March 29, 2020
How to set up a Hubspot Conversations Bot to trigger on URL Click [Conversational Marketing]

How to set up a Hubspot Conversations Bot to trigger on URL Click [Conversational Marketing]

What’s up, everybody remington from sprocket tuck AKA impulse creative and today we’re gonna talk about something super exciting We’re gonna talk about how you can launch a HubSpot bot from a hyperlink Are you up spot user looking for fun and interactive? education that helps you be better at HubSpot then welcome to sprocket, ah This is a really awesome development that will allow for you to start driving people into bots conversations from simple calls to action on your website, so as you start to think about how you could drive more engagement to your chat BOTS a lot of times people just think about that chat bubble being on the bottom right as a big enough reason to to drive that engagement While chat bots are useful including them in your content as you’re going throughout your pages Can be a really powerful piece to start the conversation or to extend the conversation So as you are beginning to dive in and start to work on these chat BOTS Using a hyperlink to trigger these BOTS can be very effective for you guys to start connecting one-on-one so what I have here is an example of our sprocket talk Homepage on impulse creative you can check this out by going to impulse creative comm slash learn slash HubSpot Now when you get there, you’re gonna notice that there’s a chat bubble in the bottom right and in some cases You’ll see the bubble will pop up and it’ll be a picture of George’s face I know you guys know who this guy is so as we dig in here, you’ll notice that we have this text right here that says You know have a question that’s not mentioned here ask Me now and upon clicking that it pops up the chat pop-up and allows for you to start having that conversation There’s a couple things that you want to make sure that you understand here But the biggest thing is it is triggered by a pound sign HS – chat – open now if you go ahead and you type that in that is going to allow for the trigger To be initialized on the page now while this won’t be done on a per bot Trigg scenario what this will do is if you have a certain bot that is Triggered on a certain page you can trigger the bot to engage Now there’s a couple different scenarios that would allow for you to do this one You could have a simple CTA in the middle of the page like I have here The other is you could drive someone to a page from an external Link on someone else’s website or on social and it could trigger this bot to open completely so you could have that conversation begin It’s really important to understand how this works. So the first step is you’re going to want to create your targeted messages and so when you create your targeted messages You’re going to want to set up so that it goes to everyone and then you’re going to want to make sure that you set up your targeting to be a specific page or have a specific query or parameter on it depending on Where your body is supposed to show up once you have that? HHS – chat – open in the URL as an anchor tag that is only going to fire the bot that you have triggered on a Specific page or with a specific URL so it’s real important to understand how that functionality works So you’re not gonna be able to have two different bot intents on one page right now? It’s strictly just focusing on the bot that is planned for an individual page itself So I’d love to know more about how you plan on using this or how you could see using this This can be a really great way to increase the engagement Throughout your website with these targeted messages if you’ve got questions about how to utilize your BOTS on your conversational pages and By using this feature as well as any other bot targeting feel free to go over to sprocket TOCOM slash FB and join our Facebook group and that’ll allow for us to continue the conversation and Help you out with getting your conversations go

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