April 2, 2020
How To NEVER Lose Money In Digital Marketing

How To NEVER Lose Money In Digital Marketing

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here and in today’s video I’m gonna break down how to never lose money in your digital marketing business with the three degrees of investing and If you stick with me here to the end of the video I’m gonna show you a simple strategy that you can leverage to make an extra twelve to fifteen thousand dollars every single month and only takes a few minutes to actually Implement now when we go through and we’re looking at investing the greatest investor of all time, Warren Buffett He has two rules when it comes to investing number one. Don’t lose money and number two refer to rule number one So basically the whole key with this is you don’t want to lose money and that’s where these three degrees of investing Come into play because honestly guys once you lose money It’s actually you have to make so much more to actually get back to where you were originally so I want to break down the exact strategy that I use in my Business so that you can also use this in your business so that you never lose money now obviously everyone’s business is a little bit different but I’m gonna show you exactly what I do and then you kind of like use your imagination of how you can adapt it to your own business So I’m not a real estate investor or a stock market investor or any these other traditional ways of investing your money But what I do is I invest my money into my business and the primary place where I invest that money isn’t to paid Advertising and if you run a digital marketing business or pretty much any business in 2019 you know that you need to leverage all of these advertising platforms these online advertising platforms to grow your business and It’s a whole different game It’s a whole different concept when you’re not running ads for other clients right when you’re actually spending your own money You have to make sure that you’re not going to lose money or else you are gonna be out of business super quick So I’m gonna break down my 3 degrees of investing and show you kind of my business model. So the very first step Alright, I just wrote up there quick. So you guys don’t have to watch me painfully write everything up here So what I do is I run some Facebook Ads Instagram ads YouTube ads all different types of ads and I spend this money to get people to register for my live webinar Alright and on the live webinar, I’m selling our products or services everything like that But I have to go through and spend that money to get people to register for this free train and then I’m selling a product for it’s either one payment of 997 or three payments of 367 Now if we break down the numbers here If I get a hundred people to register for this webinar I typically only get about twenty to twenty-five percent of the people that register to actually show up and even watch the training and then for those of the people that actually show up and watch the training only a Certain amount are gonna stick on to the very end of the training and then only a certain amount are actually going to buy Alright, so let’s just break this down here Let’s say I spend one thousand dollars on advertising and I make one sale, okay Well, if I make one sale and I spent a thousand dollars I only make nine hundred ninety seven dollars if they do a full payment or Three hundred and sixty-seven dollars right out of the gate if they do the payment plan so if you’re just focusing on this model on this method it hundred percent can be profitable, but you’re definitely Painting the lines, right? So what I like to do typically is on a seven day span if I spent let’s say ten thousand dollars I like to make at least ten thousand dollars of cash on cash, which means if I spent ten thousand dollars I want to be able to collect at least ten thousand dollars back out So I know I’m at least breaking even and usually I like to have a little bit of a buffer So maybe if I spent ten thousand I usually like to collect about eleven thousand dollars That’s not to say that the revenue is a little bit higher because a lot of people I’d say about 80 percent Actually do take the payment option So then I know a month two and month three this money’s gonna be coming in But the thing is by the time a month three rolls around I actually already have to be paying off my credit card bill Right. So that’s where I want to be able to have that cash upfront right now And this is the kind of the core model of my business, but the thing is is like I just showed you guys It’s very close to just breaking even and with whatever business you’re in if you’re running paid advertising That’s probably pretty similar to what you’ve experienced already So I like to go with the second degree of investing right here and there we got right here. So it is Retargeting these people to attend an automated webinar now guys I’ve done a lot of testing a lot of people still look at me and I mean three years late I’m still doing weekly live webinars and like either crazy. Why haven’t you just automated that already? well guys I’ve got a lot of data over the last several years and I it’s just a lot more profitable running live webinars every single week and honestly to Work 90 minutes a week of going through and doing the live webinar It’s really it’s a hundred percent worth it to see that profitability come in and honestly the other day I think it’s kind of fun because you kind of get that adrenaline rush going it’s kind of like, you know You’re you’ve got your weekly your game day. And so it’s just fun to kind of focus on that But at the same time now everyone can show up and attend a live webinar Right might not be the right day that my time. They might have other appointments something conflicting And so then that’s where I have the retargeting place Of anyone that registered anyone that even attended but didn’t buy to go through and attend an automated webinar Okay, so I should have put that right there automated webinar And in that point they can basically choose any time of day over the next day They can go watch it right then and there if they’ve got time And so this is able to go through and collect a lot of that low-hanging fruit and it’s the same exact offer nine Ninety seven or three payments of 367, but typically let’s say it costs me $600 which is usually about $600 to acquire one new sale right here It’s usually going to be about 150 to 200 dollars on the retargeting and that’s because it’s not completely cold traffic They already can I have an idea of who you are? Maybe they’ve already watched a