April 10, 2020
How To Make OnPage Anchor Navigation Links With WordPress, Any Page Builder Or Custom Code

How To Make OnPage Anchor Navigation Links With WordPress, Any Page Builder Or Custom Code

In this video initially how to make on page
anchor links so any page on your website you can have a specific link that will take your
visitor exactly to where you want them to go on a particular page of your website let
me demonstrate this for you I got a page here and you seen this before and there’s some
menu navigation link someone clicks on one of these like for example be reviews a link
right here and it scrolls him down to a specific point on the website that is what I am going
to show you how to do in this video you’re to be able to do it with custom code if that’s
what you want to do or if you have a page builder of an issue how to do it in those
as well hi my name is Adam from WPCrafter.com were make WordPress tutorial videos for non-techies
if you’re new here consider clicking on the subscribe button and click on that notification
bill for notifications are’85 Jump on into this one right here so first I will show you
how to do it with page builder so ministry specifically Elementor animal to show you
specifically how to do it with Beaver Builder so here I am I’ve got this website it’s built
with Elementor it’s very nice and when I scroll down there is a specific section right here
called course packages and that is the section that I want to create this link for so what
I’ll do is click on edit with Elementor and it will jump me right on into Elementor so
that we can go ahead and get this started now this same concept of of what I’m going
to show you you can carry into any page builder so if you’re using Divi which I’m I can assure
you in this video or visual composer or any of the various page builders the same concept
applies so for someone to scroll down to the specific section that I want to link to and
that’s this course packages so what I’ll do is I’m in a pull up this section settings
and by just clicking right here and then I’m going to the exact advanced tab now with Beaver
Builder’s can be the same or to go to this advanced app so whatever page builder you’re
using there’s probably some form of an advance the tab know what were looking for is this
spot right here it says CSS ID and this should be blank for you and this is where you can
put whatever you want and this was going to be what’s called the anchor link in this will
be used in the URL so for this I would shall just go ahead and enter course packages now
here’s the thing you don’t want to have spaces sunset of a space just go ahead and put a-okay
so I entered course packages and also keep in mind what you put in years go to be part
of the visual link so you don’t want to put something in here that is embarrassing so
that’s why like to have something be friendly by saying course packages that’s very normal
so I’ve got that there and I’m a go ahead and click on update so this is the first step
now what we can do next is we can just have a link that goes there or where to put a link
in this video to put a link into the menu that will take a someone asked specifically
here to course packages so what I’m gonna do is go back to the dashboard click on appearance
and go to menus because that’s where all of our WordPress menus are here is my word for
lists of the menus right here and what we want to do is create what’s called a custom
link and there’s this option here for a custom link normally you would pulling from poster
pulling from pages and have it automatically pushed and there were not doing that here
working to create a custom link so the first thing we would do is give the link a name
and this is just going to be that name as we see it in the menu so why don’t I go ahead
and choose packages okay and so now what I’m to do for the actual URL I’m going to go ahead
and hit the pounds six sign and then enter in exactly what I put for that ID there it
is right there course packages are click on add to menu and then I’ll just go ahead and
drag that up to the top why not I’ll click on save menu and then on the front end of
this page right here I’m in a go ahead and get out of Elementor them to go here and exit
the dashboard and now I will click through on the link to take a look at the website
and you can see we already have this packages menu link already added so what happens is
when I click on it it’s gonna scroll me write down exactly to course packages and this is
regardless of what page you are on the website that will take you straight to the course
packages so this is how you do it in Elementor now with Elementor there’s also a specific
module that allows you to do this it’s called the menu anchor module so let’s go ahead and
pull that up and then will jump into how to do this with Beaver Builder so let me just
go ahead and search for it there it is menu anchor so what I could have done is scroll
down to the section like this and I could’ve put the anchor right here at the top and then
right here I would enter the ID so this is just an alternative way to do it I prefer
the way that I showed you the first way that I showed you okay off to Beaver Builder so
it’s going to be the same thing am I going to the Beaver Builder editor right here and
working to see that when I scroll down I haven’t used Beaver Builder on the site yet when I
scroll down say to this section right here to go to my row settings I want to click on
the ranch right here click on advanced and when I scroll down I’m going to see the same
option underneath the HTML element it says dental services are means is ID and it just
happens to have dental services filled out and this is where you would enter the ID using
Beaver Builder same things in the same concept would apply if you’re using a different page
builder I have to do is go to the developer and say hey how do I enter custom ID for a
module for section 4 column XYZ how do I do that okay now on my website I have a link
let me pull it up right here and this is going to be the post on my website with all the
instructions so for if you wanted to if you’re not using page building you just want to do
a straight up code I have the instructions right here so essentially it involves making
a div and you will have the ID specified in the diff like this and you can just go ahead
and have that link work just the same way using custom code this way so that is all
that I have for you in this video let me know what you think if you have any further questions
in the comment section down below feel free to ask me there have you found any value in
this video you could give it a thumbs up and maybe share it on the Facebook group or share
it with a friend I’d really appreciate it and other than that I will see you in the
next video

