April 8, 2020
How To Rank My Videos On Youtube for Ecommerce Brands?

How To Rank My Videos On Youtube for Ecommerce Brands?

well hey what’s up it’s Scott in today’s Ask Scott video session we’re gonna be talking all about how to get your videos for your brand ranking on YouTube but also how to get traffic so this way here people can see your brand and your products that you are selling so if you’re interested in using video to promote your products stick around because that’s what we’re gonna talk about today in this session alright cool so before we get into today’s session let me remind you that if you have a question that you want me to answer on an upcoming Ask Scott video session just like this one all you have to do is just drop it in the comments down below and I’ll do my best to answer it on an upcoming Escott video session just like this all right so let’s go ahead and read today’s question and then I’ll give you my answer so Leo writes in and he says how do you get your video seen on YouTube also by having all this traffic from external sources hitting your blog does this cause your SEO rank to go up or is that happening separately and slowly in the background alright so Leo thank you so much for the question it’s a great question and this probably came in after I was doing some other videos on how to create video whether that’s on Facebook or whether that’s on YouTube and this is really related to how to get your videos seen is really what we’re talking about here and there’s a couple different things that I do and that I recommend anyone that is my student or listeners do because it’s really really beneficial all the way around all right we’re not just looking at one channel in a sense we’re gonna take that video and we’re going to load it on or upload it on YouTube and then we’re gonna also embed it on our blog and then from there with our email list we’re gonna also drive awareness to that video that is really how you would then put everything together and allow it to work together here’s the deal YouTube is a completely different search engine okay then Google even though they’re owned by the same company they’re still different okay now they work well together right you can get videos that are now ranking on a google search which is great but here’s the deal if you’re starting from zero and you have no subscribers it’s kind of hard to get any traction and what YouTube wants is they want comments they want like sore thumbs up whatever it is on YouTube they want interaction and they want views and they want those views within 24 to 48 hours all right now I don’t know all of the ins and outs of YouTube I’ve had some experts on my podcast come in and I’ve got a pretty good sense of what they want and what we need to do when we’re putting a video up on their platform all right now number one we need a great title so you should do your research there and get a really good keyword title and a simple way to do that is go to YouTube type in what you’re gonna be creating like how to catch more bass in a pond see what they tell you is the top keyword and use that keyword like that’s common sense so we want to make sure that we we you know have the right elements to optimize that video we want a good description right in there we want probably a link that could lead people to our blog or another resource all right so those are some things now once you post that video no one knows about it right we’re just kind of hoping that YouTube says hey great here’s a new video let’s go ahead and let people see it that’s not how it works so if you have an email list this is why I’m a huge fan of building an email list or some way for you to communicate with an audience whether that’s a Facebook group maybe you’re running Facebook Ads whatever it is it’s worth you building a list so people can go over to a piece of content that you talked about now a lot of people say well Scott yeah I want to build an email list but I just wanna make money with that email list that’s not the right approach there’s so much more you can do with that email list and this is one of them all right so here’s what I would do I would create that video and I would optimize it the best way that I could right good title the description all of that stuff okay the basic stuff all right good thumbnail that’s another another one that you want now what I would do is that would take that video and I would put it in a playlist all right so let’s say that you’re gonna give you know five ways to catch more best that would be the playlist I put it in its own playlist right if people come to that video and they’re in that playlist they’re going to consume more that’s in that playlist it’s like they’re gonna binge on that and that’s what YouTube wants they want like viewer time or how much how long that you view a video that’s really important to them so if you dump them into a playlist it’ll make it easier for them to keep more of the same content or similar content that helps them through that process if I’m going to want to go catch more bass and you have another tip that’s coming up on how to catch more bass I’m probably gonna watch that video right or something related and you want that video to be yours if possible alright so what I would do is I post the video in a playlist and I would make sure that all that stuff was optimized and then I would let my email list know that I have a new video on YouTube and I would go to my playlist here’s a little trick for you take your link from your playlist so if you have three videos in that playlist don’t just click on that on that video and then just click the the link in the search bar don’t do that unless you’re in the playlist so go to your YouTube channel go ahead and create your playlist inside of the playlist click on your video and then from there go up to the search bar and use that link that is the playlist link now I would let my email list know that I just posted a new video on how to catch more bass in a pond and I would send them to that playlist link now those people are gonna come over and they’re going to consume the video right seven to ten minutes is usually a good time for a video three to five something that’s consumable that they’re not gonna be bored watching it get right to the point let them know what they’re gonna get just like this video I told you exactly what I was gonna deliver and here I am delivering it right I got right to it that’s what you want to do because that also increases the engagement time alright and that’s what we want on YouTube all right now once someone’s in there you also want calls to action in the video to basically say hey subscribe to my channel just like I do in mind alright so by the way subscribe to my channel okay and comment and like and do all that stuff and share all that stuff right that’s what we want to do we want to remind them to do that because then once we get subscribers we get more engagements and then every time you post the video now people that are subscribed to your YouTube channel are also going to be notified and your email list you’re gonna notify so this is the way that you can kind of like accelerate that process all right now the other thing that you should do is you should take that video and embed it on your blog with a blog post about that content now if you have traffic coming from your blog and guess what happens they’re gonna read your blog and they’re gonna watch your video guess what that does it shows YouTube that people are watching your videos people are commenting people are are giving it a thumbs up all of that stuff so there’s three different ways that you can drive traffic and YouTube itself your email list and your blog all right now if you only have one of those then use the email list and the YouTube and build the blog later I think you should have your home base and if you’ve followed any of my content up to this point you know your blog or your website is your home base and that’s where everything should reside and then you have all of these other assets outside of there that are feeding back to the blog all right so if you missed that one definitely check out more of my youtube videos or I’ll show you exactly how to do that all right so that’s what I would do in order to really take advantage of the YouTube algorithm one other final little thought here for you YouTube is not something that’s overnight success it takes time it takes consistency so what I would say post one video minimum per week and from there I would also let my email list know once a week that I got a new video and I would post it on my blog once a week so now you have a piece of content that is over on your blog you’ve got a piece that’s on YouTube and your email list is getting goodwill because now you’re driving them to those pieces of content alright and that’s what I would do to really get this thing accelerating and really start to build out your channel but also your content strategy so hopefully this helped you hopefully you get out there and make some really awesome videos and hopefully you do it on a regular basis because that is the long game that is the name of the game alright so here’s a little reminder if you have any questions drop them in the comments on this topic or any other topic and I’ll do my best to answer them on an upcoming ask out video session and then the other reminder is subscribed to the channel so this way here you don’t miss any of this content that I’m publishing to help you build your business and your brand alright so that’s it take care and as always take action we’ll see you soon

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