April 7, 2020
How to Make Money With Clickfunnels TODAY | Clickfunnels Step by Step Tutorial in 2018

How to Make Money With Clickfunnels TODAY | Clickfunnels Step by Step Tutorial in 2018

What is up Ninjas Kevin David with that Lifestyle engine Today we are going to talk about a Very powerful Up-And-coming New software Called Clickfunnels we’re going to go through a full tutorial Step By Step Showing all of The Amazing Uses of This software how you can set up landing Pages Drop shipping Do all of These Amazing Things to make You money all With no technical expertise needed we’re gonna show you how the drag and drop Works going to show you how the autoresponder Works how you can set Up affiliate programs and Make Sure you Say till the end because we are going to go through The top three ways that you can start making a ton of profit Using Click Funnels with absolutely no prior Experience Needed so stay Till the end Guys i promise you this is going to be a Good one All right This is gonna be a very exciting one i know i’ve probably Always Say That but I’m Extremely Excited about click Funnels Last Weekend i got to go to meet Russell Brunson and Gary Vaynerchuk at the influencer click Funnels Viral Launch event Which was so much fun it’s Kind of Reinvigorated My love for click Funnels Which i already Deeply Have so You Know i owe a Lot of What i’ve Been Able to create all Kind of By Myself in the past few months you know With My Physical Products Business With My The Amazon Fba Ninja Course right With My membership Pages and All of My Leadpages Sales Funnels order Pages and Things Like That Would have Been Very difficult to build in a Variety of different Individual Platforms and so you know What one of the things that i value Very greatly in Business is Very Centralized You Know one Kind of software to learn and Master Because They’re Steep Learning Curves for all the different software’s Out there and it Gets Very Overwhelming Having all The different subscriptions and Things like that so Click Funnels Literally Has Every single Thing That You Possibly Need and They have a Incredibly Devoted passionate team With Very Deep pockets Which means that They’re not going anywhere anytime Soon They’re only going to continue growing and Scaling so let’s talk about pricing pricing Is $97 a Month After A 14 day free Trial and i will have a Link in the description for That trial for you Guys iF you’re interested to sign up This includes Kind of Everything You Need it limits the Number of Funnels you can have and It You can’t use the Autoresponder Which you know is What Sends Out like 10,000 emails to all of YouR subscribers and you can’t use What’s called Backpack Which is their affiliate program if you do want access to all Three of the Main Kind of tears of Clickfunnels right so you can Build any Funnel you want you get Nine Hundred Ninety Nine funnels with you know a billion Visitors And Basically You Get Unlimited everything With The two Hundred Ninety Seven dollar a Month Option You also Get access to the autoresponder and a Good autoresponder for you Know those of You who know can be Expensive Especially As Your email list Grows and then You also have to pay for an affiliate program Plus You know percentages of those Fees if You do end up having an affiliate program you know for any of Your products or For You know if you do have a Digital Course or anything like that so two Hundred Ninety Seven Dollars a Month I know probably? A lot of You are thinking you know That’s Crazy That’s Expensive i thought The Exact same Thing When i first started on click Funnels and you Know most People don’t need That option Right away So don’t get Overwhelmed by that at all and The $97 a month I know that might Seem Expensive as well to some People But there is a Fun Little Secret Hack and don’t let Yourself stock right Because there is a 14-day trick free trial for Either of them so sign Up Play Around with It right we’re gonna Walk through a bunch of Funnels Exactly How to build Things you know What’s important What you’re gonna want. To learn how to do and I’m going to be sharing some Very fun funnels that you guys can use literally pre-built you Know in your own Businesses Get started in the Next ten minutes Just By downloading Those Funnels i will have i Just Link to that in the description to our Facebook Page for Click Funnels Ninjas and That All Those free Funnels Will Be available there so definitely make sure you check that Out so the $97 a Month Is Seemingly Expensive for getting Started But There is a Fun Little Hack so if you don’t need you know 20 funnels right away or you don’t need you know a bunch of Pages and a bunch of Monthly Visitors if you’re Literally Just Kind of Playing Around With It getting your Feet wet There are two options so if you guys do follow Russell Brunson You know that he is the master of down cells and up cells And All of different Types of Cells right and so If you do Actually Go to destroy or delete your account they Actually Have a Down cell right so Instead of the $97 a Month If You only Need five Funnels and you guys can do a ton of fun stuff with five funnels Trust me When i say That right you can you can make a ton of Money With five funnels for $37 a month So you know 37 you can Get The 67 dollars a Month If You need 10 funnels with 10,000 monthly Visitors And so they Really allow you to scale up as you grow and don’t let Yourself be Overwhelmed By That $97 a Month Get Started today