March 30, 2020
How to Master Omni Channel Fulfillment

How to Master Omni Channel Fulfillment

Hi I’m Eric from Acctivate and I’m here
to help you understand how to optimize omni-channel fulfillment but first what
exactly is “omni-channel”? Omni-channel refers to a blend of traditional and
modern methods to sell products to your customers. Traditional channels speak to
orders you take by phone, face-to-face, and catalog sales. More modern channels
relate to orders coming in from web stores, ecommerce platforms, and EDI.
Customers purchasing products via modern sales channels have high standards when
it comes to fulfillment. They want inexpensive or free shipping, lightning
fast delivery, and a company that responds to their needs quickly. To
satisfy today’s customers you need to lower costs, speed up order processing, fulfill orders faster, and be more responsive. A direct integration with
your preferred carrier or a multi carrier shipping solution is an
efficient way to lower your own operational cost and in turn offer your
customers inexpensive shipping fees. Barcode software can make fulfillment go
by faster and easier. Experience more accurate picking with multiple pick
route options and automatically populate order and delivery information on to
packing labels. Faster picking and packing means customer orders will leave
the warehouse in a more timely manner. When it comes to response time, remember that customer loyalty depends on how fast you’re able to help solve their
issues. So when orders are flying in across various channels, how do you speed
up operations and keep the demanding customer happy? We can help with that.
Acctivate is a best-in-class omni-channel fulfillment solution that
helps you accomplish faster, more organized, fulfillment across multiple
channels. Our Shipping Workstation module allows you to integrate with
shipping carriers of your choice like FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc. This means no
more data reentry plus you will be more proactive when you communicate with
customers on the status of their orders as well as tracking it.
Another time-saving feature is our omni-channel order manager. Automatically
sync online orders right into Acctivate. Have a ton of orders to process at once?With our order manager you can batch process high-volume orders with a single
click plus it works well with dropship and 3pl scenarios. have a returning
customer or a current one with an issue and need to pull their order history? Simply plug in their name or order number and view their historical data in
seconds. we recognize your competition is a click away and want to help you become both proactive and responsive with your customers at all times. Processing orders
faster with fewer hiccups will lead to more loyal and happy customers. To learn
more about activate please visit or call us at 817-870-1311.

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