April 8, 2020
How to Set Up Shopify – Dropshipping with Oberlo

How to Set Up Shopify – Dropshipping with Oberlo

hey everyone it’s David from Oberlo and
today I’m gonna walk you through how to build a Shopify store that’s integrated
with over lo from top to bottom we’re gonna cover everything you need to know
to launch your own drop shipping business at the end of this video we’re
going to have a fully fledged store ready to take to customers all great
drop shipping stores start with great products so let’s find ours we’re gonna
jump over to my screen now so if you want to follow along at home fire up a
new tab or a new browser and head over to overload calm okay here we are at
overload calm and all we need to do to get our overload account is click on the
get overload now button you’re gonna have to punch in your email and a
password but that is it there’s no credit card required you’re not gonna
get a link in your email that you need to confirm by clicking on it later on
just email and password and you are ready to go the first thing you see when
you get inside of over low are a bunch of different product categories men’s
clothing women’s clothing toys beauty and health products these are among the
most popular categories for overload merchants below that you’ll see product
recommendations that could be seasonal like these Halloween items they could be
best-selling products which are products that our merchants have had a lot of
success with fast shipping items are ones that have really quick shipping
times etc so there’s some recommendations that you’re gonna see
from the moment you log in if you already know what you want to sell you
can go up here to the search field now we do know what you want to sell our
store is going to specialize in athleisure athleisure is stuff like
leggings and other athletic wear that people can wear either around the house
or when they’re out and about as you can see when you punch in leggings there are
a lot of different options that pop up in the product search results if you
want to hone in on specific types of leggings for example with certain prices
or with certain shipping methods that’s no problem we have a bunch of filters
here on the left side of the screen that will enable you to refine your original
search so here I’m gonna say that I want products that cost under $10 and which
feature a packet delivery a packet is a really quick shipping method for
products that are coming out of China and it is what we recommend if you are
sourcing your products from China so now we have products under 10 bucks that
have a packet now that we have our search filters in place there’s one more
tweak that we can do to our search results to make sure that we get exactly
what we’re looking for and that is change the sort bot filter two orders
count with this orders count sorting filter in place we now know that all the
products that appear in our results are products that have been proven to
generate orders so we’re not having to guess at what will be popular over low
has done that work for you and is showing you only products that have
generated orders so now that we know that these are popular products that
these are products that people want to buy we can add them to our import list
simply clicking on add to import list will save the product and let give you a
chance to edit it before you bring it over to your store so let’s add a second
one here to our import list and we’ll add a third item that’ll help us get
started and then we can go into our import lists and edit them and make sure
they look exactly like we want before we send them over to our store okay so we
have three bestsellers added to our import list and we’re going to go and
check out how they look in the import list section real quick before we get
into changing these product names and product descriptions I want to point out
that the products that we just sent to our import list are from over low
verified suppliers over low verified suppliers are our most trustworthy
suppliers and they meet rigid criteria that drop shippers are going to be
looking for to run their businesses for example they fulfilled at least 1,000
orders for over lo merchants Oh below verified suppliers also have
very low error rates and quicker delivery times there are two other types
of suppliers that you’ll find inside of over though
one set is over those suppliers they’re also part of our network we like working
with them they just haven’t hit the thousand order threshold that the over
low verified suppliers have and then the third set is Aliexpress suppliers
Aliexpress is an independent platform with independent suppliers and so we
can’t say for sure if they’re gonna meet these same criteria that the over those
verified suppliers are you find a lot of good stuff on Aliexpress
it’s just you have to do some homework to make sure that the suppliers you’re
using are the ones that you want to be using all right this is what your
products are gonna look like when they’re inside of your import list
there’s four main sections there’s the product overview where you can change
the title there’s the product description product variants and product
images first off let’s change the products title some of the titles you’ll
notice that you import into your import list are a little bit wordy and so we’re
gonna consolidate this one and just call it women’s sports and yoga leggings
that’s straightforward and to the point we can optimize it later if need be now
here’s the product description that came with this product and as you can see
it’s a little bit goofy so for example here at the top it says were the yoga
pants move up that’s not the sort of thing that you want to appear on your
product pages so almost every time that you import a product you’re gonna edit
the product description here we’re gonna drop in some text that we’ve already
wrote we’re not gonna make you watch us write a product description but