i promise you click Funnels completely Changed My life and It can Do The same for you if you know how so 37 dollars a Month 67 again You only Get prompted with these two options when you Actually go to delete your account from the settings page So let’s Get started and Jump in it to some real life Funnels all Right so Let’s Get right into Things we’re not gonna waste a bunch of Time and You Know talk about High level Stuff we’re Actually going to show you you know Directly into some of My favorite Funnels and Kind of You Know like Any software There’s a Lot of Features right but we want to be really cognizant of What We Actually Need right and What we don’t i think the best Way to go through That and Actually show you Kind of Exactly How This software works and how you can make It create you know the types of Things that you need whether it’s a landing Page to collect emails for like future marketing Whether you know it’s an order page for a digital product or an e-book you know it Could Be a coupon distribution page for an Amazon Fba Products It Could Be a Landing page or a Sales page for dropshipping Using You know the backend integration of order LyTx Which we can Talk about as well so Let’S take a look at This some of You that follow me or are members of the Amazon Fba Ninja Course welcome Family members But we’re gonna use this Sales page Because it’s easier and i’ve Just Already created It so It’s very Easy as You Guys can Kind of See here it is laid out in Drag-And-Drop Format so it’s Kind of organized into blocks Right for Example This image you can Just Upload Directly From Here it’s an literally as Simple as Uploading It from your desktop Again Image Right Here Right Here we have a headline So Let’s Say That i wanted to you know erase that and then add a different Headline so we erased it so there’s nothing Here we’re gonna clear This text box and then it’s Just literally as Simple as Hovering Over Here pressing add New element right we’re going to add a Headline It Populates Right Here we can Type Whatever we want and all of a Sudden its boom is perfect and so i think a Lot of you Who built websites in the past realize How Beautiful What i Is and i think a Lot of You probably Understand How exciting the software truly Is Just Because You Know it’s really a Beautiful Thing That you can Kind of Just Drag and Drop in a Way Where it requires you know Html coding and Dealing With Cascading style Sheets and Things Like That in you Know even Things as Simple as WordPress it’s much Harder Than Simply dragging and Dropping so For Example a Button right so creating a Button we can You know add a Button or we Can Add Whatever we Want Just By pressing again at The Plus button Here So we can add Headlines if you want. To do paragraphs bullet lists we can add an Image if we Want to do images with text we can Have a Little Sub image and some text Next to it right we can do videos if we Want to link to a YouTube video if we Want To link to a video Within This page so it doesn’t Actually Direct them somewhere else we can do a video Pop-up all right Here we Go adding buttons If we Want People to put in their text Messages and Again we Can Store all Emails and all Text Messages That People do Actually Input into our Pages Directly in clickfunnels Itself we Can Do Surveys you know a Lot of some of This Stuff i’ve never even used before a lot of It is Just gonna be buttons Text Images right Maybe a Countdown Timer to add a Little Bit of Scarcity if you Know Let’s Say You’re selling a dropshipping product and you Know the sale price is only gonna last for the Next ten minutes and so you can add a Countdown Right Just to give People a Little Bit more Urgency to Actually convince them that you know they may be interested in this specific offer And Again I’ve Never used a Lot of This Stuff But They do have a lot in here and if you Guys are into Coding or You know you have Coders or Members of Your team for a Little Bit more specific Stuff Like If you want to make like a Flashing Header That Says Like Live Webinar Live Broadcast or something That’s a Little Bit more complicated Than Any of These Kind of more Basic Features You can add a custom J/s Slash Html insert and all you do is literally Copy and paste the code in there and then it’ll you know give you your flashing Header i’ve Also Used This custom Slash J/s or excuse me custom Javascript Slash html Button for Paypal Buttons Which we Will go over in a Second But Let’s take a look at This button so when you click Any Individual Element You Get the editor That Pops Up for Example Let’s Say That i wanted to you know bold italicize underline i can do it Here If i want to you know change the text color it’s as easy as That Right If i wanted to change the text versus the bold color so if i wanted Just the top line to be black i Would Make That not bold and i would Keep This black if i wanted to make Just the bottom Black and i want it to Be bold right so the point you guys iS that there is incredible Maneuverability and Customization available With Literally no Technical expertise at all Like for Example i Wouldn’T even have to you know Re add this Below i can Literally Just Drag It and It Beautifully Just Works Very intuitively in a Way that Just Makes This So much Easier Than a Normal website where you have to have People you Know Help You with html and Learn all different Types of? you Know different Themes That Have menu structures That are differently Just trust me