April 10, 2020
How to sell products at e-commerce platforms and offline at your own store?

How to sell products at e-commerce platforms and offline at your own store?

Hi there, today’s video topic is Selling
Online or Offline Should you choose to sell your products at
e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Ebay, or sell your products offline at your own shop? I have listed some pros and cons of each for
you to decide in your situation: Pros of selling online –
Less investment, no need to bare huge cost of setting up a business
Engaged audience, most people who view your products already have made up their minds
of buying such a product or similar product. Have great access to client data, and help
you approach your potential clients. Efficient marketing to attract potential clients
Cons of selling online – Lots of competition online which can possibly
keep you to stay at a very low price to compete. Fees to pay to hosted websites each month
by selling on their platform. Payment methods can get rather limited sometimes. Manual marketing, if you want to get more
business outside of the platform, you shall undertake some form of your own advertising
for your product promotion. Pros of selling offline –
You don’t need to worry about logistics arrangement regarding how to deliver products
to the buyers. Provide customer service more efficiently
without taking long time, in terms of returning of the product and exchanging the product. People tend have more trust to see you and
your products in person. Cons of selling offline –
Operational hours are very limited, unlike online sales is always open, offline business
opens for less than 12 hours a day. Offline business requires sequential initial
investment whereas selling online requires much lower initial investment. Offline business constantly needs to worry
about crime. Conclusion: Offline businesses are solid and
dependable. Online businesses have potentially massive
reach. Why don’t you consider both for a great
successful business worldwide! That’s all for today. If you have any questions or would like to
speak to us for more details, contact us from down below and don’t forget to subscribe
to our channel. Bye for now.

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