April 8, 2020
How to start a career in digital marketing in 2019 – digital marketing training – J.R. Fisher

How to start a career in digital marketing in 2019 – digital marketing training – J.R. Fisher

everybody J.R. Fisher here happy Monday
so I want to talk to you guys today about digital marketing how you can
start your career in that a lot of people you know they say well gee I want
to sell stuff online I want to make some money online I have no idea where to get
started so stick with me in this video because I’ve got some bonus stuff at the
end but the important thing is that I’m gonna give you all the steps you need so
you’re not gonna wonder anymore you’re gonna know exactly what steps you’re
gonna need to take so you know digital marketing has really exploded it didn’t
exist you know 10 years ago like it does today I mean it’s crazy big today
there’s a lot of money being spent Google will do 100 billion dollars this
year in ads alone 100 billion and Facebook’s gonna be doing 40 billion so
that’s that’s pretty good money okay now I’m not sure if you’re new to digital
marketing or not if you’re not if you’re new to digital marketing do me a favor
in the comments that are just put on new I’m brand new to this now if you’ve been
doing digital marketing for a long long time or maybe just a different year or
two or three years put in the comments you know I’ve been involved for a year
I’ve been involved for two years ten years whatever that way I know who’s
getting to see this video now this information will work for you if you’re
a beginner or if you’re advanced so you want to stick around because no matter
what level you’re at you’re definitely gonna get some good information how this
so the first thing you’ve got to do is you’ve got to have a website okay I have
a lot of people say can I sell online without a website yeah you can you know
and some people make a living doing that but you’re never gonna build up a
business without a website you’re gonna need that you’re gonna need to be able
to collect names and I’ll get into all that to say it so the number one step is
build a website now where you build it is entirely up to you you know you can
do something like car truck where you’re just building out a few pages you can do
I prefer WordPress I love WordPress WordPress has been around forever and
it’s one of the biggest platforms you know on the planet right now if you’re
gonna be doing e-commerce you may want to do Shopify something along
those lines so any of those things will work but you do have to have a website
now I want you to think about the niche you want to be in think about the area
you want to work in because you’re gonna work in it every single day and that’s
step number two is picking that mesh what niche are you gonna be in you know
are you gonna be intense are you gonna be in I don’t know golfing are you gonna
be and you know cookware whatever it is pick it
now once you’ve picked it I want you to go make a list of all the top
competitors and you can find them basically by just searching google and
once you make a list of all these competitors I want you to go to Ober
suggest now I’ll put a link in the description for you but at uber suggests
I want you to put in all your competitors and do some research so this
takes time but this is the quickest best way to figure out how to build your
business it’s gonna show you your competition where they’re getting all
their traffic from I mean it’s pretty amazing this is a free tool like I said
I’ll put a link down there in the description it’s also going to show you
what paid traffic they’re getting too so that’s super helpful because you’ll know
where they’re running their ads and all that good stuff and it’s also going to
show you all of the keywords that your competitors ranking for so you’re you’re
really doing a deep dive into these competitors and you’re gonna be learning
all this stuff about your competitors and that’s step number two okay so once
you’ve got all of that together I want you to do step number three I want you
to go to the top pages report in ubersuggest just click on it and you’re
gonna see all the pages that your competitors are ranking for which is
pretty neat stuff right now you know what pages what the competitors are what
the keywords are it’s also going to show you need stuff like social shares but
here’s the cool thing it’s also going to show you it’s going to show you the
backlinks now the backlinks are where other people are actually linking to
that page and that’s going to give you some really cool information because
you’re gonna know the websites that are now linking to those top pages now once
you figure it out you know what those top pages are here’s what I want you to
do build a better mousetrap here’s what I mean by that if they’ve got a really
good page and you know it’s gone into some detail I want you to put more
detail and if it’s got some images I want you to put more images
you could even go to five or and hire somebody at five or do your own custom
images which would be really nice if they’ve got videos you know put better
videos in other words build a better version of what they’ve already built
because you know it’s gonna rank it already has so if you do these things
and your page is better than their page you’re gonna get more traffic so you
know that’s a really easy thing to do it just takes some time there’s no cost to
that you’re just got to put in some effort so that was number three number
four you need to promote your content so here’s how you’re gonna go about it
you’re gonna get a list of those people that link now you already know that
because ubersuggest told you what page is linked go to their contact form and
send them a message and say hey look I just did an article on a subject that I
saw you link to on X page you know and show the page there so they know what
you’re referring to but in my blog video article whatever I also covered these
three points so I thought you may be interested in it
now if you do that you are gonna get a ton of traffic these people are going to
