March 28, 2020
How to Set Up a GoCentral Online Store | GoDaddy

How to Set Up a GoCentral Online Store | GoDaddy

Welcome to “How to set up a GoCentral online
store.” Let’s say you want to sell custom jewelry. You’ve purchased a GoCentral e-commerce
plan and named your store. Now what? Start by clicking Manage Store. This is your control center. Begin by clicking Add Product. The tools and settings you need to add an
image, describe the product, set pricing, track the item, and manage inventory are all
right here. There is even built-in Help in case you need
it. Don’t overlook the Save buttons at the bottom
of the page. Let’s move on to payments. Back in your control center, under Payments,
you’ll see that PayPal Express is automatically enabled. To review and set up other payment options,
click Accept Credit Card. As for shipping, your online store has free
shipping set up by default. But that’s easy enough to change from the
control center by clicking Add More under Shipping. Wondering about sales tax? If you need to collect it, just click Settings,
and then Tax. But don’t overlook all the other stuff that’s
here to help you manage your store, reach customers and drive sales – like email marketing,
coupons, search engine optimization, abandoned cart notifications, and more. Any time you want to take a look at your store,
click Website. Then from the editor, click Preview to see
how it will look on a desktop computer and a mobile device. Need to make some changes to the look and
feel of your store? Just click Edit and try out the various editing
tools. All changes appear immediately and are saved
automatically. When you feel your store is ready for customers,
just click Publish – and you’re open for business.

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