April 2, 2020
How to market online for free (Facebook page strategy) (Part 1)

How to market online for free (Facebook page strategy) (Part 1)

Everybody it is Tom the furry hat guy part of Tom and Anya’s abundant lifestyle tribe Now we’re gonna be talking today about the 32 ways to market your business for free. Now. This is part one now Keep watching because we’re going to show you some great tip. It’s and the next 32 days We’re going to show you all of these ways to do this for free. Let’s go and do this right now Everybody welcome back to this free way to market online for free 32 ways if you guys are on our channel for the very first time go ahead and hit the subscribe button the notification bell or The thumbs up to make sure that we are all on the same page and you’re gonna get notified every single time There’s a new video uploaded from us. Here’s we’re going to be doing guys today We’re going to be talking about the 32 ways to promote your business your online business for free And the first way the consensus is part one. We’re going to be showing you a way to market on Facebook so let’s go and show you some more about that now using just Facebook so hey everyone, it is Tom great guy now, we’re gonna be go ahead and talk to you about part one here at Facebook guys everybody loves Facebook Now it’s funny that I’m showing you this because there’s a lot of people who actually don’t use Facebook in their really crazy guys So here’s what I wanna do guys I want to show you exactly how you guys can set up your first Facebook and also not only that but learn how to find a bunch of friends that are not a part of your Old circle, you know what? I mean? Like you want to create a new circle of friends people who are actually looking for a Online business. They’re actually looking to do something online to make money online So the first thing guys I’m not going to go through. This is pretty self-explanatory but go ahead and just put your name and any and last name and your number and all that good stuff and we’re gonna set up a Absolutely fresh Facebook account now, here’s the deal guys. I’m gonna show you exactly what you need to go ahead and do to make sure that You guys are on track to creating a really great Facebook account So I want to go to this page first off because we actually just opened this page on you open this page for herself Just maybe like not even like four or five days ago And I want to show you something really cool because she has she had another Facebook page That was only flemm like her friends or childhood buddies or you know people from high school people she known for 10 years but she wanted to actually launch her very Business account like our own Facebook for you know people who are in online business and things like that. So If we scroll down here a little bit guys Let me go ahead and show you in just five days what she came down to so look at this number Look at this really cool Thing right here guys. So if you see this right here You notice that and her friends within just five days eleven hundred and twenty one friends guys That’s insane. I’m gonna tell you why that’s insane the reason why it’s insane guys is because first off she started this absolutely fresh and she started it exactly just by Just by putting up a page. So I’m in the next video. We’re gonna show you exactly how she did that But this video I want to show you exactly about what you should have on your page What kind of pictures you should have under page? What kind of posts you should be having on your page where to find those posts, you know all this stuff guys? So, um, the first off is that you know A good cover photo is always good and the first cover photo She has right here is just a photo of her and I you know And the beach somewhere beautiful guys, just if you don’t have any place beautiful Go out and nature go somewhere and take a picture in a part or something You know show a lot of areas If you live by a beach perfect, you know I have someone take a pic of you by the beach for your arms out, you know, things like that some of the most dramatic Not the dramatic but something the most looked at photos of profiles are ones where you don’t even look at the camera, you know somewhere you’re just like or or You know, I mean there’s something like that because the reason is is because people get curious like that What are you looking at, you know things like that? so that’s one of the first things that you want to do is have a good Cover photo and a first and a good profile photo So what she did is she actually made she had a photo Right here of just you know us that we took we got like a we got like a cheap photographer We got from Instagram and then they took pictures of pictures of us in like a cafe or something like that, you know so so she did that and then this was just like You know some photos that she put up and like I said guys she just made this like not literally like five days ago, okay So scroll down and I want you to take a peek here and all the little stuff that she has Within like so seven hours. She put like this right here So where he located opposed to give for the food that your cities in and boom she’s already got like nineteen twenty twenty-one People liking her stuff a hundred and thirty three comments guys in that insane for a brand new Facebook page that you just launched, okay, and then scroll down another Another piece of value right here and then scroll down another piece of value right here So if you if you notice guys, is that like, okay So this one why did you decide to quit your nine to five and become an entrepreneur mines in the comments? seventy-one comments 25 likes loves and likes and loves and yeah, so that that’s like you can tell you that that a profile from just five days ago can get lots of engagement guys a Value of engagement we talked about how to how to handle criticism and this one had a hundred and eleven Likes loves and Wow’s 115 comments guys Alright, happy Saturday describe your day using a gif this had like six in 1746 comment people putting gifts all this stuff See all the stuff so you have to remember something that if you guys see the most common thread because Facebook likes to know that your engagement levels, okay, because the thing is that they’re not going to rank anything any any posts at the top of the Facebook newsfeed Unless they see it as a valuable post like people are engaging people want valuable content and the thing is guys is that you don’t want to Make a Facebook page and just start like spamming spamming spamming spamming when you do a Facebook page. This is literally like like your home and what I mean by that it’s almost like you’re your place of where you Live so people want to see how you are Right, you know you’re building the KLT Which is know like entrust so people want to get to know you so they get to know her through like picture she posts Through like, you know the person she’s with you know through the value that she gives you know The social the social aspect