March 30, 2020
How to remove add to cart buttons on Squarespace

How to remove add to cart buttons on Squarespace

Welcome to How to Liveable tutorials, my YouTube
site where I create tutorials based on my own desires and if they help you then bonus,
that’s a total bonus for everyone. Today is a quick tutorial on how to remove the add
to cart buttons from your Squarespace site and you’re maybe asking yourself what would
I want to do this but you’re probably not because if you’re watching this video you
know that you already want to do this just like I did. I wanted to get rid of my add
to cart buttons because I feel like for my wedding videography people don’t typically
want to just throw a thousand or more dollars on a credit card before they speak to me as
the videographer for their weddings. So I feel like it’s a little chancy they have a
button here saying “Add this to your cart and just send me some money right away” so
I want to get rid of mine. So basically to do that all you need is a little bit of code
and I found this code on this website here and I’ll put this
on the comment section but basically you need this code here which I have already injected
into my site in the header section so basically go to the Settings, Code Injection, paste
into the Header and it automatically will delete all of the add to cart buttons on all
of your products so hopefully that’s helpful, hopefully that was quick enough for you and
you enjoyed watching this and thanks for watching.

5 thoughts on “How to remove add to cart buttons on Squarespace

  1. Thanks for this. I'm able to remove the 'add to cart' button but the quantity form field persists. Any idea why this may be? Thanks again.

  2. I can't see my cart icon on my page when viewing from a computer. I cant only see it from my cell phone. Do you know how to do that? if so, can you show how to do it?

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