basically if you’ve worked with any text editing software any content management
system the over load product description editor works in much the same way so now
we have some text there’s different approaches to product descriptions this
one will work for now the variants tab is where you can see different sizes and
different colors of the products that you import it so we have the base
product which here is offered in four different sizes small medium large and
extra-large you can also tweak your prices here if you want to increase your
margins or offer a better price and finally the images products are gonna
come with different images attached to them and by checking any of these
additional images you can make sure that they end up in your store along with
your product it’s really important to have product images ideally at some
point you’re gonna be taking your own images but for now we’ll use these ones
that came with the product we’re going to go ahead and update the titles on
these other products as well and while we do that let’s just touch real quickly
on some of the basics that you want to include in your titles and product
descriptions so search engine optimization is one
that you can really implement on your titles and descriptions put in any
keywords any phrases that you think people interested in your product will
be searching for this is a great place to do that you also want to be sure to
answer any questions that people might have in your product descriptions look
at what your competitors do look at what the product descriptions say on other
websites and see if there’s common themes common specifics about the
products that are always talked about maybe there’s weight or length or color
details that appear all the time those are things that you can go ahead and
make sure are in your descriptions as well and then finally you want to make
sure that the writing here has some life make sure it’s punchy and that somebody
not only is finding that information they’re looking for but would be engaged
by what they find on these pages the product pages where these descriptions
and titles appear those might be the first pages somebody gets to when they
get to your store and so when they get to your store you want to make sure not
only that they get the info they’re looking for but that they like what they
see and that they are interested in what they find there let’s go ahead and
finish up selecting these images and remember the images that you import here
into your store it doesn’t mean you have to show them you just give yourself the
option to show them so we’re gonna go ahead and bring over these six here and
now it’s time to connect overload to a store now to connect our over though
account to a store we’re going to go up here and click on the connect a store
button there are two things you can do here the first is enter your Shopify
store URL if you have one we don’t so we’re gonna click create new one this
will take us to Shopify Shopify as you might know is the leading e-commerce
platform in the world they power some six hundred thousand stores and it is
the platform that integrates with overload it is just as easy to sign up
for Shopify as it is for over lo you’re just gonna give your email address a
password and your store name we’re gonna go ahead and punch in our details
including our store name Shopify is gonna check
automatically to make sure that nobody else has taken this name yet in our case
life of athleisure is still available and now we’re just moments away from
having a store there’s gonna be a couple basic questions that we need to answer
here the first one are you already selling we are not we are just launching
our athleisure store so i’m not selling products yet and then the second one is
about revenue we don’t have revenue yet so we’ll put in zero there click Next
and now there’s gonna be some basic address information real quick about
this form if you’re like me then you might not always take forms like this
totally seriously you might fill it out less than 100 percent accurately but
we’re not signing up for a newsletter here we’re starting a business and so
with all these details about your address and your postcode and your phone
number go ahead and fill them out accurately because if things go well
we’re gonna start making money and when we do we want to have a legit business
behind it after we get this form filled out we’re going to land for the first
time inside of our Shopify store this is the Shopify dashboard where you can find
information about sales and orders and visitors of course we don’t have sales
orders and visitors just yet because we don’t have any products so to get
products we’ll make sure that everything that we put in our import list gets to
our store and to make that happen we’ll head back over to over lo and put in our
Shopify store URL for us that is life of athleisure dot my Shopify com and after
you punch this in and click connect and click connect a store Shopify and over
lo are going to be integrated the next screen you see will have details about
how exactly this integration works and after you review this you’re going to
want to click on install app and you’re going to be ready to go with an
integrated Shopify and overload account the next step is going to be to set up
some default behaviors for how over though and Shopify interact so there’s a
lot of different options here and you can change these after the fact but it’s
a good idea to go ahead and set them up as best you can now so here the first
checkbox you see set new products as published that means any time we push
something from overload in to Shopify it’ll automatically be
available at our store you can also change your tax settings change your
weight settings notify customers about order fulfillment and then these Auto
updates at the bottom are important so when a product is no longer available in
