March 30, 2020
How To Reset WordPress Instead Of Reinstalling – It’s Faster & Easier To Start Fresh

How To Reset WordPress Instead Of Reinstalling – It’s Faster & Easier To Start Fresh

Sometimes in life don’t you wish you could
just start over well I have good news for you if your WordPress user you can start over
fresh and I’m going to show you how in this video hi my name is Adam from a
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this tutorial so I have this website right here and I’m going to be using this for something
else and I want to wipe it out I want to start over from scratch and there’s some easy ways
of doing it so here’s the back end of the WordPress website no limit just back it up
a little bit in kinda define what starting from scratch is so WordPress’s a series of
files on your web hosting account and there’s also a database see have data stored in these
two locations so all of that posts or pages you might create or the settings you configure
those and be stored in the database so that’s one thing that needs to get reset of course
but there’s other types of data that you might want to get rid of that would be say your
media file sets images that you might have uploaded or if you restored a demo and it
downloaded a bunch images so that’s some stuff and that’s gonna be in what’s called your
uploads folder then you might have downloaded some WordPress themes and plug-ins and so
those are other things that you might have added to your website so just keep that in
mind when I start going through this tutorial so the site has media has themes has plug-ins
has pages has posts and I want to wipe it all out so I have to do is go to plug-ins
click on add new to save some time I’ve already put my search in I just did a search for the
word reset now there are a few quite a few reset plug-ins for WordPress and I’ve been
testing them all to find the one that I think is the best and I found it in ironically just
so happens to be the one that has some of the least amount of active installations and
so this video I’m in a talk about and show you how to use advanced reset WP some to go
ahead and click on install now and then I will go ahead and activate it now all of these
reset plug-ins once you’ve downloaded and activated them they add a new option under
tools so here it is tools and then here it is advanced reset WP so now it’s sick a look
at some of the options and also explain why I like this one more than the others so just
a moment ago I was explaining all the different types of data that are in a WordPress website
now you might want to clear it all out or you might just want to have a little bit more
control over what you reset and start fresh with now what this plug-ins going to do is
you’re going to get to choose now what it does is it remembers your WordPress login
that your user account for WordPress your username and your password and then once it
deletes your database it re-creates that username so there isn’t any friction getting back into
your WordPress website and if you manually installed it you don’t have to go through
that process all over again now one of the things that is driving this is I use and test
out something called Astra Sites and so I like to try some of these various demos and
I want to then wipe it out and try different ones that was kind of the driving force behind
this but this is ideal for everyone okay so let’s look at the options this is going to
give us reinstall WordPress reinstall word that’s basically cleaning out the database
reinstall WordPress and clear the uploads folder in your uploads folders where all of
your media goes post clearing delete themes delete plug-ins clear uploads folder deep
cleaning I am just assuming deep cleaning is actually all of the above so what I recommend
you do and this is how I use it I click on this box right here reinstall WordPress’s
can clear out your database and your uploads folder so that’s the one I recommend I don’t
recommend just the reinstall of WordPress because you also need that uploads folder
cleared out and that’s because if you clean out the database you don’t clean out the uploads
folder WordPress isn’t going to know what files are there even though those files are
there they’re just kind of stuck there unless you do some crazy manual stuff that might
be a little more work anyways so were to choose that option and then it just lets us know
right here now keep in mind this is 100% percent destructive that means it’s wiping it out
and there’s nothing you’re going to be able to do to get any of this back and less you
have a backup okay I just said that great right then right here all you have to do is
enter the word reset and then you can click on start cleaning now it shouldn’t take too
long okay this is good it’s given me a warning are you sure you want to do this and of course
I’m sure I want to do this on a go ahead and click on okay let it do its thing it’s spinning
and you can see off to the right it said while now is prompting me to log back in but it
said operation results a cleared out the uploads folder and then it cleared out the database
and now when I tried this on some other machines it didn’t pop up for me to login right away
I actually had to refresh the page so this time it actually did it for me so you might
bump into that now all you need to do is login with your WordPress username and password
okay and I’ve entered that in right now I’m a click on login and let me get this out of
the way and now let me do a quick refresh and you’re gonna see everything is cleared
out so when I go to media my media is going to be empty when I go to posts it should just
have the default post that every word press website starts with when I click on pages
that should be all cleared out as well now the two things I didn’t clear out was my themes
and my plug-ins however if I wanted to do that II like to have little fine-grained control
on it I can go to appearance and themes I can use the tool again only have this one
theme installed if I go to plug-ins it shows me all the plug-ins but they’re not active
so I can manually delete what I want to delete or I can go back into the tool and I can go
and I can choose the option to clear out all of the plug-ins so right here can click on
delete plug-ins and then go ahead and enter reset again and only click on start cleaning
and it asks me again and I click on okay so whenever you have a premium plug-in or theme
and you have to enter license code that information is stored in the database so when you clear
out the database it also clears out those license codes and you may need to reenter
the help you will need to be reenter them all right so says right here starting to remove
plug-ins all 10 plug-ins remove so now when I click on plug-ins you’re going to see that
all my plug-ins have been removed and that’s pretty much all there is to to clearing out
WordPress and starting fresh out and last one on I just go to the front end here click
on refresh and you can see everything’s been wiped out and I started it fresh and new so
this should work with any web hosting provider it’s worked on my local machine I use a program
called local by fly will and it works great on that as well and the only place you would
probably run into some trouble is obviously if you have your WordPress site on
because that’s not your traditional WordPress hosting they don’t even let you add any of
these plug-ins anyway so that’s it that’s all I have for you in this video I hope you
find it helpful and thank you for watching if you found some value click on the thumbs
up and I’ll see you in the next video

