April 7, 2020
How To Make Peanut Butter & Jelly Popcorn | A Shopify Business Recipe

How To Make Peanut Butter & Jelly Popcorn | A Shopify Business Recipe

– Hi, I’m Vince.
– I’m Charlene. And we’re a husband and
wife team from Eatable. We’ve been popping
popcorn for 8 years. Today, we’re gonna make
peanut butter and jelly popcorn. ♪ So, for the peanut butter
portion of the recipe, we’re gonna be
using sugar, honey, and peanut butter. And we’re making our popcorn
using mushroom kernels. So, our first step is
to pop the popcorn. ♪ (machine whirs) (popping) One of my
favourite smells ever. I don’t think I’ll ever
get tired of this smell. So then we proceed to make
our peanut butter mixture. We start with the sugar. Then we move on
to the honey. And then we will
turn on the heat. Peanut butter
and jelly, to me, is like a taste
of my childhood. I ate it for
breakfast, lunch, maybe sometimes even dinner. – A little bit too much.
– (laughs) This recipe holds a special
place in our heart because it’s something that we wanted
to make sure that our son grew up with and is part of his
childhood memories as well. ♪ Looks awesome. So now we put the
peanut butter in. Typically, we use 100%
all natural peanut butter. We actually became very
frustrated about the lack of clean yet flavourful snacks
available on store shelves, and that’s one of the things
that caused us to want to start making
our own popcorn. Eatable is a company that
makes gourmet popcorn using 100%
all natural ingredients. And our flavours
are inspired by wine, spirits, and cocktails.
But today, we are going to do an
alcohol-free version that’s completely family friendly and
great for kids as well. So now, you see a
nice consistency. Ooey gooey,
just the way we like it. ♪ Make sure that you mix
this while it’s still hot. Get everything coated,
and the beauty about the mushroom kernel is that it doesn’t break as
easily as other kernels. Nice and round and
gives lots of coverage for whatever topping you’re
putting on the popcorn. And there you have it. ♪ So, the next step is to
actually put it on a baking tray with
parchment paper. ♪ Flatten it out and
make sure it occupies as much of the tray as you can. ♪ So now that we’ve got the peanut
butter in the oven baking, we’ll next work on the jelly
portion of our popcorn. We actually kick it up
a notch by using white chocolate and
freeze dried fruits. So, the first step is to
melt the white chocolate. Then we’ll take our other
half of the popcorn that we set aside and get it ready
for a nice chocolate bath. Whoa, look at that. This smells so good. I just want to stick my whole
face into this bowl right now. Make sure that every single
kernel gets some nice TLC. And while he’s doing that,
I’m going to grab our freeze-dried strawberries
and just start sprinkling them into the mix. Freeze dried strawberries have
all their moisture removed, so it prevents any
moisture from soaking into the popcorn and making it
soggy because nobody wants to eat
soggy popcorn. So now, just like
with the peanut butter, transfer this mix to a
baking sheet with parchment. So, we’re just
gonna pat it down. Into one nice, even layer. So it cools
evenly and faster. And now, for the
moment of truth. So, on my side we have the
peanut butter mixture that we made.
And on the other side, we have the white chocolate
with freeze dried fruits. Now, we are going to make
the perfect blend of our two flavours,
PB & J, let’s go. ♪ The messier the better. Make sure to get
one of each kernel. – Mm.
– Mm! Brings me back
to my childhood. Mm, hard to believe I’m not
eating a sandwich right now. We’re so happy to have been able
to share this recipe with you. It’s near and
dear to our hearts. We hope you bring this
recipe into your home and share it with your family,
and enjoy it as much as we do. ♪ Hi, I’m Natalie, casting
producer for Tasty Business. Thanks so much for
watching this episode. If you’d like to learn how to
make more delectable delights, be sure to subscribe
and hit that bell.

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