April 3, 2020
How to Setup an E-Commerce Store

How to Setup an E-Commerce Store

Hi, Eric here with Globe Runner SEO, excited
today- I wanna talk about E-Commerce so if you’re thinking about staring an e-commerce
store, here’s some things to think about. Now a lot of people, they go and they say
“well, I’m going to start a Yahoo store, maybe an Amazon store” or something like that- I
really encourage you to set up your own platform and here’s why: Amazon has a great platform,
you can sell a lot on Amazon, I really encourage you to sell on Amazon. That doesn’t mean you
need an Amazon store. You’d do a lot better to set up your own e-commerce website, maybe
use a content management system like Drupal, they have a great shopping cart, there’s a
couple out there that’re really good. So we set up your own e-commerce store. That way
all that traffic is yours, and then you develop a data feed out of that. It’s not too difficult
to develop a data feed that Amazon will accept through their open APIs and you can actually
feed in your products, your images into Amazon and then resell them on Amazon. Now here’s
a great thing- now instead of just selling on Amazon, you’re selling on Amazon, the traffic
from Google, you’re selling direct, and you’re also directing more data feeds out to Google
product search also known as Googlebase. You can develop a data feed out and send basically
that same information out again to bing’s cashback program- now bing and yahoo are merging
so they’ll have a new program out, but right now you can do bing cashback and yahoo shop,
so you can get on all these different selling platforms from one central hub site. So you
change your information, you run a special, change your prices, and it re-sends out your
feed, it’ll send out all those different product sites, all from one central hub site. And
here’s the advantage: Amazon, they’re gonna change you a little bit of extra percentage
on the sale so if you have an Amazon store, all of your sales have an extra 2% charge.
So you’ve got your credit card processing fee, plus an extra 2-3% depending on your
volume that you’re gonna be paying Amazon. So I prefer to save that 2% on the sales that
I made direct on my website. I’ll still take those sales on Amazon, but I want to do it
through my website and a data feed rather than on Amazon’s exclusive platform. So there
you go, if you’re thinking about starting an Amazon store or starting an e-commerce
venue, there’s my advice. Start it on your own platform and send out data feeds to everybody.
Thanks so much, this was Eric McGehearty with Globe Runner SEO, check out more great tips
about SEO and online marketing at GlobeRunnerSEO.com

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