April 7, 2020
How to manage a global business with e-Residency in Estonia

How to manage a global business with e-Residency in Estonia

While some countries push people away Estonia pulls them in. What kind of problems can e-Residency solve for an entrepreneur? Say you are a freelance writer in Ukraine and you need to receive international payments. e-Residency enables it. Or maybe you run a startup in India. And you need access to cross-border capital to help scale internationally. E-Residency allows it. What if you’re a digital nomad or expat and want to run your company after you’ve moved to a different country? E-Residency is the answer. You might be outside the EU, but want a trusted company registered inside the world’s largest single market. E-Residency can make it happen. Or if you are already an EU citizen, but you want to lower the cost and hassle of administrating your company, e-Residency makes that possible. Maybe you have multiple board members all over the world. E-Residency means board decisions and contracts can be legally approved online instantly. What ever your nationality, what ever your situation. Applying for e-Residency is the best way to run a global EU company fully online with minimal cost and hassle. Apply for e-Residency today and join our new digital nation.

10 thoughts on “How to manage a global business with e-Residency in Estonia

  1. Great initiative!
    This is huge and needs more publicity
    Blockchain / Crypto / ICO / Token Economy / e-Nations are the future and a people-friendly alternative to our gloomy over-centralized today's world

  2. THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY: This electronic residence card is simply a case of sinister e-bureaucracy. I got one and it never worked (not compatible with this browser, not compatible with that computer and so it goes; if you are an apple user just forget it) and nobody could help me. It is a fallacy to believe that once you digitise something all problems disappear, on the contrary. I learned the hard way that behind a super modernised facade you deal with entrenched Soviet style bureaucracy, utterly hostile to the user.

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