over lo you get to say what you want to happen in Shopify so here we’ll say we
want the product to unpublish that means not be available and we want to receive
a notification when a variance is no longer available
a variant remember is the size or the color of a product we can say that we
want the variant to be removed and to be notified and if the cost of the product
changes we can say do we want Shopify to update it or do we want it to just
remain as is again these can be changed later but it’s a good idea to set them
up as best you can now while we are inside of overload changing some
settings let’s check out the global pricing rules the global pricing rules
gives you a chance to set default pricing rules for how much products will
cost inside of your Shopify store there’s two different options here the
first is multiplier which lets you multiply whatever you paid for the
product by a certain number and the other one is fixed markup which gives
you a chance to have a designated dollar amount over the original cost that you
will charge your consumers so here if we have fixed if we have a multiplier of
1.5 the product will be 1.5 times more expensive in our store than what we paid
for it there’s also an advanced pricing rules section that you can use if you
have a wide range of prices that your products are going to cost there are of
course lots of different things to consider when you make your global
pricing rules you need to think about how much you’re spending on marketing
need to think about the other costs that you’re incurring such as apps that you
have in your store different things that are costing you money that you need to
incorporate into your prices in your store but the good news is that you can
have fault regular rules that you can assign
to products automatically and you create those here inside of global pricing
rules now that we understand the global pricing rules it’s time to get some
products into our store so to do that we’re gonna go back to our import list
we see here we have those three items from before
and here they are with their updated titles and descriptions and images just
as we edited earlier and we’re gonna get these all into our store with just a
couple clicks so we’ll select all three products then do import all two store
confirm that and all of a sudden our import list is empty but that’s just
because they have now been moved over to our store and you can find them in your
Shopify products and voila now that the products are in our Shopify back-end we
are getting closer and closer to having a store but before we launch we want to
make sure make sure that the store looks and feels exactly how we want it to and
to do that we’re gonna check out the different Shopify themes the theme is
like the backbone of your store it’s gonna dictate how your store looks and
how it functions and how the navigation acts when people come there to shop and
to look around Shopify has tons of different themes that you can explore
here so we’re gonna click on explore themes where we see a lot of beautiful
different styles of websites now a lot of these are paid they’re gonna cost 180
or 160 bucks these are super powerful and they’re
customizable and this is what hopefully one day we need as our store blows up to
start though we’re gonna use a free theme and these free themes are mobile
ready they are perfectly functional and as we’re just getting started
they’re gonna be powerful enough for us this Brooklyn theme as you can see is
tailor-made for apparel stores and it looks like it has everything that we
want there’s also a couple of different styles the classic and be playful
because we’re having an athleisure store maybe the playful will be better for us
we can check out how this looks and how it
when you click around Shopify gives you a demo and I think that our athleisure
wear will look beautiful on these pages here’s even how you would check out and
add something to your cart so you get the full scale test inside of the theme
store and this one looks good so let’s go ahead and add the theme to our
Shopify store this takes all a few seconds and bam we now have access to
the Brooklyn theme in life of athleisure now that we have added the Brooklyn
theme to our store we can make it our official theme by clicking on actions
and then publish it’s gonna ask you if you’re sure that you want Brooklyn to
replace the default theme which is called debut we are sure Brooklyn is a
winning theme so as soon as we click on publish it has all of a sudden become
our stores theme clicking on customize will give us a little preview of how our
store looks at this point so there’s lots of placeholder text and placeholder
images here we’ll make sure all that looks pretty in just a moment but at
least you can see our store is starting to take shape
we now have different sections there’s some default items like this newsletter
a field and places where we’re invited to put images and text so our store is
not there yet but as you can see we are well on our way ok let’s give some life
to this store and we’ll start at the top in the header so we click on header we
are invited to upload a logo now I got logos for life of athleisure from hatch
full hatch full is a Shopify service that generates logos for you
automatically so you just tell hatch full what industry you’re in you tell
them what you’re selling and give them kind of some broad parameters for how
you want your logo to look and they’re gonna give you lots of different options
so here we have the black background option that doesn’t quite work for the
header the backgrounds a little bit distracting but that’s no problem
because hatch full also has a transparent background option so this
one is cool but it doesn’t have any text so let’s go ahead and upload the one
with text so now we have the icon as well as the name of our store life of
leisure so that will look cool at the top of this page now it’s super easy to
