February 25, 2020
How to Start a Profitable Online Business in 3 Simple Steps

How to Start a Profitable Online Business in 3 Simple Steps

figure is a Mac with the new video and I
like some feedback to the user I have been posting recently haven’t been
animated book reviews or fallacies or biases I’ve been putting out a lot of
stuff that I have found interesting stuff that I actually enjoy animating
and talking about and I want your feedback you guys enjoy listening to
stuff about this and this video is going to be on how to start an online business
and I’m going to include some tips that I have found useful the first step in
starting an online business is finding a problem now this is a first step and
starting any business you have to find a problem I’m gonna give you some examples
some examples include unknown knowledge someone just doesn’t know something in
your gonna tell them another example would be an organized knowledge they may
be able to find it but they might not be able to understand and one of the
biggest problems is boredom people don’t know how to spend their free time for
free money they want to find a way to solve that problem and you have to find
a way to solve it for them now the next step after you find a problem you have
to figure out how to solve it and this is where their creativity and
imagination part come into very helpful you had to find out how to do this on
your own so let’s take the first problem that I mentioned unknown knowledge for
example I’m taking one of these unknown little tidbits of information and I’m
putting them on my channel lucid dreaming intermittent fasting cold
showers and I am offering them to users and I’m trying to solve the unorganized
parliament while I’m trying to put in a format that is easily digestible for any
person understand you can solve it through a YouTube channel like I’m doing
a website which I plan on doing it through a product or service you can
actually create a product and ship it to the end user of the service that is a
subscription-based or a one-time fee I started selling my videos of I made
users pay $1 $5 per video that I created that
would be an example of a product and as soon as you figure out how to solve the
problem then you can move on to the third step and that is monetizing it
finding a way to make money out of your problem and this is probably the most
interesting of all the steps that everyone loves money so if I take my
example an unknown and unorganized knowledge problem solving it through
YouTube channel let’s say I can monetize it through
advertisements advertisement on my YouTube channel and earn money through
that I can also monetize it do selling books I’ve been doing a lot of book
reviews lately and have put the book link under the description and someone
buys it I’ll get some money from I can also do partnerships so if I started
doing advertisements at the end of my video I know a lot of videos do I double
there are many others but if I started doing that I could earn money through
that like I said earlier I can sell a product I could start marketing and
selling my videos and a lot of people do this on a larger scale except they don’t
even sell their product they sell someone else’s product they find a
problem that is that someone doesn’t know about a product they solve it they
basically by advertisements and tell them about the product and they monetize
it they saw someone else’s product they’re literally making money off of
someone else’s product all they have to do is show them so this is a really
short video on how to start an online business and I’ve done this a few times
I’ve created a few websites and made some money off them I wanted to offer
the best advice I could give you guys enjoy this video was great and I hope
you like to leave a comment below the best online business again if you would prefer to discuss thanks
for watching

10 thoughts on “How to Start a Profitable Online Business in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Interesting video and very well said. I think it all boils down to add value to people's life, and you do it very well with those short and practical video. Keep it up!

  2. 1. How do you link a book to where you get money from it, if people buy it? Say from Amazon?

    2. Who are other partners other than Amazon and audible?

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