just in a bigger one all Right He plays What i was Saying Here is you’re gonna pay for your leads and you Need to At least What you know think about Getting People Into Your Funnel like That and free is a Really Powerful Word right so Definitely do think about What you’re gonna do to give Away People discount i don’t know Why Discount The Word free and getting in Definitely Think about What i’m telling You still This Guy’s Shit i don’t care man Stealing You Need to be passionate about your niche yeah fuck dad Just get at it right Alright Guys so i think That’s it i think i’m a coffee break Y’All’s asses i’ve Been up for What fuck 40 Minutes Already Jesus Christ all right i think i’m a coffee Break Y’All’s asses Right Now

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  2. Sonny! Again thanks for all you do man!!!!! Changing the game and helping the world. I will get off your d!ck now!

    Question… What are the spy tools you are using? (Update, I F*cking googled it! and finished watching the video!)

    I said why don't I just look it up before you respond and then add and practice on giving value! Here is a link to Facebook Ad spy tools. https://connectio.io/facebook-ads-spying/

    I want to help make your following bigger! The world needs to know about you Sonny!

    Thanks again!

  3. Haha! Fashion Nova is a friend of mines store. We were just talking about it tonight. Went’s from $1 Million to $100 Million in women’s clothing. He’s the only guy I know that flipped a Go-Cart at a small Go Cart Track. Lol! Look at him now.

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