April 8, 2020
How To Scale Your E-Commerce Business With Conversion Optimization

How To Scale Your E-Commerce Business With Conversion Optimization

hey Justin Christianson here the
co-founder and president of conversion fanatics and today I wanted to discuss
the importance of conversion optimization when you are looking to
scale so if you’re looking to scale your traffic and scale your sales conversion
optimization is going to be your secret weapon
now when I say conversion optimization I’m not just talking about split testing
split testing people often mistake it for conversion optimization when split
testing is actually just the vehicle we use to prove or disprove any of our
assumptions so it’s our way to measure the effectiveness of our ideas and our
strategy conversion optimization as a whole is more about understanding the
behaviors of the visitors both qualitatively and quantitatively meaning
your hard data what’s your hard conversion numbers your
average order values your cost per acquisition your click-through rates on
different parts of the page your engagement your bounce rates all of
those hard facts and then you’ve got your qualitative data which is you know
using polls and user testing and heat maps and click maps and understanding
what really drives those visitors and what they’re paying attention to what
they’re ignoring where they’re falling off in the process you know what they
what their likes what their dislikes are and we use all of that information and
roll it up into a conversion optimization plan and then we come up
with all of the different hypotheses or scenarios in which that could cause
issues or friction points within that process and then we test them so the
benefits of conversion optimization to scaling your traffic effectively are
that you are going to better connect with your audience markets change buying
habits change distractions are becoming more and more prevalent prevalent and
getting worse as days go on you know competition popping up in you know the
marketplace in droves because the Internet is really leveled the playing
field so what you need to do to effectively optimize
in scale is you need to better connect with your audience you need to have
consistency in your message you need to be constantly out there and constantly
evolving your marketing message and testing the behaviors and the
interactions that your visitors have on your site and as a result you’re going
to be able to scale your traffic more effectively you can turn on ten twenty
percent more traffic at a time sure you might see some declines in your
conversion rate as you increase and look for new audiences and increase spend and
do all of these things but you’re gonna become more effective
you’re gonna convert at a higher rate overall and generally visitors are going
to spend more money with you on average all because you are better connecting
with them you’re helping them understand and find what it is that they’re looking
for much easier you’re making the process very simple for them to navigate
and to buy complementary products and your value proposition is there and your
strategy to get them to convert and move through that sales process on your store
are going to become more effective as well so as a byproduct of typically what
happens with conversion optimization is your cost per acquisition will generally
go down even if you don’t touch the actual ads themselves but I highly
recommend you optimize your ads and do all of those things but if you’re not
optimizing on your store of itself and you’re just focusing on traffic and
thinking that’s the problem you’re gonna be in for a world of hurt as you try to
scale so you need to constantly be evolving your marketing message testing
those elements creating those hypotheses and answering the question why are we
testing this and what can we learn from that information so I hopefully you
enjoyed this video if you did be so kind as to give it a share I’ll let others
know about it if you have questions feel free to reach out to me but I just
wanted to share a little tip with you we see a time and time again when we work
on campaigns for our many clients here at conversion fanatics in optimizing
their store and seeing the scalability that they have
in their business so hopefully you found this beneficial and I look forward to
talking to you again soon Thanks you

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