January 18, 2020
How to Run Email Marketing for 2019

How to Run Email Marketing for 2019

– Email marketing is
still a huge tool to have in your tool box. Hammer in your garden. That doesn’t make sense. I’m getting into some
strategies for email marketing. (upbeat music) First of all, you gotta be real. Be real. Here’s a news flash, people
don’t like spam in their inbox. – People’s inboxes are
completely cluttered. They’re slammed with content. They’ve got 10,000, 100,000, sometimes a million unread emails. You wanna have successful email marketing, you gotta punch through the noise. – In fact, some of the
biggest offenders of spam are like the biggest social media. Facebook and Twitter just
spam you nonstop with email. – Yeah. – It’s gotten to the point where
Gmail sorts the social spam in a separate inbox. So you don’t wanna do that. You don’t wanna get spam filtered. You gotta be honest. You gotta be authentic. – One of the things that
we’re all about here is providing a ton of value in our emails and being really transparent
about what we’re offering. – Actually provide value, have a reason that you’re sending the email, whether that’s a product launch, a new ebook that you just released, a new video that’s very educational. Give people value in your emails. That’s super important. Maybe that’s a no-brainer,
but I still get emails that are just kinda spammy,
and it’s like come on, it’s 2019. – So this email here is for Dubb Now, which is our email newsletter. We have a really interesting
animated preview. We got a really informative description, and then a very clear call to action. Right off the bat, people
are always gonna know what it is that they’re about to get. And we always focus on the value. We don’t add any salesiness
to our emails at all because it doesn’t really work. Unless they’ve expressed
some sort of an interest. For our newsletter, we
make it educational, we make it informative,
and we make it fun. (guitar riff) – Have an animated
thumbnail in your email. You don’t want your emails to be boring. If it’s just a big block of
text, no one’s gonna read it. Would you read a big block of text? – I don’t read text. – He doesn’t read text. The GIF format, the defacto
format for animated previews. GIF, GIF, however you
pronounce it, put one in there. – Putting an animated GIF
preview in your emails really helps because it’s
interesting to watch. Also gives them sort of a taste or a tease on what they’re gonna
see on the landing page, especially if it’s a video. Create an animated preview. You can really quickly
do that on giphy.com. Go to the Giphy website,
click the create button, and throw your YouTube link in there. (guitar riff) – We talk a lot on our show
about how it’s important to put the word “video”
in your subject line and actually have a video in your email. And the animated GIF is a great way to get people to click
through to the video. And whatever video you’re linking to, make a little GIF from that
video, put that in your email. This next one is a bit controversial. Is it, though? Sort of, not really. It’s the concept of predictive email. It just means kind of
reacting to user behavior on your platform, on your service, and then sending an email
that is tied to that behavior. Let’s say you’re on Amazon
and you bought a new camera. Amazon might send you an email that says, oh, we saw
you bought this camera. Maybe check out this
accessory for this camera. It’s taking your user behavior and sending you a custom
email related to that. Of course, you have to
apply this to your business. Basically, it just means
targeting your audience. But whatever email sender you use, create segments and then
target your subscribers that have done specific behaviors, and you’ll probably get better results. Certain people go to a certain page, so be like hey, we saw
you almost checked out. We’re gonna send you
an email that’s related to that behavior. Here’s why it’s a little
bit controversial. We’re in the age that privacy
is sort of disintegrating. Privacy is a hot button issue right now. So you gotta do this with a light touch. You don’t wanna be creepy. “Oh, you looked at our
website for three minutes “and 32 seconds.” That might be a little bit creepy because it shows that you’re
tracking their every move. Better to send something that
would actually provide value. Like oh, you bought this
camera, here’s some accessories. That actually helps ’em out. – There’s really three
phases that your customers are gonna fall under. The information phase,
the consideration phase, or the decision making phase. It’s important to cater your email content to wherever they are in the funnel. If people haven’t heard
of your business yet, or they’re just getting to know it, provide some value, give some information, make something that’s
really helpful for people. Whereas if they’re in the consideration or decision making phases,
provide actionable, conversion-focused value. One of the most successful
emails that we’ve ever launched had five links in it, and
each one of those links went to a different landing page. And they all were based on
what the customer’s needs were. That created the most interaction, the most click throughs, and ultimately, the most conversions. – Here’s the next tip. Be interactive. – Be interactive. – It’s important to be interactive. – That was me being interactive. – That, yep. (laughs) – Did you get that? – Whether that’s a game, a quiz, a survey, or even a contest, putting
interactive elements in your email is definitely
gonna help spice it up. Create that connection with your audience so they’re actually involved in the email. (guitar riff) And of course, really think
about your call to action. Call to action. ♪ She’s a call to action ♪ – That’s what I call it. (laughs) ♪ Click me please ♪ – Call to action specifically
incentivizes them to do something specific, very specific. Specific. Do something specific. You probably know what
a call to action is. I don’t have to explain that to you. It’s really important to
make them clear and concise. Make your call to action
button really big. Get them to click on it. Email marketing. (guitar riff) Really important to respect their privacy. Don’t try to game them
into doing something. Be sure to actually
explain what’s gonna happen when they click on the call to action. Include clear language on
how you’re using their data. Also, read up on GDPR requirements. That’s a great framework to follow. That goes right back to what
we were talking about earlier. Be honest, be authentic, don’t spam them. Build that trust. – After you’ve run your email campaigns, make sure that you look at the data. Understand what your open rates are. Understand what your click rates are. Understand what your
unsubscribe rates are. And understand what your
conversion rates are. Unsubscribes are not bad. Sometimes they’re actually
a really good thing, because it prunes out people
that are not interested in what you have to offer. And guess what? That increases your
overall engagement rates. Stay focused on your path,
be honest, be authentic, provide tons of value, and you’ll see lift in your email marketing. – Thank you for watching this video. Be sure to check out dubb.com if you want a cool video
communication platform that allows you to easily send videos from wherever, from wherever you are. (loud guitar riff) From wherever you, yep,
from wherever you are. You can send ’em with Gmail LinkedIn. Also the video landing pages are. And the video landing. Dubb.com is where you wanna go, so just check that out, dubb.com. We’re gonna catch you in the next video and we’ll see you then. Farewell. Bye. (upbeat music) – It’s also a really good practice to put your postal address,
and always an unsubscribe link. Have fun with your email marketing 2019.

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