100 thoughts on “How To Reset WordPress Instead Of Reinstalling – It’s Faster & Easier To Start Fresh

  1. I have done this before and if you are running plugins that you have a limited activations on it, because doing this uses an activation to reinstal the plugin. Might want to be careful what you remove. For me I know now.

  2. Great to learn … Adam v knowledgeable & experimenting, thank you. Going to do mine right away.
    Q: if you want change “Adam Electric Service” [website name], how can I do that ..? Basically rename it

  3. I have a situation here, The theme applied on website due to so many people working on it with limited knowledge about css , so my website doesnt look that great. Currently am reseting the existing theme and making it look better. I already have so many media and blogs already written.
    Can you tell which option will go for this. I just want to keep all plugin, media and related data, but i want to completely reset my theme and its css settings. so that i can make my own UI changes on existing website from start.

  4. Hi Adam. I have followed the instructions and reset my site. I actually did this in the first place because I was playing around with different themes and it messed up the demo theme that I was originally using (rookie error) and started displaying code on the front end. After I reset and re-installed the demo content, I seem to be having the same issue (code on front end, missing images etc.). Any suggestions on what's happened? Thanks 🙂

  5. can you please suggest best ecommerce website with slider and plugin right now i am use betheme
    please reply me

  6. if you backup the database that as a license for your plugins and then clear the database and then restore the database from the backup will the license need to be typed in again?

  7. Adam, another great video! You left me wondering though. Will this also permenetly delete all 'zombie' url's, or will we still have to redirect them all?

  8. Hi Adam! I am a newbie! I have 2 managed sites on WordPress only 1 username. If I do this with one domain/wp-admin login it will NOT wipe out the other domains site will it?

  9. Thank You ..Thank You !! This answered a question about the users and password on whether it keeps it or not.

  10. Great. But is I just want to reinstall WordPress and keep all my databases and users info, is there another similar plugin?

  11. hi adam.. ould u make a video on "Error establishing a database connection"? i used this plugin and started getting this error and now my site's not up 🙁 i tried the repair option but no.. the database connection test works fine

  12. Help please, I created a demo site and new user as a admin, now I need to restore to my original WP. This plugin is showing not supported on my WP demo site.

  13. Thanks mate, I'm looking to use this for exactly the same reason as you, but the StyleSheets for Astra Premium Sites don't seem to work after re-installing. It doesn't matter which theme I use. bummer, I may have to re-install the old fashioned way.

  14. Thanks alot. Did not mention it would clear my security ticket as well. Whole site is gone have reinstall from scratch anyway now! sheesh!!!

  15. I used this and my theme was not uninstalled so I went the drastic way and chose deep cleaning to uninstall the upload (I guess). After the deep cleaning the theme upload was finally successful. I have spent over 20 hours working to get this theme unistalled and the proper theme installed, thank you so much for this video

  16. great tutorial………………but what if i also have an add on domain in my file manager – public html, how do i delete?