86 thoughts on “How To Make OnPage Anchor Navigation Links With WordPress, Any Page Builder Or Custom Code

  1. Hi Adam, thank you for this. I've always been using the Elementor "Menu Anchor". I like your first example using the Section menu to set up the anchor link–that's my new go-to way for making anchor links.

  2. This is perfect timing Adam, thanks! I was trying to wrap my head around how to do this on so you saved me a lot of potentially wasted time.

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  7. Where exactly can I find this? Also, I have a question. I have installed the Electro Theme v2 on wordpress for my website. How can I display the Vendor store logo and store name on the product page? Is there a custom code for this.

  8. Where exactly can I find this? Also, I have a question. I have installed the Electro Theme v2 on wordpress for my website. How can I display the Vendor store logo and store name on the product page? Is there a custom code for this.

  9. Hi Adam, do you have a solutions for sticky header or nav bar as the anchor seems to under it. I use this bit of css to allow for it, but you may have a better way. #anchor { position: absolute; top: -80px; }

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  15. Hi there, I was trying this with ordinary HTML code an noted that, altough the link is placed exactly where it should be, it only works correctly in Safari on my iPhone. In Firefox and IE the link points rather far down below where it should be. Could this be a Theme issue? Could it be solved with some custom CSS?

  16. I've seen so many people explain this using <a name> or <id> but this is without doubt the quickest and smartest way to do page links. I always wondered what the CSS ID box was for! Well done and thanks for saving me huge amounts of time. One other thing, this way of linking content is much more precise – using those other methods I found myself sticking spacers in to get the link to arrive at the correct spot.

  17. Adam THANK YOU! I was using the Elementor Menu Anchors and they weren't working! I was beyond frustrated! But this worked like a charm!

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    Thanks for your work with this video production – wonderful stuff!!

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  22. Thank you for the video! I have a question: I am using Elementor to build a multi page website. On the landing page I have a couple of Anchors linked to the menu, and another couple in another page. The problem I'm having is that the menu item brings me to the Anchor only if I'm already on the page where the Anchor is located but doesn't work if I click on it from another page. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thank you!

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  24. Thank You Adam for your great tutorial,

    I’ve watched this several times and still can’t “for the life of me” get the link to work when I’m on another page! What am I missing? Please help thanks 20/03/2019

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  29. Hi Adam, brilliant concept. but if I understand clearly this method does not navigate you to a different page. Instead You have to include the URL of the page with the Anchor CSS ID, and it should be like this: "http://domainname.com/pagename/#anchor-ID"

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    Example: yourcourse.com/packages
    PS I use elementor

  33. Hey great video, can this anchor link be used on my social media? So in your case if you had a link on your twitter, and someone clicks on that link and he would go straight to course packages?

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    This does not work for me either on the same page or on another. There must be a way? I did it once before and aded links somehow but don´t remember how. It just won´t work putting id and then linkname #id.

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