change how this image looks you can make it smaller you can make it bigger and
you’re gonna have automatic previews of how that looks the default setting was
two hundred and sixty s so we’ll stick with that and now we are ready to go
with our logo at the top of the page now that we have this logo in place with the
transparent background and the name of the business we can go ahead and save
that and lock it into place but there’s still some work to do here on our home
page this is after all where a lot of our visitors will land as soon as they
come to our store so we really want it to pop so we’ll click on slideshow and
then edit the content of the different slides that the Brooklyn theme offers
you so we’ll follow the same process where we upload an image we are going to
use a fun image of somebody in leggings on the beach this kind of fits the
attitude of the store we want people to feel like they’re having fun and to see
all the cool stuff that you can do in the leggings we’re selling so we will go
ahead and select that but one of the cool things about Brooklyn is that you
can have multiple pictures here that rotate automatically so the second part
of our slideshow again same steps go to upload we’ll put in yet another fun
leggings picture here’s someone who is getting ready to play around on a
skateboard wearing leggings I’m having a ball I’m sure you are too so this will
work for our second element of the slideshow with these images uploaded and
now in place we can customize exactly how the slideshow behaves when people
get to our site so we can determine whether or not the images auto-rotate or
if we want people to click to see the second image and we can also determine
exactly how long we want each image to display before it changes if they are
rotating automatically so we’re gonna keep it at five seconds to try to
increase the chances that somebody will see multiple cool images when they get
here so we see the beach then we see the skateboard and as this is preview mode
you can check out how your theme will look on different devices so now we’ll
click on the smartphone and this is what it will look like when people arrive via
mobile so you could update this and tweak this forever this is good enough
for now to get started so we’ll go ahead and save and continue making our page
look our homepage look exactly how we want it the Brooklyn theme suggests a
certain order or a certain layout of how your home page should look but it’s
really easy to rearrange or even delete some of these elements so for example
this custom HTML option this is really cool it gives you a lot of flexibility
and options but we are not there yet with our store so instead of playing
around with code we’re just going to delete it and then we’re also going to
rearrange how these things appear so right now the featured collection is the
first item that somebody sees after the slider but we would rather have them see
something else so we’ll put the newsletter at the bottom we’ll get rid
of this custom HTML form and then move the image with text options as the first
things after the slider image so as you can see it’s really simple to rearrange
or to get rid of these different elements of course you can put them back
in if later on you for example want the custom HTML option that’s no problem
but this looks like a good layout for our store to begin with now we have this
placeholder text in this empty image spots on our home page and let’s go
ahead and put something in there that’s gonna pop and resonate with our visitors
so nothing like a good leggings picture so here’s somebody working out in
leggings and then the the text that we put here should just kind of reflect the
way you want people to feel about your store so you know we
have pictures of people on the beach and skateboarding in our slider so we
clearly have kind of a playful easygoing theme and the text that you put here
should reflect that so we don’t want anything too serious
we have people smiling and having a good time and our text should also make
people smile and have a good time I’m just gonna dump in some random stuff
here we could optimize this all day but for now this will work just to get us
moving along with our store build so athleisure time is your time do you
that’ll work for now we’re also gonna add a button to make sure that if
somebody wants to shop and not just hang out on the homepage
they are never more than a click away shop now is not the most clever button
text but it should be clear enough for any visitors so we’ll put that there and
we’ll link to our products and now we have a call to action and some text and
a beautiful image that people will see and then we’ll go through again the same
process with this second image with text section of course you do not need the
image with text section or if you want you could have even more but again we’ll
try to choose a pic that is somewhat playful so here’s somebody messing
around outside on some train tracks and again that the texts are just in some
way reflect the the feeling or mo of your store and athleisure least role
this is playful get some text in here and we will be on our way as we fill out
this text let’s just think about some of the things that we want to do with our
home page again it’s the first impression that your store will have on
your visitors so we want it to be a good representation of what you’re about what
your stores about and there’s no perfect way to do this you could rearrange
things in any format you want the colors the text the size of everything it’s all
highly customizable and there’s not some magic bullet you want your store to
stand out and there’s a lot of different ways to do that and it’s also important
to remember that you can test different formats different calls to
action different pictures and see what works the best because you’re not locked
into anything permanently you can make adjustments and then look later on at
