April 2, 2020
How to prepare your store for the holiday season: Printful

How to prepare your store for the holiday season: Printful

Hey everyone, it’s Wes from Printful. With the holiday season fast approaching I want to go over some very practical tips
to help you get ready for this season. This is going to be a great time
of global holiday shopping sprees, and I want you to be able to capitalize on that. The calendar is a great place to start. It’s really important to look at your calendar and go through and pinpoint
any deadlines you want to give yourself. In order to ensure that you have enough time for adding products
and doing all kinds of store maintenance. One tip that I have for you, when it comes to scheduling your calendar,
start with your end date and your end goal. Then start working backward
and set little deadlines for yourself along the way. That way you can always meet
your deadlines and goals, and never get caught last-minute
trying to get everything done at once. Next up, let’s talk about store maintenance. Navigation on your site
should be very simple and easy to use. If you’re using an ecommerce platform,
where you’ve had to get your own hosting, now is a really great time to check your hosting speed. Maybe upgrade to another plan if you want. The last thing that you want right now is for lots of increased customers visiting your store and have it crash or very slow loading times. It’s a really big turn-off for customers. Now is a really great time to check those things. Add new software for popups
and things like cart abandonment emails. Those are really great things that are going to help you boost your sales for this holiday season. You also want to use this time
to run all kinds of tests on your site. So click on products, make sure the right one opens. Make sure you can add it to the shopping cart. Most importantly,
make sure you can actually check out on your site. The next thing you want to do is
check your default payment methods. If you’re using different ecommerce platforms, go through and make sure
that your card or payment method on file is up-to-date, to avoid any type of issues when it comes to billing. Now let’s talk about the products you’re actually selling. If you’re using Printful, now is a really good chance to go through all of your products
you’ve added to your site and make sure they are actually synced up in Printful. That’s going to help you avoid a lot of manual work if orders start coming in and they’re not synced. This is also a really good chance
to start moving around some seasonal products. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, now is a great chance to add hoodies, beanies,
maybe some socks if you want and some leggings. If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, start adding in those swimsuits, beach towels, and other fun seasonal products. And of course, don’t forget to order samples for any new designs or products that you’re adding to your store. It’s a really great chance for you to check out the design, how it’s printed and the product itself. You can always do
product photography with your new samples. Let’s talk about those order deadlines. This is a really important thing for you to be aware of and also for you to let your customers know. If you’re using multiple suppliers and ecommerce sites, make sure that you’re staying up to speed
with when order deadlines are gonna be there. When it comes to Printful, in October every year, we announce our order deadlines that are already calculated with our fulfillment times. So make sure that you are always
educating yourself on those things, so that way you can then tell your customers
when they need to place their orders by. The next thing you want to do is decide how you’re gonna promote your store
and any new products, and campaigns that you’re going to be running. Are you going to do emails, write blogs?
Are you going to create social media posts? Whatever it is, you need to take the time
to create some eye-catching visuals that are going to help put your products
and your store in front of your customers. Going back to our calendar, it’s a really great time for you to start planning ahead
any types of photo shoots you want to do. If you’re writing out your emails or creating these visuals, start playing that stuff out ahead. You want to start advertising whatever it is that you’re going to be doing
for the holidays in October or November. That way your customers have plenty of time
for them to plan ahead and decide what products they want to buy from you. Don’t stress out about overloading
your customers with too much information. During the holiday season,
they’re getting lots of promotions and ads from all kinds of different companies. There’s nothing wrong with you reminding them about your company
and what sales you’re running as well. That about sums it up. Do you have any tips
for preparing for the holiday season? If you do, put them in the comments below. I’d love to read them and
I’m sure everyone else would too. If you want to know more about holiday preparation, make sure to check out the Printful blog. You can access it by going to the Printful home page. There’s lots of really great in-depth information
about holiday marketing. I’ll leave a link to it in the description below. Hey, it’s Wes from Printful. I hope you found that video very helpful. All the links that we mentioned
can be found in the description below. Don’t forget to check out our other tutorials, subscribe to our YouTube channel
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