April 9, 2020
How To Set Up Billing: Printful Tutorial 2019

How To Set Up Billing: Printful Tutorial 2019

If you’re creating a manual order with Printful
– for example, ordering a t-shirt for yourself – you simply pay at the end of the order process
and the order goes through. But if you have a store connected with Printful,
there are two transactions that take place. First up, your customer places an order from
your store and pays you using your store’s payment platform. For example, they buy a t-shirt from your
store for $20. Secondly, The order comes through to us from
your synced store and we bill you through your connected payment method for fulfillment
and shipping for that order. For example, the fulfillment for the t-shirt
your customer bought, let’s say $15. Remember that these are separate transactions,
your customer paying for the product happens on your store’s end and you being billed
for fulfillment happens in Printful. Note that your orders will not be fulfilled
unless they’ve been paid for on Printful. So, how do you pay Printful? All transactions go through your Printful
Wallet that’s created once you sign up with Printful. This helps to ensure quicker payment processing
and fewer transaction errors. Note that our transactions take place in US
Dollars, even if your stores currency is a different one. But there are a couple of ways you can set
up your billing system. We’ll go through them in this video. In your Printful dashboard, head up here to
“billing” and you’re taken to your account billing page. You can find your Printful wallet here on
the side menu. Now There are 2 ways you can set up your payment
system. You can set up a primary billing method. This means – you add a credit card or a paypal
account to your Printful account. Each time an order comes through, your credit
card or paypal will be billed, the money will be deposited to your Printful wallet and withdrawn
from there to pay for fulfillment of that order. For example, a customer buys a t-shirt from
your store and the fulfillment cost for this t-shirt is $15. This amount then gets charged from the credit
card or paypal you’ve registered with Printful, then deposited to your Printful wallet and
withdrawn from there to pay for the order fulfillment. So in this case your payment history for this
order will be reflected as two seperate transactions – the amount that is deposited to your Printful
wallet from your registered credit card or paypal and then the same amount withdrawn
from your Printful Wallet to pay for fulfilling this order. _
To set up a primary billing method, choose “Billing methods” from the side menu. And here you can add new billing method. You can also add multiple billing methods
and set the primary one for your account. If you’ve added multiple billing methods,
you can later on change the primary one. For example, I have my paypal account set
here as the primary billing method, but I want to change it to the credit card I’ve
added, so I choose “set as primary” here and the settings have been updated – now this
credit card will be billed for all incoming orders. If you have multiple stores connected to Printful
and multiple account billing methods set, here under “Store billing methods”, you
have the option of manually selecting a specific billing method for each store. Let’s say, I want orders coming from this
store to be billed through my paypal, so I choose the paypal account from this dropdown
here. And, as you can see the account primary billing
method does not change, it stays the same for the other store here, but for this store,
the billing method is changed to the paypal account we just selected. The other way to set up billing is to manually
deposit money directly to your Printful wallet either by credit card or paypal. This way you add a certain amount of money
to your wallet. Then, each time an order comes through, the
fulfillment cost for this order will be withdrawn from your your wallet. And in this case your billing history will
include – the amount you manually deposited to your Printful wallet and payments for each
order fulfillment withdrawn from there. So, to make a direct deposit go to “Printful
Wallet” from the side menu here and choose the “add money button” here. And now you can enter a certain amount of
money you would like to deposit to your wallet. Let’s say I want to add $100, so I set the
amount here and fill in all the details necessary. This is a manual one-time process and the
credit card or paypal you use to deposit money to your wallet through this process won’t
be automatically saved as a billing method. But here, by checking this box, you have the
option to save it, meaning that for example, this credit card will be saved to your account
billing methods. Note that if your Printful wallet is empty
and you haven’t set a primary billing method – your orders won’t go through and will
show up as “failed” until you’ve manually approved and paid for them. Now, I want to save this billing method, so
let’s check this box here and hit “add money”. As you can see the Printful wallet balance
now is $100. If you choose to not set a primary billing
method, but add money manually, make sure to monitor your Printful Wallet balance, so
there’s enough money to pay for your order fulfillment. If you HAVE set up a primary billing method
you can also use the ‘auto recharge’ feature for your Printful wallet. This is to make sure that there’s always
money in your Printful wallet and is a good option if you don’t want to see as many
transactions on your card statement. Each time your Printful Wallet does not have
enough money to pay for an order fulfillment, the amount you set here will be deposited
to your wallet from your primary billing method. For example, let’s set it to recharge for
$100. So now, in a case if my Printful Wallet balance
is $7, but and order with a $15 fulfillment fee comes in, $100 will be automatically deposited
to my Printful Wallet. You also have the option to withdraw money
from your Printful wallet here.Note that this process is instant for PayPal, but for credit
card transactions it might take 3-5 business days for the money to be transferred back
to a bank account. Remember that all refunds you receive for
orders will be first deposited to your Printful Wallet and then can be withdrawn from there. You can view all your Printful account transactions
in the “Payment history” tab. Here, if you have multiple stores, you can
choose which stores payment history you want to view and the date range. Search for a specific order as well as apply
filters, for example, select to see a specific payment method, transaction type or order
status. And you can also download your payment history
reports here. In your account billing settings you have
the option to submit a resale certificate, if you’re eligible for one, as well as submit
a VAT ID if necessary. And check whether you’re eligible for a
volume discount here. Make sure you go through our billing FAQ carefully. And also watch our video tutorials on related
topics like taxes, shipping or VAT. You can find all of them on our Youtube channel.

