April 2, 2020
How To Sell Digital Files Using WordPress: 2017 Step by Step Guide

How To Sell Digital Files Using WordPress: 2017 Step by Step Guide

Hello and welcome to our channel! My name is Robert from themeisle.com and today,
I am gonna show you how to sell digital files using WordPress with Easy Digital Downloads plugin. 1. Main Settings Before you can put your first digital product
up for sale, there are a few settings to sort out. After installing the plugin, a new Downloads
tab will appear on your dashboard. Click on it and choose the Settings option. By default, Easy Digital Downloads will automatically
set up checkout, success, and transaction pages for your site, everything
you need for a user to complete a purchase. In this first section, you can change which
pages the plugin will use, in case you want to set up alternatives on your own. For now, we recommend sticking with the default
and styling them as necessary. Once yo’re done, go to the top of the page
and click on Currency Settings. In this screen, you can set the default currency
for your store, as well as a couple of other minor settings including the position of the
currency’s symbol. After taking care of those settings, there’s
only one more thing to configure before making that first sale – payments. 2. Payment Gateways It goes without saying, but you shouldn’t
make a sale without figuring out how you’ll get paid beforehand. Easy Digital Downloads enables you to use
two payment platforms out of the box – PayPal and Amazon Payments. To get started, return to the plugin’s Settings
page and click on the Payment Gateways tab. All you have to do is enable the platforms
you want to use by ticking the boxes next to Payment Gateways, then choose a default
gateway. After that, you can pick which
icons to include alongside your options, so users can tell at a glance what payment methods
they can use. If you’re planning to use PayPal to handle
your payments, you’ll also need to fill out some additional fields. Click on the PayPal Standard link right below
the Payment Gateways tab to take care of them. The first field is self-explanatory. The second, PayPal Page Style, is an optional field. If you’d like to create a custom page style
for your PayPal checkout page, take a look at the resources section in the
description below. There are links you can access to learn more. 3. Add your first digital file Now for the most important part – adding a
digital file to your inventory and putting it up for sale. Go to your dashboard and click on Downloads
>Add New. First of all, you’ll have to pick a name and
a description for your digital file. The next step is to set a price. The option to do this should appear right
below the main WordPress editor. Now, scroll down until you reach the Download
Files section and leave Default as the product type. Then, use the form below to upload the actual
file you want to sell and set a name for it. When that’s done, go ahead and click the Publish
button. Now, your item is ready to go and you have
two options to display it. Firstly, you can use its unique shortcode,
which you can find next to the editor below the Publish button. On the other hand, you can also insert the
[downloads] shortcode anywhere on your site, which will display all your items for sale. This is the perfect solution if you’re thinking
about displaying multiple items. That’s the basics covered. If you’re ready to take things further, then
we’d recommend checking out Easy Digital Downloads superb
knowledge base, and again, you can find a link to this resource in the description below.

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