live webinar, but how to think things through again? Or watch a replay or something like that. And so usually you’re able to collect a lot more money And so that’s kind of my second degree of making sure that like, okay if I did a breakeven right here I’m still collecting extra money right here. And so I’m bringing in more of that profitability All right. Now, let me show you the third degree And this is actually how you can make an extra twelve to fifteen thousand dollars every single month Without spending any more money on advertising. All right So the third degree right here guys is a low ticket funnel and let me just explain What this is if you’re like Jason what the heck is that? Well up here. This is where we’re running 90% of our ads spent so let’s just say for this example. Let’s kind of break it down let’s say I’m spending $10,000 for the month advertising which I spend a lot more than that, but 90% so about $9,000 is all advertising going towards getting registered for this live webinar. Whereas the another 10% is retargeting those people to go to the automated webinar and by doing this we Get a lot of leads We collect a lot of email addresses and the thing is is there’s a number of reasons why people might not buy right here Maybe they don’t attend. Maybe they don’t stay on actually see what the offer is. Maybe it’s too expensive Whatever it is we want to go through and have this third degree of investing to kind of recuperate any losses and Honestly at the end of day, typically what happens is it just adds a huge chunk of profit to your business. So what I do is I have this low ticket funnel and once a month and I have a few different low ticket funnels, which every month I rotate but I have this low ticket funnel where I’m offering a forty seven dollar product right out the gate and Then I have a forty seven dollar upsell and then a 197 upsell and then a forty seven dollar down sell So I think that’s like three hundred and thirty-eight dollars of potential total revenue if somebody buys all of those, right? So what I do now because I have all these leads. I have all these email addresses I will go through and I’ll just blast out four emails to the email list of all the people that did not buy and I will offer them whatever this low ticket offer is for that month and guys, typically this is able to go through and obviously it depends on how big your email list how good your sales copy is and what the offering actually is But typically you’re able to make I’m able to make about another twelve to fifteen thousand dollars per month just by leveraging this simple strategy So it’s cool because if I’m breaking even here, I’m having a lot more profit here and then this low ticket funnel even adds on top of that where then the next month you’re able to go through and increase your Advertising and it just is kind of like this snowball that rolls rolls rolls and gets bigger and then each month you’re able to invest more and more money into advertising and You’re able to invest a lot more confident Okay, because you know that if this one right here doesn’t work if it doesn’t break even well You’ve got this as a backup and if still you’re not breaking even right there You’ve got this low ticket funnel to bring in the profits so that overall you’re not losing money in your business Now the truth is we can go through and we can do a fourth and fifth and sixth-degree Of investing here as you can probably see But the thing that I would warn you against is if you do go through and get too deep into this what happens is you’re all of a sudden creating so many different products and you lose focus on the core of what really works and Then you end up actually not really making any money anyway So I’d be very careful with that. If I do have a fourth degree of investing right here It is our software that we built so we have a monthly recurring Model right there and so it’s 99 bucks a month So obviously anyone that signs up on that software and as time goes on and more people get on the software we’re able to go Through and have another way to back out me of the ad spend but honestly Usually I don’t really like count that towards our ad spend because usually that has to go to actual Costs like developers and support and a lot of other things. I’m just actually running a business So anyway guys, I hope this video was helpful If it was go ahead give it a thumbs up drop a comment down below Let me know what you guys thought on some of these different investing strategies And like I said, it’s a totally different game when you’re doing this with your own money, right? I know a lot of people that are you know Their marketing agency owners and they spend a lot of money on Facebook ads or Google as YouTube as whatever it is But if it’s your clients money you kind of like you kind of like you got it out, right? Where is if you want to really see the profits if you really want to see your own personal business grow? You got to be willing to take the risk to invest in Yourself invest in your own advertising your own mark and you’ll be able to grow your business But obviously with that I get it there comes risk then that’s why you want to kind of layer it just like this so that like Warren Buffett said you’re never Losing money, okay because it is actually a lot harder what you lose money to recuperate that money and You just really don’t have the confidence that either but so like the mental games not there So anyway guys hopefully this video is helpful if you’re brand new here to the channel Make sure you subscribe hit that notification bell We launched new videos every single week on how generate more leads make more money and grow your business So with that said, thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video

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  2. Trouble is like me FEEL..its a RIP-OFF!! from 997..2 47……if you had started AT that!! 1 would have bought ever time!!

  3. Awesome content Jason! Your videos are always helpful I also do digital marketing and even share some of my knowledge on youtube. I'm experienced with Facebook ads and wanted your opinion on how you best display your expertise in your local community? Thanks and keep up the awesome content!

  4. Man, everyone needs to take time to watch this video. So many times I've seen clients throw loads of money into social media ads without fully reflecting on what they'd like the outcome to be!

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  6. Here is a "shockingly simple" breakdown of a multi-million dollar online business.

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