April 6, 2020
How to Share Your Squarespace Store | Squarespace E-commerce Tutorial (Ep. 4)

How to Share Your Squarespace Store | Squarespace E-commerce Tutorial (Ep. 4)

In this video we’ll show the best way to share your store with social media integrate promotional blogging and create announcements for your customers. An important way to help promote your store is by improving your SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. A good SEO standing will place your website higher in the search results of your target audience. The best way to improve your website’s SEO is by frequently creating content related to your brand and industry. This includes, but isn’t limited to blogging tweeting and posting Facebook updates that link back to your site. The more your site is being shared on social media the higher your SEO will be. Social sharing drives traffic to your content by placing it on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Using the “push” option you can tell Squarespace to automatically create new posts for your preferred social profiles as soon as you publish new collection items. To connect your social media accounts go to the Home Menu and click Settings and then click Connected Accounts You can either connect a new account or click one you already added to open its settings. Then leave Show Push Option checked. For Pinterest and Facebook select a Push Target from the drop-down menu. This tells us where to post if you have multiple Facebook pages or Pinterest boards. After taking these steps you’re ready to start sharing your content whenever you publish. When editing content you’ll see sharing options for each social profile you’ve connected in the Social tab of the editor. Ensure each account in the Social tab is toggled to ON. Review the Posting Format box for each option which is automatically set by the default post format you set up for the account. To change it or add a custom message you can edit the field using text or variables. Click Save & Publish to publish the content to your site and simultaneously share it on social media. For Twitter you can integrate Twitter Cards into your product promotions that attaches information like images and product prices to tweets. This creates a preview directly in Twitter feeds. Squarespace Commerce sites are optimized for Twitter Cards. Keep in mind these won’t work if you have a password enabled on your site. We update the connection with your Twitter account every minute but if you ever need to refresh the connection return to Connected Accounts click your Twitter account and then click Reset Data. You can help visitors share your content on social media with one click by adding Share buttons to your blog posts product items Album Pages and events. Encouraging social sharing can expand your audience and drive more traffic to your site. In the Home Menu, click Settings click Marketing and then click Share Buttons. Check each social media site you want to add as a sharing option and uncheck any you want to hide. Then click Save to publish your changes. Another great way to promote your products is blogging. This gives us the power to promote products in beautiful compelling ways. To add a blog page go to the Home Menu and click Pages Click the plus icon to add a new page. Select Blog from the New Page menu and click the plus icon in the Blog panel to add a new post. The Blog Post Editor will open with a default text Block to get you started. Enter a title for your post and then add more content like an image gallery or video by clicking an Insert Point and selecting the appropriate block from the Block Menu. If you need to share a message to all your site’s visitors you can use the Announcement Bar to display a custom message above your site. This is a great way to announce things like a sale, promotion a change to your hours, or scheduled site maintenance. To add an Announcement from the Home Menu click Design. Then click Announcement Bar. Select Enable Announcement bar from the drop down menu. And enter the text for the Announcement Bar in the box. You can make the text bold or italicized and create text links. You can also add a click through URL to make your entire Announcement Bar a link. Then click Save to publish your changes. A great way to understand your customer base is by using Squarespace Analytics. This is our reporting platform that gives you insight into how your site is performing. With Analytics you can get a clear picture of your visitors and their behavior through visual reports on statistics like page views conversion sales referrers and popular content. I hope this video series was helpful introducing the basics of Squarespace commerce. Please let us know if you have any further questions. We’re always here to help!

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  1. This isn't good advice IMO. The best way to improve your SEO for a store is to integrate with Google Shopping

    It's very unlikely shoppers are going to share your products on social media

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