April 9, 2020

How To Sell on Amazon FBA in 2020 For Beginners! Product Launch PPC Step-By-Step

welcome back JC Franco here the
no-bullshit Amazon seller this is how to sell products on Amazon and make some
money in 2020 as a complete beginner with no experience now this is the fifth
part of my five-part series so it’s the final part if you want to watch any of
the earlier videos of this free online youtube course click that over there
that also links will be in the description now at this point you have
found a product you’ve got it made you shift it into Amazon and you created a
beautiful listing that is meant to sell your product which of course we covered
in the last videos and now it’s time to get that product out there to the world
it’s time to rank it and get people to buy it because now you’re ready for all
right you made it we are here your progress and we’re ready to get going
we’ve to turn on those PPC the pay-per-click advertisements so you can
get that product out there in front of people so they can start clicking it
they can start looking at and they can start buying it from you you can start
making money getting reviews all that good stuff
okay so now we’re gonna create your first automatic campaign for your
product to be very simple there’s more of course that we can go into and PPC is
very extensive but for all you to know right now is how to set up this so go
with two advertising campaign manager and then campaign manager create
campaign and you’re gonna end up here okay so sponsored products you do that
don’t worry about sponsored brands okay so a campaign name so this is just the
name of the campaign for yourself no one’s gonna see this customers are gonna
see it just for you so go ahead and call it like diploma frame the tomah frame
auto one oh geez Auto one right and that’s for self start doing end date so
typically I don’t touch it because start date is just today the day you’re making
this and then the end date I just leave it blank and open because I’ll usually
just come in and end it myself whenever I want to end it so I just leave it
open-ended and then if I want to end the campaign I do it on my own and then only
time I would actually do a start it ended if it’s a promotion so it’s
Christmas whatever reason you want to have from like December you know 13th to
26 then you can do it like that okay so then you guys set your daily budget now
your daily budget is really up to you it’s really about how aggressive you
want to play and how you want to play the game but for the most part you want
to go out there and and get it going so of course you’re gonna
on how much you can afford and how much you want it are willing to spend but the
same time you want to get that out there your product out there so you can start
getting that traffic and most importantly you can start getting that
data right the more clicks the more people that see you’re probably more
people to look at it and buy it the more data you’re getting so typically it says
they’re here in most campaigns with a budget of $30 run through the day so you
can start off at $30 and adjust from there right see how that spends
depending on your product depending on you know the market it’s all gonna be
different different so automatic targeting is what we’re gonna do here
okay so automatic targeting is your automatic
campaign of course my targeting is more in-depth but all you need to do when
you’re launching is set automatic okay so now we’re going to your bidding
strategy so for your base as you for your first one you’re gonna go with
fixed bits don’t worry about the dynamic bids up and down down down up and down
that’s just that’s very much for getting more fine-tuned and and looking at
conversions whereas for the fik this fixed bids if you have your fixed bid at
like a dollar okay it doesn’t mean you’re gonna pay a
dollar per click it means that you’re gonna pay up to a dollar per click
that’s the most you’re going to pay for a click right you want it have it’s more
in control because with these ones it’s trying to adjust up and down but doesn’t
have enough data to really do a good job of that so you want to have fixed bit so
you have your own data as you go forward and you’re just getting click as
possible and getting it in through the door okay so campaign strategy fixed
don’t worry about this so the group name is a name for a group of ads right so
you can just name whatever a group of auto one group whatever Frank group what
okay do whatever you want organize it however you want so now we are going to
click on the product add that right JT cool supplies to pull my frame come down
and then set your big so again you’re gonna have a suggested bid by Amazon
right but I wouldn’t really look at too much it’s really about just putting on a
bid and then adjusting as you go so the thing about a bit is like I said it’s
the maximum you’re willing to pay for the click and you don’t want to bid too
low you want to bid to I because if you bid too low you’re not gonna end up
getting any clicks right so you’re gonna have a $30 $30 a day budget but you only
end up spending like six dollars a day you know you’re only spent thirty
because you’re just getting outbid by buddy on the flipside if you you know
bid way too high then you’re gonna spend your budget within the first you know a
few hours of the day and you’re not getting you know you’re not getting it
throughout the day right and then you’re either have to increase your budget or
decrease your bit so I’ll just go and say like a buck twenty two okay now one
thing I do want to mention is you’ll notice that the bids always end in a
weird number like eighty-three seventy seven or this one’s forty five right
forty five I wouldn’t end it with because what most people do is they try
to end off at flat numbers or even numbers like zeros fives right so 40 45
50 55 so if you can you know I’ll bid somebody by one cent and that can make
all the difference you can get every click over someone else just because
you’re willing to put 46 right 83 22 so always you know play any number funny
don’t worry about it for now just set a default bid keep it very simple don’t
worry about negative keywords for now all you I do now click launch campaign
and you are good to go you have set up your first automatic campaign diploma
frame Auto one daily budget is thirty dollars fixed bid of $1.00 twenty two
right and then you can go to campaign manager and then you can see your
product right so this is all you’re gonna see it you’re gonna see this is a
dummy account obviously so it’s actually not an active account anymore so I can’t
do a lot of stuff so this is your product here the type of targeting start
date it’s the budget it’s how much you spend it’s how many orders it generated
and that’s how many sales revenue you’ve generated from those orders okay and
that is it you have completed the entire process guys you have gone from absolute
beginner to now having a product launched up on Amazon and starting to
sell to make you money hopefully you’ve enjoyed this entire process hopefully
you’ve come and watch this series with me and take a note and went through all
the steps to learn how to be a full-fledged amylin seller so you can
start killing it this year right make this your year there’s no excuse for you
to not be happy with where you are at this time next year when 2021 rolls
around now of course what we covered is the essentials right it’s the bare bones
of what you really really need to know to actually get this going now there’s a
lot more to this right this is like the skeletal structure if you want to add
some mass and get deep and really understand the kind of advance and kind
of the really intricate strategies that I use and that a lot of my students have
used to build their business faster and more effectively then you’re probably
gonna be looking for my full Empire Academy course which is in the link in
the description that’s kind of my full fledged course where I go deep deep deep
into the model now this was the beginners course but this covered a lot
more than some of the other paid courses you’ll see out there that are telling
you I have expert information so if you want through all these five videos
you’re already wait ahead your way step ahead now if you want more free training
if you want to learn you know I’ve been talking with us throughout the other
videos but my free masterclass a limited time training is and also link in the
description so you can keep on learning for free if that’s what you need to do
but at this point from taking notes if you go on to this whole thing you’re
ready to go at it okay so there’s no excuse for you to not attack this
business model this year you already know that it is the best way to make
money online in this day and age to utilize Amazon’s giant NORs platform
piggyback off of their success to sell products that you find using these
awesome tools like viral launch and things like that now last thing that I
need you to do put your goals in the comment section right now just as an
accountability to yourself okay it’s cool little fun experiment put your
goals in the comments come back next year and see how far you’ve come how far
you’ve crushed them let that be your motivator knowing that next year you
need to come back to this video and see what your goal was to see if you were
able to actually destroy it – which I believe that you can so share your goals
in the comments share that with the community let everyone feed off that and
let’s get killing it this year guys all right I’m Jesse Franco you are an
empire bill if you want more free training click this video right over
here or join the free masterclass training in the bottom and don’t forget
ever that your empire awaits

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