April 3, 2020
How to skip WooCommerce Cart page and Redirect to the Checkout page?

How to skip WooCommerce Cart page and Redirect to the Checkout page?

If you own an eCommerce store, you must
have tried different ways to pursue customers to complete the order
transaction. A large number of such customers back out or do not complete the transaction
due to a very tedious checkout process. In such a case, you lose
a chunk of users who could have been your potential customer. The most usual strategy is to skip the cart
to take your customers directly to the checkout page to place the order. This could help you push your customers for the purchase
and also save your customers time for completing the order transaction. In this video tutorial, we will show you three effective ways to skip the WooCommerce
cart page and redirect to the checkout page. The first method is using the default
WooCommerce settings. The second approach involves a free
WordPress plugin, and the third method requires a simple Code snippet. Let us understand each method in detail. In the first method, skipping the cart page is
surprisingly easy with default WooCommerce settings. This method involves some settings to be configured and a little tweaking of code in the end. Here’s how you can do this. Go to WooCommerce settings and
move to the Products tab. Under the “Add to cart behavior” settings,
enable the checkbox to redirect to the cart page after successful addition of the product,
and then save the settings. Next, move to the “Advanced” tab. Under the page setup, you can find the “Cart page” setting. Select the “Checkout” page option
from the drop-down list. This means that any link to the cart page will redirect
to the checkout page. Move to the front-end of the store to
see the affected change. When you add a product to the cart, the button will redirect you to the checkout page instead of the cart page in this way. But that’s not it,
if you have listed cart page link on the main menu of your website, it will still lead
to your cart page. Hence, you can choose to remove it from the menu. To do this,
move to the “Appearance” settings and click on the menu option. Under the “Menu structure” section,
click on the Cart option, and click remove as shown. The cart page
will now be removed from the menu. Additionally, you can choose to customize
the Add-to-Cart button text to a more suitable one. You can make use of a small code snippet or
a free wordpress plugin to make this change. You can find the code snippet and
the suggested free plugins in our article. The link for which is given in the video description. The second method for WooCommerce direct
checkout is using a WordPress Plugin. The main advantage of using plugins is the
customization they offer. Although there are many premium plugins that offer
a lot of customization in terms of checkout, we will discuss one free
WordPress plugin called WooCommerce Direct Checkout. In addition to skipping
cart page and redirecting to a custom page, this free plugin allows you to set
custom Add to Cart button text as well. Here’s a sample product page with the
custom action buttons. You can also check our article to
explore premium plugins for customizing the checkout page. The third method to skip the WooCommerce
cart pages using Code Snippet. In this method, you just need to add this code
snippet at the end of the functions.php file of
your activated website theme. This code snippet will redirect
add-to-cart action from shop page and individual product page to the checkout
page. Hence, in these ways, you can skip the
WooCommerce cart page and redirect to the checkout page. This will reduce the
steps in your transaction funnel and hence makes your customers’ checkout flow
smoother. Follow the links given in the video description to find more tips and
strategies in our articles related to the WooCommerce checkout. Check out learnwoo.com for more
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