your analytics at your orders at your sales and see if something that you did
on the homepage the way that you arranged things the way that you
presented things had a good impact on your store you can see here at the
bottom of the homepage the Brooklyn theme lets you insert a featured
collection so let’s talk about what collections are and how you would create
a featured collection to put there so here Shopify is making sure that I save
my changes before I leave Shopify has a great user experience and
so you won’t ever lose changes that you’ve made without them asking you
first to save it okay now collection is inside of your product section will
click on collections and then create collection the collections are a really
great way to make your site easier to navigate so think about your favorite
ecommerce shops and I’m sure they have different collections of men’s clothing
or women’s or seasonal items things that are on sale things that are new it’s
just a way to kind of break down your store into different elements that
people can easily look at so here we’re going to create a newest items
collection and this is just going to be as the title suggests a collection of
the newest products that we have in our store and it’s really easy to create a
collection we’re gonna name it we plugged in a description and now we
simply need to save it and then determine which items we want in there
for us this is going to be pretty simple we only have three products and they are
all brand spanking new so after we save the collection name and description we
go here to the products field and choose the ones we want
once our store is built out a little bit this drop-down will be bigger but for
now this will work we want to sort them by not best-selling but instead
something like newest that makes sense for our newest items collection and now
we have a set of three products that are self contained
inside of this collection so this is saved automatically and now we can go
back here it is if we want to update it later or edit it but that will be saved
for us and now we can play with that collection and create new ones in the
same way alright now that we have this collection let’s quickly hop back in to
overload so you can see how the Shopify collection integrates with your overload
products so now we have recommended items for us and as you can see the
recommendations are leggings so over lo even after just a few minutes it’s
already getting to know us and get to know what we’re looking for in our store
so let’s import another set of leggings and then look at how we add them to a
collection so everything is just as it was before but if we go here to
collections we’re gonna be recommended this newest items collection that we
just built over in Shopify so as you can see it’s super easy to import an item
directly to a collection once you have it in your over load import list okay
let’s hop back into the Shopify back-end and see where our store stands at the
moment so you can click on this preview button and go navigate around and kind
of get a feel for what a customer might might see if they were to land there
right now so these images and text this all looks familiar this is what we were
just building our featured collection is there when we click on a button the
behavior is just as we would expect we see our products and we can click on any
of those if we want but we’re not ready to start shopping yet instead we’re
gonna add a few more things that every ecommerce store should have namely an
about Us page and a contact page so to do that under online store we click on
pages and then up here in the top right we’ll click on add page the first page
we’re gonna build here is an about Us page and the about Us page is a great
chance for you to relate to your customers to tell them what you’re all
about to tell them why you’re into the product you’re selling it’s really a
wonderful opportunity to be personable with your visitors and with your
potential customers we’re not going to devote a ton of time to this text here
we’re just gonna drop in what but a text add an image and then call it
a day for now but again this is a potentially really impactful way to to
turn visitors into customers and there’s a lot of content on the overload blog
about how to create the perfect about Us page and I encourage you to check that
out because there really is a science to this when it comes to what you want to
include what you want to leave out and the sort of details that customers are
going to be looking for when they get to your store the second page we’re going
to create is contact us now we need to make sure that our customers have a way
to get in touch with us if they have questions if they aren’t familiar with
how the shipping is going to work there’s any number of things that
somebody might want to ask you before they pull the trigger on a purchase or
even after they make a purchase they might have a follow-up question or want
to inquire about something else so it’s really important that we give people the
chance to get in touch with us no matter where they are in the the buyer cycle
and this is especially important if people aren’t familiar with your store
just yet we had this awesome information available and now we need to make sure
that our customers and visitors can find them so we’re going to add them to our
top navigation menu to do that you go to the navigation section and we’re going
to click here on main menu main menu is the stuff that’s sitting at the top of
your store so right now as you can see we have a home link in the navigation
menu and a catalog link we’re gonna add another one and as you might guess it’s
gonna be the about Us page this way if anybody has any questions about who you
are what your store is about they’re gonna be able to find it right there at
the top of the page we’ll go ahead and put in the contact details as well the