  17. Sir problem, when I refreshed the page, Google couldn't reload, error is- ERR_TOO_REDIRECTS…I already tried clearing cookies and browing data

  18. FYI It looks like they made a small name change. It's now called Advanced Reset WordPress. Same logo, author, etc. Also, it's up to 6000+ active installs.

  19. First time I tried this and it worked like a champ. I particularly like the fact that you explained about the uploads cleanup as I would not have known this. Thumbs up.

  20. I can't install a plug in. Please help!!!

    Installing Plugin from uploaded file:
    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the plugin…

    The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

    Plugin installation failed.

    Return to Plugin Installer

  21. Hey man, thanks for the tutorial. It's veryhelpful but I'm having some issues…
    When I tried to download the Advanced WordPress Reset plugin, it says: Not Supported.
    Why don't let me to install it? I had installed other plugins with no problems.
    Btw, I'm a newbie on this WordPress world.

  22. Sigh. I just installed this on another site and found the following. 1) the plugin was sold to WebFactory Ltd, 2) when using it you're notified that they changed the name to WP Reset and 3) they no longer delete media files – "they'll remain in the wp-uploads folder but will no longer be listed under Media". I did find that I can bulk delete the media files from the WordPress Media panel.

  23. there is some code missing in my header.pho file. It doesn't allow me to install the Analytics code above /head . what shall be done ?

  24. Hey Adam ,I love your videos …i tried this today and now everything is gone from the site..but i am unable to access my admin says ..error 429 too many requests/ridirects.please help me out.

  25. Adam, after you reset the WP did you dig into your DB? Did you by any chance compared the "reseted" DB to brand new DB? Any difference? Any garbage left?

  26. Hi Adam, how are you? I watched a tutorial you made about using cpanel to reset the files on WordPress using a compress zip format. Can you please give me the URL for that video. I can't find it… Thanks Adam.

  27. The new version of this plugin is just called wp reset not advanced reset (as not updated for a few years)and keeps your plugins and username etc. Great id though and you just type reset as no other option but still works as above.

  28. this plugin is no longer availbale to wordpress here is the offline link

  29. Hey Adam, Great videos on the reset plugins. Unfortunately, both plugins you reviewed have been deleted from the repository. Any suggestions on a replacement?

  30. SO awesome Adam! For years I’ve completely uninstalled and reinstalled when needed to clear all 🙄 #schoolofselftaught Curious if you know of a way to ‘clean’ databases but all pages images posts intact and still all would be functioning as before…? I’ve got. a 3GB site that won’t All In One migrate because the site went thru some changes over the years including being a multi site for a while
    GoDaddy support is who discovered the core issues but didn’t know what to advise
    BIGUPS All ways sir!! Oh by the way I bought unlimited year package of SEOpress and clicked your link so hope that went thru for affiliate purcha$e

  31. I came back to this video to remember what the name of this plugin was and it seems that they have changed the functionality. Take a look, now it does not work.
    Screenshot of the one I installed:
    Same Developer and the name seems different. The one in the Repo is Advanced WordPress Reset and the one in the video is Advanced Reset WP. This is confusing.

  32. This was really helpful because I was trying to look for the plugin that you recommended however I didn't see it at all and I went to the first one on 2:20 Advanced WordPress Reset. That plugin literally resets everything and it's totally clean. However thank you for the tips and tricks. I really appreciate it.

  33. I see this particular plugin isn't working anymore but I have a question- is it possible to use a "reset" plugin on a staged copy of my site so I can start with a fresh theme and zero content? I am having major issues switching themes on my staged site and was hoping there's a way to reset just the staged site

  34. FYI – Got to this link via your Astra tut. The plugin is no longer in the repo at all. I searched for the author 3y3ik and no plugins were found.

  35. "This plugin was closed on January 10, 2019 and is no longer available for download. Reason: Author Request."

  36. The plugin is still available on their GitHub and still works fine as I've just tested it…

  37. HI, great info, thanks, just one question, will I lose my domain and hosting, can I rename my domain /hosting?

  38. Advanced Reset WP was closed by the author WebFactory Ltd , but they release a new plugin called WP Reset recently.
    Check this:

  39. Hey Adam. I had some Issues with an Astra Starter Site. I couldn’t get rid of the Footer of one of those starter sites. I tried to use the customizer of Astra but without any positive result. Then I did change from Astra to one of the original themes delivered with WordPress and back to Asta again. My problems were solved. Sometimes live is hard, sometimes easy. 😉

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