start linking to you you’re gonna start getting referrals you’re gonna start
getting more traffic now you can’t do this for five pages you can’t do it for
a hundred page you got to do it for like two or three hundred pages okay you’ve
got to send this out to a lot of people this is a numbers game once you’ve done
that I want you to now go to Twitter search and just you can type in Google
Twitter search and that’ll pull up and in Twitter search I want you to put
those pages in there the URL of those pages and what its gonna do is it’s
gonna show you where that page was and shares so it’s going to show you all the
people that share that page then you need to send a message and a private
message to those people who are sharing that page and what I want you to do is
basically the same thing say I see that you’ve shared this information on
Twitter and it’s great information however I’ve done a similar article on
the same information but mine also includes these other three items so now
what’s going to happen is people are going to see that information that
they’ve already shared look at your information and if yours truly is better
guess what they’re gonna do they’re gonna start sharing it and these are the
best to send a message to you because you
already know they share information you’ve seen it you’ve got proof of it
okay that was step number four now step number five I want you to collect emails
I know traffic’s great but without getting your
own list you’re never gonna be able to remarket to these people through emails
sure you can remark it through pixels and running ads and all that but emails
are free okay so I would suggest you do emails and I’m gonna suggest that you
use cart refer your emails cartridge is amazing I’m gonna put a link in the
description where you can try it out for $1 now Carter will of course you know
help you build opt-ins and all that kind of good stuff but the cool thing about
Carter is it’s also a funnel builder it’s also a video hosting platform it’s
also a landing page maker it’s also a funnel bill it’s all these things
wrapped into one so you don’t to buy all these softwares and you can try it out
for $1 by clicking the link in the description so I want you to do that now
that’s number five collect emails okay very very important number six I want
you to be proactive on your webpage so well number six I want you to get push
crew for WordPress now if you’re on a WordPress site you know just go and
search the you know a no one’s there you’re gonna find push crew push crews
really good and what it is it’s a little box that’s gonna pop up at the top and
when people see the box it’s gonna say hey get notifications put in you know
can can we go ahead and give you notifications and then every time you
publish something on your site it’s going to actually give those people and
notifications so I’ll put a link in that little later on in the description but
push Crew is really really good too and if you if you’ve used these things
before put in the comments say hey I’ve used push crew or I’ve used this other
one maybe there’s a better one out there that you’ve been using you had really
good success with I would love love love to see that so you know go ahead and put
that in there now that’s number six number seven is I
want you to install an opt-in box now please please please don’t install an
opt-in box that says join our mailing list oh my god no please don’t do that
that is so 2010 don’t do that don’t do that they don’t want it who wants to be
able to email this I know I get too many emails it’s like
oh my god I just got to delete delete delete delete so what you’re gonna have
to do is you’re gonna have to offer them something of value you know maybe it’s a
PDF report 10 steps to potty train your dog or maybe it’s five things that you
could lose weight you know eating these foods or whatever but make sure it has
value and if you do that and it does have value guess what they will give you
their email and you will build your list and this is what we’re trying to do here
is build that list so that’s super important okay
that way we can send them emails and sell them more stuff later on that’s
what it’s all about so that was step number seven and then step number eight
it’s obvious right and you figured out step number eight sell something okay so
you want to be able to sell a physical product a digital product if you don’t
have any products go get an affiliate product okay but you need to sell
something to make money because you did all these things and once you’ve done
all these things if you’re not selling anything that’s just dumb you don’t do
that okay so those are the seven steps I put some links if you’re having a
problem finding a product I put a link to my how to find a product that’s
profitable that’s popular book there and if you’re new to this and you want a
free course I do have a free course there you can opt-in for just click on
it it’ll get you started it’s like four videos and it shows you the overview of
starting an online business or make it really easy for you now if you like this
do me a favor and click that little like down there write comment make sure you
put your comments down there I asked you a couple questions and I want to get
answers on those and I will answer you too don’t forget if you are watching
this on YouTube whole different animal right on YouTube you need to subscribe
to my channel there’s a little button to do that but you won’t know if I have a
new video if you don’t click the notification bill so you gotta click the
notification bill to see what it’s subscribe and click the notification
bill that’s so so so important alright guys I appreciate you showing up today I
appreciate you listening I know a lot of you guys watch afterwards I see that the
views go crazy after I do when they live videos but we are alive here today and
those are those are the eight things that you’re gonna need to do right to be
successful online so do those things I appreciate you listening and I’ll talk
to you real soon Thanks

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