contact information is a really good way to kind of put people at ease and to let
them know that hey it’s a real person on the other end of this store and you know
they’re so real I can go ahead and get in touch with them via this contact page
we’re gonna take off the home link we don’t need that there necessarily and
then we’re gonna rename the catalog link something else that little catch here
the catalog for now we’ll put it as shop okay so now we have a
three item navigation bar and when we click on save menu these items are gonna
automatically be added to the site we’ll again hit the preview button and there
we go shop about us in contact it’s all there
on the top navigation this is the sort of stuff that people are going to want
to see when they get to your store so it’s a good idea to put it front and
center there’s a couple of things I can see that we’re gonna need to change with
the layout just a couple quick things so let’s get back into the design mindset
and go into the customized theme section we’re gonna first off swap out the logo
that we just saw when we previewed our site this dark black background isn’t
quite working it doesn’t look as sharp as this transparent background so we’ve
already uploaded the transparent one so all we need to do is swap those out and
hit save and now we have a pretty transparent background logo no matter
what page we navigate to the second little design tweak that we’re gonna
make is adding a favicon now the favicon is this little tiny icon that you see up
here in the tab Shopify has a green one over though it has a blue one and we
need to put something there for hours because right now we don’t have anything
so you find the favicon section and then just upload the image that you think is
gonna work best I’m not gonna use the logo with the tagline because there’s
not a lot of space to have these words so instead I’m just gonna use this red
emblem this red icon and that should be enough to let people know which page
they’re on if they’re just looking at their tabs so now if we go to the
front-end and refresh we have a favicon up in the tab and here is our cool
new transparent background logo before we go on I want to make sure that you
know about all the cool stuff that we have at the overload blog the over
though ebooks library in the overload YouTube channel these are awesome
resources to help you with any of your questions about drop shipping ecommerce
marketing social media you name it we will have a video a blog post or an
e-book that will answer your questions so be sure to check out those places if
you get stuck now that our store is looking more and more beautiful we are
sure to make some sales and that means that we’re gonna have to
iron out our shipping details now here is the Shopify shipping overview page
and you can see here that our domestic shipping zone is Germany which is where
we are located right now and we’re gonna add shipping zones to make sure that our
products get where they need to go so the big zone for us is gonna be we’re
gonna call it the big four plus Europe and the big four are the United States
the UK Canada and Australia and these are huge markets for over little
merchants we’ve written about this over at the blog these are markets that you
will want to target when you get your ads up and running so we’re gonna add
them to our primary shipping group and then we’re gonna go ahead and put Europe
in there as well instead of tracking down each and every European country we
can just scroll to the Europe section pick one check box and now we have all
of Europe covered so now our shipping zone big for plus Europe has all the
countries we want and because these are our focused countries we are going to
have free shipping there so we will throw a name on here which customers
will see at checkout we’ll call it free international shipping and we’ll set a
free shipping rate so this will apply no matter how much money somebody spends at
our store they will get the product for free so we’ll go ahead and save that and
now we have a free shipping group for our big target markets of course the US
UK Australia Canada and Europe only covers so much of the world so we need
to account for the rest of the countries out there that might also be placing
orders so to do that we’ll go to this rest of the world section and create a
group of countries that we don’t necessarily want to ship to so if we go
down here to the bottom and click delete zone you can see that locations in these
countries will not be able to place orders and as we start our store this is
what we want we want to simplify things and we don’t want to be worried about
shipping rates for South America or Africa or different parts of Asia we’re
gonna keep it simple we’re gonna focus on the big four markets and Europe and
just make sure that we reduce complexity here at the beginning so now we have our
free ship country’s we have our no shipping
countries and we need to go ahead and customize the shipping details for our
domestic shipping which again for us is in Germany we want to include Germany in
our free shipping offers so we’re going to set the price to free for Germany
regardless of how much money they spend per order it’s gonna be free shipping
and so now this is a way to make sure that not only our domestic market but
also our international markets have free shipping options all right
shipping zones are all set the next step will be to customize our checkout
process so in our settings page we’ll click on checkout and actually here the
default settings are gonna work great for us we don’t want our customers to
have to create accounts we don’t want them to have to put in their first and
last name we don’t want them to have to put in their company name so Shopify
does a really good job with their default settings of course you should go
through these and make sure that it matches what you want your experience to
