March 29, 2020
How to spin products in 360 degrees in Shopify

How to spin products in 360 degrees in Shopify

Want your Shopify product images to stand out? Well there’s an app for that! Magic 360 How can I try it? It’s easy… Go to Click ‘Get App’ Enter your shop name. Click ‘Log In’ Click ‘Install app’ to install Magic 360 on your website Simple! Magic 360 is now installed What next? Check your images are ready Your images need to be numbered in the order you want them to appear on the Shopify product page. Eg: 01, 02, 03 etc Use large versions of your images for spin, magnify & full-screen effects. Shopify will resize images automatically throughout website Your images should turn ever so slightly to create the 360 degree spin First, enter number of images you will use on Magic 360 Settings page To get to the Magic 360 Settings page from your Dashboard… Go to ‘Apps’ Select ‘Magic 360’ installed app You’re now on the Magic 360 Settings page… Go ahead and enter number of images Go to ‘Number of images on X-axis’ Enter number of images used to create 360 degree spin This example uses 36 images Number of images on Y-axis: 1=spins left/right only Enter number of positions spin can move up/down Next, upload 360 spin images to product Go to your product page Click ‘Choose images’ 1. Highlight images you want to upload; 2. Click ‘Open’ You will see your images uploading Once all images uploaded, click ‘Save’ Go to website and refresh product page Your 360 images are now showing on your product page Because you have uploaded large versions of your images, you can spin… magnify… and enlarge to full-screen It takes seconds to customize Magic 360 Choose from over 30 customizations Completely customize Magic 360 how you want Image size, magnifier shape, message + much more… Bring your images to life! You’ve got nothing to lose… And everything to gain Get your free trial here:

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