53 thoughts on “How To Set Up Billing: Printful Tutorial 2019

  1. 2018 most convoluted payment system! Why on earth would you make it harder for people to get started? First principal of usability design – make it as simple for your audience to use. If it require a convoluted process than it's not as usable as you would think. Please fix this process to where you charge the person who's buying instead of the designer!

  2. To clarify-
    IF I have Paypal as my primary billing method with Printful, AND my customers pay for merch, then that $ goes into my paypal- will that balance be available when Printful bills the order? i.e. – We don't need a running balance because orders are paid for before we are billed for items to be created and shipped from Printful???

  3. could you make video please How To Set Up Billing in etsy -printful . what about process if integtation with Etsy ? will etsy make transfer money for printful direct or printful withdraw credit card ?

  4. This is ridiculously complex! Why does the user have to pay through a personal credit card when the buyer already paid for it? What happens when the credit card reaches its limit?????

  5. And there I thought the whole point of POD was that the designer doesn't pay anything out of his pocket and that everyone takes their cut form what the buyer pays!

  6. So i have no credit card , im paying the order with my own money , what would happen if my debit runs out of money ? This system kinda sucks i was thinking about opening a store but why would you charge the designer ? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. Hello, Shopify does not have an payment gateway system in my country. Can my customers use your payment system for order? Thanks

  8. I'm glad I watched this. Totally turned me away from your services. Your payment method virtually punishes people for having a successful shirt; If you're a new seller Paypal holds your money for 21 days, meaning if you strike it lucky and have a successful campaign then you'd only need to sell 100 a week for a month before you rack up $6,000 on your credit card.

  9. Guys, just print the t-shirts and give the designers their money without those weird triple transactions, very complicated stuff, you are losing users because of that annoying set up. Get your shit together please

  10. Sooo, this is completely backward. Why isn't there a system to charge the customer for the payments? I shouldn't have to use my own money. What happens if I launch and do REALLY GOOD? I better make sure to have hundreds of dollars in my account. This isn't right…

  11. I launched my first Shopify site today and was fortunate enough to make my first sale. But didn't realize how messed up this process is. I'm putting my site on standby until I can fully commit to spending more money than I actually make from this.

  12. So, if I got this right, the customer buys an item for $20, which I get the full amount, then Printful withdraws their share, say $15, from my account afterward. Is this right? Do you withdraw immediately after the order, or do you wait till the order ships?