be at your store but for now we are just gonna keep these default checkout
settings this is gonna work just fine to make sure that our customers have a nice
clean checkout process of course a big part of the checkout process perhaps the
most important part for us is the payment so let’s go into our settings
and into payment providers to make sure that everything is as we want it so by
default we have Shopify payments enabled we have to recommend Shopify payments
it’s really good they accept all major credit cards
the fees and rates are as good as any competitor so this is enabled by default
and we recommend that you you keep it there so there’s gonna be some
information already filled in here as you register this is from your original
sign up with Shopify there’s a few more additional details you have to put in
your date of birth there’s also going to be a section to put in your tax
identification number this will be a little bit different perhaps depending
on what country what which country you’re in but basically it’s it’s
essential information to make sure that you get paid and that you know there’s a
real person linked to your bank account just kind of security measures that
Shopify takes to ensure that everything is on the up-and-up now
that our Shopify payments is set up we can take a look at the other payment
options that are available you can see by default PayPal is enabled the only
trick here is to make sure that it is linked to an email address that has a
PayPal account that’s important and then there’s other options as well you can
activate Amazon pay or if you have a specific preference for other
alternative payment methods there’s a laundry list that you can choose from
here inside of Shopify you should be just fine if you use Shopify payments
and PayPal but again there is an extensive list of options if you’re
looking for something additional one more little technical detail that we
need to iron out so let’s go back to settings we’re almost there just stick
with me click on this legal section and here is where we’re gonna fill out our
different policies the refund policy privacy policy Terms of Service etc now
this stuff can be kind of scary but luckily Shopify has gone ahead and
created templates that we can copy and use for our store so when you click on
the create from template button Shopify will pre-populate this section
and you’re gonna want to go ahead and look through it there are some details
in here that you might want to update there will be an address and an email
address in here so you want to make sure that all that stuff is exactly how you
want it for the refund policy there’s also dollar amounts that stipulate how
much somebody might expect to get back if they do ask for a refund so you need
to make sure to look at these details but thankfully most of the hard work has
been done for us this is all written in the proper legalese and it will remind
you of the sort of documents that you would see from any major e-commerce shop
so after you go ahead and do the create from template buttons if you don’t want
to write it yourself which I clearly don’t we’re gonna click Save and then
now these will be saved as part of our website of course having these different
policies sitting in our Shopify back-end isn’t going to be enough we need to make
them available to our shoppers to our customers and so we’re gonna go back to
the navigation section and put them into our footer these steps are going to
remind you a lot of how we built the main navigation bar
on the homepage the difference of course is that the footer will be at the bottom
of the website not at the top and so it’ll be a little bit out of the way and
the reason that we’re gonna put them in the footer and not at the at the top of
the website is that these are very much technical details and they should be
available for people who really seek them out but it’s not something that we
want people to find the moment they arrive at this site the top navigation
bar should be about generating trust it should be about generating conversions
and making sure that people know about all the cool offers you have these
policies on the other hand are vital but they are far from cool and so there’s
something there the sort of thing that we’re gonna want to stick at the bottom
of the page to make sure that again they’re there
but they’re out of the way so here we’re going to add our fourth and final policy
the legal notice and then we click on save menu now the next time we go check
out the front-end which we’ll do here in a second these should be there in the
footer navigation section so as you can see our top is still just shop about us
and contacts our images and texts and collection email subscription as we left
it and here we go the policies so anybody who wants them can find them but
they are not gonna be front and center on the website nice okay so our footer
contains all this vital info now let’s go to all mine store and get rid of the
password page which is currently blocking people from visiting our site
when we click on disable password we’re going to be invited to pick a plan now
pick a plan is the part of this process where you need to pull out your credit
card and you know choose some things that have dollar signs next to them but
as you can see here there’s no risk it says if Shopify isn’t right for you
we won’t charge you you still have however many days are left in your trial
to make sure that Shopify is the service you want to use and so don’t worry after
you fill out your credit card information there will be no charges
until your free trial period is over after we pick our plane we’re gonna be
navigated back to our main Shopify dashboard and be asked if we want to add
a domain we do want to add a domain to make it
easier for people to find us at the moment the URL of this store is life –
of – athleisure da Shopify com we cannot expect people to be putting that URL in