that she’s creating with being social with people and all that good stuff guys and The cool thing guys is that if you if she only did this like five days ago imagine where her page is gonna be ten days later You know six months later all that stuff if you guys are have a Facebook page right now and you notice you’re getting one like or or One comment here. There are no comments. No likes There’s a reason why and it’s because you’re not giving enough value guys So you want to be doing stuff like like value value value? the value and then maybe like something about The online business that you work and don’t even see what business it is Just say what it does Things like that and how it can help another person and and provide a solution and then value value value value value And then boom like that so you see what I mean? So you’re giving like it’s like a 90/10 rule guys 90% value 10% Promotion. Okay. So remember that write that down 90% value on your Facebook page 10% Promotion. Okay, so you want to remember that so the next thing you guys want to learn is this so? How do we find? How do we find valuable post to post so what I do guys is I do a lot of different things here. So What I do is I actually look for different ways to find Valuable posts now most people are thinking in themselves like men. How do I find by evapo? Some of the ways is like this? Okay, so there’s a website that actually has a post called 138 interesting questions sparked fun unexpected conversations So this is one it’s a so, this is the website man telogen calm forward-slash interesting – questions Okay, so you so this is like great ways to spark different interesting conversations on Facebook So what I do is I’ll go to the first one here and you says would you rather be in a real life version of the walkie a real-life version of Game of Thrones so I just kind of get this right here and Go over here and then I can go on my Facebook page right here, and I could just go ahead and make a post So, let me see. So go like this and just You know put that right in there, okay? And I could even post this on my story right there too. And then you can you just hit hit post Okay, now I did that just because I’m putting in just like a random conversation Interesting, you know questions and things like that. Now you guys you guys don’t have to use these exact questions. You could actually say what superhero would you rather be the Superman or the flash? You said? I mean some people gonna go. Oh and then here’s another one Would you rather have Batman skills money equipment and lifestyle or n crime around the world for good but be poor and unnoticed See, that’s a good conversation starters. Here’s one starter along now What next one is? How long would you last in a zombie a couple apocalypse people go? Oh, I don’t know Okay, what and then people start posting Well, I don’t know five years two years, you know because everyone likes to think of themselves as a survivor But this requires a serious look at your prospects Sarah maybe so yeah So this has a hundred and thirty eight hour need to go through all of these But if you definitely want the the link for these it’s in the description right below this video right here so you guys can actually always do that right there and Guys, so this is one of the first things you want to do. Look at that already. It’s already getting Right over here a WoW right here Someone already wowed it and look someone’s already typing a comment and I just posted this just now Sarah maybe so this actually gets like your engagement going the more engagement you get on your Facebook page the more it ranks you as a valuable content creator a Content writer that you are providing value and content now if say like you went through 138 days and you post it all on these right? Say you posted almost every single one. Well go back through them Like I said change him change him around like how long would you last or? what if What if people became zombie zombies by eating chocolate would you eat chocolate anymore? you know the main things like that, so What old person things do you do? So So another one could be like, you know What is what is your favorite vegetable to eat? Or what is your favorite chocolate to eat? Comment mine? And you say mine is Reese’s peanut butter cups. What is yours or put List your favorite chocolate with a gift in the comments below. Mine is the first one Something like that guys so you can really keep this engagement going. So remember guys it is it is value value value value promotion value value value value promotion Sara means so it’s almost like every fifth one is a promotion But every each and every day and I would say if you’re trying to go your engagement up do about like maybe to like a morning one of these and then a night one to build your engagement and then a morning one at night and then the next day of morning one and then an afternoon one and then the next Day a morning one and then a promotion you’re serving so this way you’re not looked at as a spam artist you’re looking at as a Person that is willing to give lots of value. Okay, so that being said guys That’s all I got to say for now. Let’s look right here Oh Someone put like this G ot No deodorant, no toilet paper No, possible water nearby no antibiotics and the list goes on but I guess my chances of survival are way higher So I just put like this, haha, and I’ll just comment back because I’m being engaging guys. I got engaged back with them Nice brother, I love it Assuming so you can actually do stuff like that to engage with other people okay, so So, yeah, so that’s that’s where I got for for the first part of the Facebook page So you all saw just exactly how to market this on Facebook how to get Facebook page and to make sure that you can make this so it’s like your way of showing other people that you’re just a real person and you are engaging and that you are a person that is there to provide lots of value because that’s what everybody’s looking for if you guys would like a way to learn how to market for free and how to learn Different ways different strategies on how to become a top producer online. Go ahead There’s a link in the description right below called eight-day marketing is calm go there now and we’ll see you guys very very soon It’s a free 8 day bootcamp giving that to you for free just for watching today. See you guys very very soon remember to Like subscribe and hit the notification bell for part two on 32 ways to market your Online business for free here we go. See you guys whoever soon and see you guys tomorrow You

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  1. Awesome strategy. Facebook is such a huge moneymaker for us, we've been using it for business for years! I can't wait to see the other free methods.

  2. Cool video. I was in the dark side of Facebook page promotion (no clue how I landed there)
    Trying be more natural, using as my profile extension..
    Thank a lot for the advice!

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