  13. Hi – for everyone saying they shouldnt charge you, i understand and i too found the process challenging to understand at first but i actually think it is for the best. It may be a bit more complicated but not too much to understand and it seems to be for okay reasoning. After all, the reason you are paying is you are paying Printful to do the fulfillment and shipping. That's how they make money… how they profit from you…. which is normal and fine bc they are providing us with a service.

    It would be simpler if the customer just buys your tshirt and pays for everything including the fulfillment but i guess printful wanted to keep those relationships separate – so you and printful had a separate relationship from your store and the client.

    Seems backwards but again, i dont see anything particularly wrong nor confusing (after a while). In a way i see it as you getting more control as a store owner and being able to exercise your power as someone in charge of your store – you are essentially funding printful to do as you command (in a way). So without you, and your money, they can't go about bringing the quality product to your customer… all around the world.

    They are indeed doing the printing, providing the tshirts and keeping it in warehouses AND shipping it straight to the client. That's a lot of work and they probably wanted to keep YOU and THEM as closely working as possible to (ironically) not have communication problems.

    We can see from that, that they wanted to put the responsibility of YOUR CUSTOMERS more in your own hands and not theirs. Which i actually think is a good idea.

    It does suck having to pay everytime someone buys from you – BUT that's why profit is so important and the extra work can be worth it bc once you set a tshirt at a good price with good profit, then that's it. You dont rly have to touch that price ever again. This is prob why printful made their profit calculator web page .

  14. Someone please tell me if I understand this correctly? I put out a $20 shirt. A customer buys it. I get $20. Printful takes there share of $15. I get $5. Therefore I technically did not pay for anything. I just made $5???

  15. At first I thought this was similar to redbubble, the customer buys your product and then the company takes like 80 % from that sale automatically to accommodate for their manufacturing services, and you make a profit of the other 20% of that sale. Idk is printful’s billing method similar because I’m a bit confused

  16. So when they buy an order you get paid, but they Printify takes that money and puts it in your print wallet to pay for shipping and making stuff and you get what’s left over

  17. Does payment from the customers come through first, then Printful charge me for fulfillment for that order so I do not need to worry if I have enough money to fulfill the order ?
    or do I have to have upfront funds to fulfill the order before you start sell anything?

  18. No offense but were you guys on crack when you thought of this payment system? 

    A much simpler system would have just been I create a billing account through Printful, every time a customer orders a shirt the money goes into that account, you take out everything you are owed for selling that shirt, then I get to deposit the remaining balance into my bank account. Problem solved.

  19. I was very excited to start selling through Printful. Set up an account, have designs ready, completely on board. And then I watched this. Nope.

  20. For the manual deposit to wallet, does that mean printful automatically deduct the money for the fullfilment after an order goes through without me getting involved or do i still have to manually approved it myself?

  21. Excuse me… but what's the matter? It seems the pattern is just…
    -) Designing… integrate with e-commerce, then our customer order to our store. Just say $20.
    -) Then, we get paid. We send the $10 for fulfillment. They hand theirs, we got our profit.
    -) Repeat and earn more…

    But the thing is as simple as this. So, kindly comment wisely…

    Am I wrong, printful?

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  23. I would like to start with printful but I am trying to get a better understanding, my question is do I have to start with money in my account for you to get paid, or do you get paid when a customer make an order? Also, do I have to purchase the T-shirt’s that the customers order first?

  24. So in order to start making money with you . I have first to deposit money on your website. Completely depressive.

  25. So, I have to personally be able to financially cover every order that comes in before it is shipped to the customer? I am preparing a big launch that could have a large response on Day 1 that I might not be able to cover financially. In that case, my customers are screwed and I look like an idiot, is that correct?

  26. I just made my store & I agree that y’all should charge the buyer directly, now you gotta keep updating your balance on print ful just for them to get the order instead of billing them directly & leaving our profit in either our store our the make it where we withdraw our money from the printful site.

  27. Thanks but this is confusing . I will watch when alert. Since it's like a print-on-demand why not just take out the fees from whatever the customer paid before you give us our percentage? You can't use a debit card?

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