March 29, 2020
How to Set Up Goals and Dashboards in Google Analytics – Day 4 | Creative Handles

How to Set Up Goals and Dashboards in Google Analytics – Day 4 | Creative Handles

welcome to the fourth day and today we will be digging the little more deeper into Google Analytics as you know the goal of this whole series is to make your life easier it’s to make your webpage even more stunning and awesome and for this you need just between 15 and 30 minutes every day so I hope that you have this time also today from yesterday you know where to find out your main metrics in Google Analytics right so today we will look more deeper into Google Analytics where you can set up your goals where you can find them if you are having a shop we will look over where you can set up an e-commerce tracking and to make your life a little little more easier in the future I will show you where you can build a basic dashboard where he will have all your main metrics so within like two clicks next time you will see everything you need to since I’m outside right now I need to go to my laptop because that’s where I can show it to you so let’s go so when you log in to your Google Analytics account you will basically end up on the home page right so where can you find if you already have set up some goals or not previously or somebody might have done it for you already so you just go through the conversions right in here click on it here are the goals and the overview and if this page is coming out you don’t have set up your goals at all yet and let me show you how does it look like if you already have some goals so for example on this different account and again we are going to the conversions goes over view and here you can see that the girls already set up some of them you can actually choose what you want to see and here yes here you can see the basic overview how you are already fulfilling your goals or not and if you don’t have them set up yet or you need the different goals to set up you just go to the admin in here and here you can see the goals again click on it and here you can see that there’s already one goal set and it’s very easy to set up a new one you just click on to add a new goal and just follow the instructions written in there basically this is the big help for you because you can see and that first step is to go set up and you can choose from the template or the custom the easiest way is actually to choose from the template for example you want to see and measure more your revenues and here also you can see that it’s helping you and showing you these goals will help you to check your revenues these ones are for acquisitions these ones are for inquiry and these ones are for engagement so jus so you can just basically choose from one of these packages and here just for example check the revenue place an order and we click continue you can change your name which would be more suitable for you or you can leave it like this this goes out idea it’s just another idea how we can find the goal and here you can choose the type the best way and my point of view is to choose the destination and the destination it means it means that you will have there like a thank you page you know when someone sends you the inquiry then on your website pop pops up the Thank You signed and it has its URL address and basically we just use this and you will put there the URL address so let’s see how that works and that’s this is exactly what I was mentioning equals to and you will just put here the URL address so let’s do that here for example I already send the inquiry and the contact form and I just copy paste the URL address and I will just easily put it in here and safe and it was success and seeing here is my another new goal place an order now you will be able to see it here in your conversions in the overview right in here if you are having an issue Poirier selling something on your webpage you should have set up an e-commerce tracking so what can you find it out we are going into conversions but this time to ecommerce an overview and here you can see that it was set up and you can see all the basic data but how does it look like when it’s not set up again conversions ecommerce overview and this page is coming out your e-commerce tracking is not ready yet so for that part you need to get in touch with your web developer who will help you to set it up if your web developer is not sure how to set it up you can just help him out with this link you can find him directly in the description of the video just send this to the developer and it should be clear for him or her what to do last but not least think I would like to show you are actually the dashboards and I believe this could help you a lot so what do you need to do customization dashboards and here you can see if we have here any created dashboard already or you can just click on create and create your own dashboard and you have actually three options first option is that you would just use this blank canvas where you can put whatever you want to or what I think it’s better or to use this starter dashboard where you have the basic charts so just click on ant you name it and you just create a dashboard is it like that and here you just get the basic charts and overview what are setup and you can change these things you can play with a little you can add a widget you can add there a table pie bar whenever you want to you can add a metric whatever you need to and just save and create another widget or you can just delete or edit this these things so that’s what that works very easily you just need to play with it a little and think through it what you actually need to see in these dashboards on the regular or daily basis or another option is that you just create a new dashboard but what would you do is that you will use somebody’s dashboard of what they create it so just click on the import gallery what I just did and here you can see and you can basically like google any kind of dashboards you can just use some specific keywords such as Europe and they’re applied right here and you can check the dashboard somebody created for each UPS it’s always good to look how popular they are if they have enough reviews and downloads and how many stars they have so let’s for example tried this one it looks kind of all right so let’s check it out 4.2 that’s okay you can actually also read some here some reviews or comments when you decide to just do it just click on import and it imports everything and here it shows you what it’s actually going to import so you just click create and here it’s actually showing you it jumps you the administration to share assets and it’s showing you how many assets is imported and where it did so let’s go back to the dashboards and see what happened so VP digital dashboard that’s it that’s what we just create it or import it and here you can see again that it created some basic overview for me and again I can do the same thing I can rename it so I know that it’s my second dashboard and I can again change individual or create add some any other widgets what is also great is that it created these custom reports so you have here for example our paid search report already prepared where you can see all the data from the paid search so you don’t actually need to dig in the Google and other things but already created their efforts here in custom reports but it always depends on which report and there’s what you would choose from the gallery so that’s basically it next time you will come to the Google Analytics you just click on this boards my second or first dashboard you created and you see all the data you needs to see so that should make it much more easier for you so now you saw everything I hope that now you have time to actually try it on your own and test it out otherwise I will see you in the next video tomorrow if you enjoyed it give a thumb up subscribe to the channel if you have any questions just write in the comments below the video I will answer to you and have a nice rest of the day I’ll see you tomorrow you [Music]

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