every time they want to come to our store so we need something a little
snappier like life of leisure com Shopify is gonna scan the web make sure
that’s available and if it is you just click buy and this is gonna cost $14 per
year you can have this Auto renew if you want I’m gonna go ahead and uncheck this
box it’s super simple to reactivate the auto renew feature either way we’ll
click buy domain and then we will be charged fourteen bucks for one year’s
worth of our very own web domain now we have our domain and we can see here that
Shopify has gone ahead and created a few vital email addresses for us so info at
life of athleisure comm as well as sales at life of athleisure comm are
automatically going to be synced to the email address that we use to sign up for
Shopify in the first place so of course info at your website comm is going to be
a lot simpler for people and it’s also going to be a way for you to have a very
legitimate looking contact page so you can direct people to an info at address
okay we are almost there we have our policies in place we have our domain
bought our shipping zones our checkout everything is in place now we’re gonna
go ahead and officially disable this password by clicking here this is in the
Preferences section we’ll save that and now our store is live there’s a view
store button here I think it’s more exciting to go ahead and type in the
actual domain that we just bought so we’ll punch life of athleisure into
Google Chrome and there we have it this is the first time anybody has officially
navigated to our store it’s a work in progress
I forgot to change the text here where it says hero banner that clearly could
be optimized but the point is we have a store so let’s go ahead
and make a purchase to see how the customer journey will look for somebody
who wants to buy themselves some athleisure wear here’s one of the
buttons that we created a little while ago says shop now we are directed to our
product catalog these women’s mesh pattern print leggings are looking
pretty good so I’m gonna go ahead and pick a color
I like the black ones more than the light gray will make this size large and
then add that to the cart now this theme this Brooklyn theme has a
cool feature here where when you add something to the cart it pops in from
the side of the screen at least on a desktop you can go ahead and click on
checkout and then we’re going to go through the steps of the chalk checkout
process that we just customized the information that gets inserted here
during your checkout process is going to be automatically integrated with
overload so the information is being inputted into Shopify but the
integration that we set up earlier between Shopify and overload will ensure
that all these details get passed over to overload which will enable you to get
this order placed with your supplier and get it shipped to the customers door the
next step for the customer is gonna be to select a shipping method they’re in
the free shipping zone so that’s gonna be the default choice when they click on
continue to payment method this is where they’re gonna put in their credit card
or PayPal details and then we are on our way
after those details are input you remember that we set up one final
confirmation page to let customers check out exactly what they’re ordering here
they take one more look at their address and the cost after they agree to that
there’s going to be a confirmation page which lets the customer know hey here’s
what you ordered here’s where we’re gonna ship it and here’s how much you
paid everything is very much out in the open and transparent so that’s how it’s
gonna look for your customers when they place an order and then here is how it’s
going to look for you as the merchants in overload so we’re going to go back
into overload and here is the overload dashboard now as you can see here we
have sales and we have earnings and we have a top item there’s also in order to
fulfill so let’s check out this order which is this
orange icon here and go see what has been placed there we go there are our
women’s mesh pattern print leggings this is exactly what we were just looking at
at our store and because this is an overload verified supplier all we need
to do to fulfill this order is click on order products we don’t need to navigate
to a third party website and then place the order there everything is gonna
happen inside of over lo we just punch in our credit card details and so this
is the money that’s going to go from us to the supplier and then the supplier is
going to ship the product directly to the customer so there’s a few different
transactions taking place here one is customer to you and then this one that
we’re looking at right now is you to the supplier we’re gonna choose a packet as
our delivery method you can see there it’s gonna be one dollar and fifty cents
if we select a different method like DHL it’s much more expensive so a packet is
what we want this is going to be a total cost of $8.99 $8.99 as you’ll remember
the cost to the customer was 11 euros and 99 cents so a tidy little profit for
us so to recap we selected products in over lo we set up a store in Shopify and
then we push those products from over load to Shopify and then we made our
store look and feel more like a store and it all took about an hour sure
there’s plenty of work to be done we have to update our text in our
descriptions we need to order more products and nail down exactly who our
best suppliers are it’s not like what we did today is some money tree that will
let you quit your 9 to 5 but hey at the same time it’s not bad right is there
any part of the store build process you’d like to know more about do you
need help with any particular step if so let me know in the comments I checked
them all the time and we’ll get back to you with an answer until next time learn
often market better and sell more

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