April 4, 2020
How to Setup E-Commerce Discount Coupons – FlipperSD

How to Setup E-Commerce Discount Coupons – FlipperSD

Hi welcome to this Pen Publishing Interactive video. In this video I’m going to show you how to set up
E-Commerce discount codes using FlipperSD CMS. Let’s get started. So I’m already
logged into Flipper and I am under the E-Commerce section under discounts. So to
create a new discount coupon or code you can go to create new coupon. Once you’re
there you can set the start and end date for this promotion or discount code you
want to run on your online store. So I’m just going to pick some days here.
Next thing you can do is name the coupon. So for instance say you went to ABC
conference, that’s what I want to put in here and then you had this promotion and
then you wanted to give them a discount if they went and bought something on
your site for being there at the conference. This is how you would do it.
Requires coupon code I’m gonna leave that on and the coupon code you can
create whatever code or you know that you want here I’m gonna use PenPubABC
which is what needs to be used or typed in when they’re checking out. Now Flipper
allows you to have different discount types. So you can do on order items or
per product and if you leave that there like that you can allow for specific
sections of your website. So if you have multiple E-Commerce areas or product
areas on your site you can only allow that coupon for specific sections or
category. So let’s just say that I had shoes and t-shirts and say this coupon
specifically for t-shirts. You can assign that and that coupon would only apply
for t-shirts. Now you could also allow only for specific user roles. So say you
had, you know, members of your website that paid a monthly fee and they got
better deals you can assign this coupon. So they’re the only ones that
could use it. So they would have to be set, you know, basically they would
have to be in that role to be able to use this coupon and then finally only on
specific products. So if you want this coupon to only be on again a particular
product specific to your website white t-shirt only or etc., this is how you
would do that. So for the purpose of this video I’m gonna change this to go and we
also have order subtotal, shipping and handling if you want to give a discount
for shipping and handling or order total. I’m just gonna do order total and I’m
gonna set the amount at 5% you can actually do dollar amount if you
want. Then I want to require a minimum purchase of $20 and then
the other thing you can do is you can set a limit for the discount. It can be
unlimited, it could be a number of uses. So say at the conference you say you
know get 5% to the first 30 people that order
on my online website. You can setup this to be 30 and then once the 30 runs out
the coupon no longer can be used or number of uses per user. So you
can set this to say, they can use this coupon twice. So you can set that as well
for me I’m just gonna leave that as unlimited for now and I’m gonna
hit save and now I’m at the cart here. I already have some coffee on my cart. I’m
going to reload this page real quick and I’m gonna apply the code real quick here
that I created and as you can see my order does not meet the minimum $20 requirement for this code and it’s gonna tell me that. So what I’m
gonna do is I’m gonna bump this up to 2 and now my thresholds there and I’m
gonna add the code again and I’m gonna apply it then I’m gonna get my 5% discount and that’s how easy it is to create the discount code in
FlipperSD CMS. As you can see there’s a lot of flexibility with the discount of
features in FlipperSD CMS, but that’s it for this video. Hope you found
it beneficial. Thank you for watching. If you want to learn more about FlipperSD,
our services, and our company you can visit us at penpublishing.com
You can find us on Facebook and Twitter and if you’re watching this on YouTube
please subscribe to our channel. We’d appreciate it and then you could
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until next time.

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