February 25, 2020
How to start a successful online business today – JR Fisher

How to start a successful online business today – JR Fisher

Hey guys JR Fisher here. I want to talk
to you real quick about getting your online business started Now I know a lot
of you guys I’ve been thinking about
doing this for a long time and you considered it maybe you’ve done some
research But I want to show you how to get it going today And I don’t mean
waiting or trying to figure it out today or doing research today I mean get your
business going So here’s the thing I was I was just talking to a client and this
particular clients been wanting to you know start an online business and I said
well what’s stopping you and they were saying well I just I got to find the
right product I got to find you know just the perfect product I’m gonna find
that then I’m gonna put it all into action and then I’m gonna make it happen and I told them to find a product that wasn’t good Why would I do that why
would I sell the product it wasn’t good and I don’t really mean find a product
that’s not good but here’s what I said to that person I said just pick a
product it really doesn’t matter what the product is it doesn’t matter if it’s
a great product because here’s the thing if you get started if you start with a
product no matter what the product is no digital physical doesn’t matter and you
start to market that product let’s say you start to run ads let’s say that you
have people opt in and you start to email them let’s say that that product
sales page has another sales page and you build a funnel once you start with
any product you’re gonna learn a lot of other things that you’re gonna need when
you do find a better product but the thing is you’ll never learn those things
you’ll never be prepared if you don’t get started And how do you get started? You pick a product any product right just pick something right throw rock
wherever it lands get a product and what’s gonna happen
and this happened to me you know I’m not I’m not telling you something that I
haven’t done myself and you know I started many many years ago 2009 and I was selling cell phone cases and I learned a lot I learned number one that
I couldn’t make a profit smelling cell phone cases it was a number one lesson I
learned but here’s what I also learned I learned how to run an ads I learned how
to put things on eBay and how to put things on Amazon I learned how to email
people with the saying emails so even though I didn’t make money on that
particular product there were all these other things I learned I learned how to
use email providers okay and it led me to you know learning how to build
funnels and upsells and down cells and opt-ins and all these other crazy things
that go along with selling online but I would have learned any of those things
if I didn’t just pick a product and try to sell it so don’t get paralyzed by the
fact that you want to get the most perfect product in the world and you
want that product to be just exactly right because that’s not how it works
and you know that the person explained to me they said well here’s my goal what I want to do is pick a really good product take it out there and sell it
and make a profit and then take those profits and put it into the next product it doesn’t work that way you can’t do it that way Now there’s a chance that your very first product is gonna be great and you’re gonna make money But the odds are that’s not going to happen the odds are that you’re going to start with a
product and it’s probably not going to work out well but you’re gonna learn how
to use all these software’s you’re gonna learn how to do all these processes and
how to do sales pages and they had to do emails by trying to market that one
product because it’s not the products so much I mean you know if you think about
you know food out there if I were to ask you know what’s the best
hamburger that you’ve ever eaten in your life? and I’m sure a lot of you would say
well it’s you know Bob’s Burgers and you know Omaha Nebraska or it’s Frankie’s
you know super-sized burgers in Northern California you’re all gonna have a
different answer to this and the odds are that it’s not gonna all be the same
answer and then if I said to you what is the best selling hamburger in the world
here we go McDonald’s now why is it that all these other burgers are so much
better than McDonald’s and I granted they are okay it’s because McDonald’s
does marketing McDonald’s you know does lead magnets they get you in on a cheap
item and they upsell you to other items and they put you through a sales funnel
so what they’re really doing is marketing so they don’t they don’t have
the best burger in the world nor do you have to have the best product and sure
you know I mean I recommend you having a great product I don’t want you to go
find a bad product I’m kind of half kidding about that but the point is you
don’t need that to get started The thing is you’re never gonna learn
all these other parts that go along with selling products online if you’re so
consumed with just getting the perfect product get the best product it’s better
than everybody else is it works better than everybody else’s it has a better
price than everybody else’s it’s got a better quality than everybody
else’s I don’t know that seems exhausting that seems likes a pretty tough
stuff to do I haven’t been able to pull it off and I’ve been in business
almost ten years doing this selling products online what I do at this point
is I share some of these techniques that I’ve used to market all kinds of
products you know because I have courses out there and I have one-on-one coaching
