April 6, 2020
How To Manage An E-commerce Business From The Ground Up

How To Manage An E-commerce Business From The Ground Up

You know, and as
you get bigger, you get more social proof, you can then, lower your offer and your value
proposition because you’d like you say you’re building up this
brand and that takes a long time. Yeah, but that’s quite key, isn’t it? I’ve only just sort of realized that,
that, you know, initially, you know, if you’ve got no source of proof, you
literally got to give them the most, like. Amazing deal. So you have to buy because
otherwise they’re not. They do this, you know, face it. You know you’re not, you wouldn’t buy from
yourself or you are displacing somebody aren’t you? if you’re someone buys
from you, they’re not buying from someone else. Exactly. Who are you displacing and why? And why in, why can you think you can go
against someone like me if you’re selling furniture and why? Well, you know, you probably
can’t go head on you. Probably a flanking strategy, picking a
different product, a side product that they’re not doing particularly well and
saying, we’re going to service this type of the market and we’re
going to do it better than those guys. And we’re going to borrow authority from
these niche magazines who cover some kind of special woodworking or something like
that that’s really well known for people who live in these types of houses. Or something like that,
and therefore you become you speak a language that someone not big
can’t speak because they are having to go for the whole
wide, broad audience. and I don’t think people,
you don’t have to get locked into that little niche forever. You can just build on it and then you
can go, Oh, now we’re doing this, and now you’re all done it. And then you build it, your social proof
and you’re building your customer list. And then you sell them other things. And I think it’s like, you know,
yeah, you can change over time. Your business will change
and grow, you know? So if, you know, we might suggest, right,
you need to do a really good welcome deal. Initially, we don’t
have to do that forever. You know, it’s just kick starts and you’re
getting your moving and also getting some metrics going. Because if you’ve got no momentum and
you’ve got no movement, you can’t then work out what to sell to them at next.

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