March 29, 2020

10 thoughts on “How To Spy on Facebook Ads For Free – NEW Facebook Ads Library Tool

  1. Had no idea this existed. Maybe I should give FB ads another try. Just lousy results especially in the photography industry

  2. Nice! Would be cool if you show more about Facebook Ads Strategies when you sell digital products (like CA, LLA, Conversions etc) and about sales Copy and Landing pages! Greetings from Germany

  3. When i go into Facebook ads library and click "see ad details" it shows more details but it won't show the entire ad! I want to see the whole ad. Because ads with long form copy, it gets cut off after a few lines.

    Do you know how i can see the entire ad with Facebook ads library?

  4. Hello – Thanks Ben, When I go into the library I tested your ads to find and nothing comes up? Any idea what is happening??

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