April 2, 2020
How to Prepare for Your Ecommerce Website Launch

How to Prepare for Your Ecommerce Website Launch

– Hey, welcome to Acro Media’s High Five with, I’m, hey. Well, let’s do that again. Let’s try that one more time. Hey, welcome to High Five here at Acro Media. I’m Steve. – I’m Shawn and I can
remember my own name. – Alright. Thanks man. (energetic, bass thumping beat) What are we going to talk about today? – We’re going to talk about OK, you’ve got an awesome e-commerce site. It’s been built for you, you paid a contractor
a whole bunch of money and then, you’re just gonna launch it and it’s going to be awesome, except it’s not because you have a ton of work to do and you didn’t think about that and you’re probably totally fucked now. – Probably. Some clients do their
homework, don’t they? – No, not really, no. I was trying to think if there was one and no, not really. They kind of do or they say they do. They go, oh yeah, we’re prepared and they’re not really prepared, you know? They’re just gonna do the work themselves you know, in an hour, at the end of the day except it requires a full time job for like, two people or something. So, no. – You might not think it but I was a project manager and I did warn people about the homework they had to do such as like, product specs, product images like actually getting professionally done so it’s not like some of your products are on like a gray background
or a white background and shit like that. – You don’t think having like a site with like nice colors and then having everything with a gray background is just great? – Maybe if it’s all gray and
you can’t tell the difference. No, that’s a terrible idea. Absolutely. No. But, seriously, that’s
a ton of work. isn’t it? – It is a ton of work and when your project manager told you like, hey, it’s going to be a ton of work, they weren’t lying to you. I know they lie to you a lot but in that case, no they
were telling you the truth. It’s going to be a ton of work. You need all that. You need all if you have a thousand products, you need all the information on all a thousand of those products. Imagine if you were building
like a big huge catalog and you need to fill up 500 pages. All that information needs
to get into your site and it needs to be better
than it would be in a catalog because it needs to work on all kinds of different computers and tablets and it needs to size up and it might be dynamic, it might have video. It’s tons and tons of work. – What they’re going to think of is that oh, I’ll just give like a one or two sentence description of
what my product might be. Wrong. – So wrong. The people looking at your product, they haven’t seen it before probably, you know, they might not know anything about it. You have to convey
everything about this product with some pictures, some text, maybe a video. You probably don’t have video of many or any of your products, so all you have is this little paragraph and some pictures to show it. So, if you have one sentence that, you know, that’s nothing. Try to explain everything about it like how big is it, you know, what is it made out of, what does it look like, you know. What are the options on it? What’s useful? You might have to provide
technical specifications, you know, you know, does it have warranty things? Does it meet certain standards? All this information you need to provide. Maybe it’s on the box on the product but people don’t have the box so they don’t get to see any of that. You have to provide all of that and, also, coincidentally, if you do it is going to make your
products search way better. So, it’s work, but if you have a thousand products, you have ten thousand products, you have to do that for every site or for every product. – One thing we are kind
of missing too though is if you’ve got a thousand products, how you gonna get them into your site? – Through the magical fairy that just takes the data from your head and puts it into the site. – What do they have to do there? – You have to, your products are, like, what are they in? Do you have an inventory
management system? Do you have something
internally that you use? Are they just all, like, in
some shit that you wrote down in like a binder or something? – Probably. – You can’t just, like, take, you’re like, here’s our catalog and you can’t just like like ram it into the
front of your computer and hope all the information just like somehow goes into your website. Like, that’s not going to happen. But, it needs to be in a format that you can move into a website. Usually, that means in a database, you know, in an excel file, in a CSV something like that. And then, it probably doesn’t match with the format that your website needs so there’s probably going
to have to be some work to match that format up with the format your website uses and it’s not just data, it’s like, OK, you you probably don’t realize
how complex your products are. It can’t just be, it’s like, OK, I have a product and it has a price and it has a title and stuff like that. It’s like yeah, but it probably has colors and sizes and a
bunch of other variations. Well, if you sell a t-shirt and it has five colors and it comes in five sizes, that’s 25 different
products that you sell. It’s not one product, it’s 25 products. And so you need to have all that data for all those. Do they have different
SKUs, prices, whatever, that all needs to get into your site and it needs to know that and that’s way more complicated
than you thought it was. I don’t care who you are, you’re wrong and you thought