and I have physical products like survival food all kinds of products out
there and some of them do well some of them don’t do as well but the point is
there’s techniques I use to market all these things so no matter what your idea
is you need to learn these techniques now if you want to join a group of
people that’s very exclusive because I’m making it an exclusive and how do I do
that I limit it. I limited to 250 people that I would suggest you join my inner
circle my inner circle is comprised of 250 people who get access to a private
VIP Facebook group in addition to that they’re going to get a live coaching
call with me every two weeks now keep in mind I charge thousands of dollars an
hour so you know consult with businesses individuals on their business and you’re
gonna get this for free in addition to that I’m gonna give you all my trainings
I’m gonna give you my course which is digital cash Academy I’m gonna give you
my course which is e-comm Road that shows you how to set up a Shopify store
I’m gonna give you my course which is web cash Academy which is some on-screen
training in addition to that it’s classroom training where I actually was
you know teaching in these masterminds businesses real businesses and you can
see them they’re learning these things I’m also gonna give you Facebook Ads
University which shows you how to run ads and if you put all these things
together it’s worth about forty six thousand three hundred and eighty two dollars not bad and I’m gonna give you that all for free just for joining my
inner circle now there’s a small monthly fee to be part of the inner circle you
but I’m gonna give you 46,382 dollars worth of training on top of that so
that’s a pretty good deal it’s limited to the first 250 people if you want to
learn these techniques to market to just about anybody all you gotta do is go to jrinnercircle that’s J-R-I-N-N-E-R-circle.com
jrinnercircle Now when you get there it’s gonna ask you to fill out an application because we want
just the best people in there doesn’t mean you have to have already been a
multi-millionaire selling online you could be at the beginning stages but we
have some questions they kind of qualify you a little bit and then once you’re
approved if you’re approved we’re gonna send you an email let you know of your
approval and you can get started Okay, so, guys you know you got to get started today you can’t keep waiting you can’t keep
trying to find the best hamburger okay because even if you have the best
hamburger if you don’t know how to market it guess what you’re not gonna
make any money so I want you to make money and the best way to make money is
learn all these processes learn these email things these sequence things learn
these and tag customers and how to upsell and down sell and multiple
sell, how to some continuity and all these crazy terms that you may not even
know right now we teach you okay so my best recommendation is if you want to
get on top of that you want to learn all this stuff you want to be successful you
got to get all the information that makes all this work you’ve got to get
the information to teach you how to market just about any product I mean and
I really honestly feel like if I’ve got any kind of roughly decent product I can
market it right now and I can help anybody with their products market it
because of these techniques and these skills I’ve learned with marketing
online if you want to be part of my private group All you gotta do is go to jrinnercircle
that’s J-R-I-N-N-E-R I think you’ll like it it’s
pretty cool stuff you get forty six thousand three hundred
eighty two dollars worth of free software and training just go to jrinnercircle apply right there we get you approved get you in the group and
we’ll have you off and running so don’t wait Don’t wait okay that’s gonna fill
up soon so if you want to get into that you’d do that right away but don’t wait
don’t wait don’t wait you know the sooner you learn these things the sooner
you pick up these techniques the sooner you learn how to market the sooner
you’re gonna have cash in your bank account learning how to sell things
online so that’s my little information for today I just want to share that with
you right quick I’m heading to the gym right now getting ready to go inside and
people say well you guys love going to the gym you go the gym a lot I don’t I don’t
love going to the gym at all but I know that if I don’t go in there And get my butt kicked by some of
these machines and weights that eventually I won’t be in as good of
shape so that’s pretty important to me so I’m gonna go in there even though I
don’t want to and don’t wait till you feel like doing something I hear so many
people say well I just didn’t feel like it today so I didn’t want to go to the
gym today but I just didn’t feel like looking at stuff today were like don’t
wait till you feel like it because you may never feel like it and if you never
feel like it you’re never gonna get started so my suggestion is get started
today check out my inner circle it’ll get you
going jrinnercircle.com Fill-out an application we’ll get you in there
and you can learn to do this stuff it’s not that hard
heck I learned it I’m not that smart okay if I can do it you can do it Go to jrinnercircle.com, check it out And if you have any questions hey
feel free to ask me even if yes even if this is not lie and
you’re not watching this live you can put a comment down there now you can put
a question down there now and I’m gonna see it I’ll get notified I’ll jump back
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