April 8, 2020
How to Make Your ECommerce Marketing Messaging More Personalized & Effective

How to Make Your ECommerce Marketing Messaging More Personalized & Effective

– How do you make sure you’re serving the most effective marketing messages? Well, it all starts with
knowing your audience. Now before you leave, I get it, you’ve probably heard that
answer a million times. But if you wanna hear a new
pawspective on how to do this, then keep watching. (upbeat music) (dog barking) Welcome to the E-Commerce
Marketer & Barketer web series I’m Kara, and this is our star
barketer of the day Sinny. And today we’ll be sharing
how to make your messaging more personalized and effective. Now you probably have
your own list of reasons why your product is valuable. But often these reasons may not align with your customer’s reasons. Why? Because your customers are unique and will likely have their
own motives to purchase. So, what should you do? Position your messaging according to why your customers are
buying your product. For example, some owners buy dog booties to protect their dog’s
paws from hot pavement. Some may buy them to protect their dog’s paws from
getting cut from ice, while other owners may buy them because they just find them
adorable on their dogs. So as you can see just
from this single product, there may be multiple reasons your customers value and buy your product. And if your messaging is only
focusing on this one reason, you can be missing out
on huge opportunities for other potential buyers. Let’s say you don’t have this customer information
easily available. Well, another way you can
create more effective messaging is by using your buyer
persona’s pain points and crafting your messages to solve these. Let’s say you’re the
seller of these dog booties and one of the pain points
to your persona experience is having to repurchase dog products due to wear and tear from hikes. So by knowing this, you
can position your message to highlight how sturdy and high quality the dog booties are. By thinking about your
audience’s pain points, it can create messages to attract leads that connect to this message
and convince them to purchase. Now, if you don’t have
buyer personas, no stress. We’ll throw you a bone with
this free buyer persona workbook to help you get started and
figure out who you’re targeting. That’s all I have today. Thank you for watching
and come back next time for more E-Commerce and marketing tips with the marketer and the barketer. Sinny, how do you feel
about purple dog boots? (dog sniffles) I mean, they have some cute ones on here. Sinny? – If you like that, I’ll
bet you’ll like this. Or check out this video, and don’t forget to subscribe. (fun music)

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  1. I feel like many companies overlook buyer personas, but they are so important. Makes ironing out your strategies for campaigns that much easier when you know your customers to a t!

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