it was less complicated. – Yeah, that’s probably the biggest part, but what about even things like, you know, how are you gonna when you’re shipping these products off you know, is there any parameters? You know, who are you going to ship to? You know, where are they going to go? What are, you know, what if it is it weight or is it size? – Did you think of how did you determine your shipping prices? And your e-commerce provider
can’t tell you that. We can give you some suggestions, but, like, should you offer free shipping, should you not offer free shipping. I don’t know. Is it going to make you bankrupt, then don’t do it. Right, like, you know, can you afford it? That’s fine. Are your products, like,
all pretty similar, then, yeah, try to be
as simple as possible, you know, don’t just, your shipping doesn’t have to be perfect. You just have to cover your cost and have it be reasonable. That’s all people really want is it’s reasonable. If they come to the shipping page and it’s shocking then you screwed it up. You know, just do that, make it simple but if you have, you know, if we need to calculate by weight, you need to supply all the weights for your products, you know. The more complicated you get with shipping the more information you’re
going to have to provide so, you’re giving
yourself more work to do. – What are some other
homework items you have to do, you know, obviously, you know, if you’re in Canada you
gotta set up your taxes. Is there anything else
we’re missing there? – Yeah, if you’re a business owner try to actually know tax laws like, that might be helpful. We’re your web development company. We don’t know the tax laws in Alabama, OK, and depending if you have warehouses in different places or something maybe you have to charge taxes for there, I don’t know, like, get an
accountant or something. Like, you should be able to know that so we can set it up on your site or you can set it up your site yourself. There’s no just, like, turn on taxes and it just works for everyone. All products are different. There’s a million different
government regulations for all kinds of different places. Places in the states have taxes by county and other insane tiny
little places and stuff it’s not just provincial or state level or federal or something like that. – Now let’s not even
forget about even like the little day to day stuff like you know, putting in general
content into your website or, you know, if you’re doing promotions so promotion codes and
how those are actually going to implemented into your site. Anything I’m missing there? – Yeah, like, I’m mean
if you’re going to do discounts or categories or sales and stuff how are you going to do those? Do you do those by category? Do you do those for individual products? When do they turn on? When do they turn off? Are you giving free shipping? That’s different than a discount, OK, like, if you buy this product, you get free shipping. Does your e-commerce website do that? Do you know how to configure that? It’s super easy to write in a flyer. You have to make sure it actually does it. You’re essentially making your site, like, you could just, if it’s something that
would just tell your staff and they would do well now you can’t just tell your staff, you have to tell your website, but, can your website actually
do what you’re telling it to. You know, it’s way harder than that. You can’t just do a sale and then things will work out. – Would it surprise you to let you know that there’s a reason why I don’t let you talk to clients? – No, it wouldn’t. – OK. Fair enough. Is there anything else
that do you want to add in terms of, you know,
homework for clients? – Yeah. We didn’t really talk
about images that much. If you took your product
images like 15 years ago and they’re like the size of my thumb, you can’t use those. They suck. They’re tiny. We can’t just use like CSI computer magic to make them be huge and look great on a huge monitor, OK. You need to take nice product shots which means you probably need to hire a photographer. You probably actually need
to get like a set setup to like, you know, bring all your products in. Maybe you don’t even have
all your products in stock and you need to do that. So, like, that’s probably going to
cost you a lot of money and you should get this set up. Maybe your manufacturers
can provide you those but, you can’t just take, like, if you get an awesome website and your product images look like shit your whole product page
is going to look like shit and that’s a bunch of extra work. What you should actually do is you should film a whole bunch of video but that takes a lot of work but you should do it anyways. – Yeah, fair enough. Anything else or you think we’ve given them a pretty good lecture for now? – I think we’ve given them a lecture, like, it’s going to take a long time. You should have a staff member that manages your website and manages your data. If you’re the business
owner or something like that or you have, like, a sales manager or like a floor manager
or something like that, you can’t just tack this
on as a job for them, OK. You can’t just be like oh, by the way, in like
the ten minutes you have at the end of the day, do this. It doesn’t work. Maybe they can occasionally add products. Getting all your products into the site and doing management, it’s a job. Hire someone to do it at least temporarily. Get an intern. Get a student. Get students. Something. – Before you hurt too many more feelings, probably should just stop there. Thanks for watching guys. Hopefully this has been helpful. Hey, if you have any more questions, put them down below. We’ll try to answer them. Hey, if you want to subscribe because you kind of like Shawn or you like me a little bit better do that too. We should probably sign out, man. – Yeah. And I will try to not tell you you’re shitty every episode, but no promises.

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