when i tell you even though WordPress is you know a Very Easy option Compared to what it was before Clickfunnels Is the Next Evolution of you know that WordPress was before It and you Know another Thing that i want to mention is really quickly and then we’re gonna Jump more into some of The other Funnels that I’m gonna show you guys How to use and we’re gonna share those with you guys iS that you know clickfunnels has a Very Unique feature where you can share pre-Built Funnels and The Beauty of That is it’s basically Copy and pasting on entire Website and What i mean by that is like you Know Pretty much no Other Way possible can You copy and paste an entire website Right Because Things are Stored in your ftp or your cpanel or you know you have? Images Stored on servers for WordPress or it’s basically in a Lot of different Places but with clickfunnels you can Literally Copy and paste these Exact Funnels and Just Replace The Text and replace The images so starting from scratch With Funnels Just Does Not Make sense because There’s so many pre-built Out there who people where people have spent Hundreds if not Thousands of Hours Creating These Beautiful Funnels That You Know They’re Willing to share you Know and not Everyone is Willing to share but you know me and my colleagues who are Very Very versed in click funnels Have huge? Portfolios of Funnels you Know and if you Guys are interested in a ton of free funnels Where you can Literally Just Immediately Put them to use you know making Thousands and Thousands of Dollars with These strategies right Join The Facebook Group Check the description check the top comment i am going to have a Link to our? Clickfunnels Ninjas Facebook Group Where we’re going to be sharing a ton of these Funnels Where it’s literally Just go And so we’re gonna move on to the next Part so this is the sales page Right We are going to because i Just messed up with Text so this is the sales page i’m the Beauty of a Funnel is the simplicity it Gives right People don’t like being Overwhelmed think about going to the Grocery store with no list right You see everything and you end up leading with Just Bananas and all of a Sudden You’re starving again and You Didn’t Get anything You want to hit right so With you know with a website it’s the same Thing you don’t want To come to a website and see all of These different options it’S overwhelming That’s why Google and some of These large fit? You Know the websites are so simple and so Beautifully Elegant Google Literally Has One bar When you come to the main page right and so The Beauty of a Funnel is the succinct flow that It provides and Kind of Literally Funnels YouR customers Directly Where You want them to go in a Way That’s Very you know you Know it’s Very Easy for them as Buyers to make That Buying decision There’s Very Little Buyer Friction Which is Incredibly important from you know a Psychological perspective of Buying so we’re gonna take a look at My Sales page excuse me my order page so the sales page Gives you you know this is what we do this is all these are? Success Stories This is What People are Saying The order page is Very interesting as well right so what We decided to do is We you Know added four videos of some of our amazing students and Their Success Stories a Deeper dive into the full course right Our logo some Money-back Guarantees we Talked about Exactly What you Get right so we made a Very you Know in my opinions aesthetically Pleasing Kind of Summation of Everything You get in the course right one on one you get you know Weird Methods to make home Run products with no Guesswork Ppc tricks That Totally Change My Business all of These you know true things and Whether it’s a product you can Highlight the Features iF you’re selling an e-book you can Talk about you know some of The chapters if you’re doing a Dropship and you can Talk about how amazing you know you’re brand new fidgets for Left-Handed People Is or whatever the case may be but Incredibly Simple to set This Up here So this Is a Section so before we were talking about Actual you know Parts Of The Section so here we have a Headline Beneath We Have you know? Textfield But Let’s Say That we Wanted to add an entire another Section So how we Do that As we Go to add New Section so it actually Senses Here that This is you know a Portion of a Section an Element Within This Section so you could have? You Know a text Whether it’s a Button Whatever these are Elements and Then The Actual Section Itself we Can Add a New Section Here so this Section we want it to be full width So this is full width as you can See Here there’s two Columns as split apart by This Little Column Right Here and so all we Do Here is we Add Two Columns and Literally Now We Have you know the order the order information and you Know the Summation of What you Get we could Very easily recreate That But Again we don’t Need to because there’s Been so many Funnels Beautifully created By People Already That you know if you find Happy and Willing People to share These Things with you It takes Out a Lot of The stress and Kind of Upfront Work to get started and really Gives you know it gave me no Excuse to get started and Actually create right Because you have to create and you have to get moving? Doesn’t have to be perfect right it Just has to work So as We can See here we have the contact form so you can see these little? Subdomains Here that Says i Guess it’s hard to read that but It Says Your email Address and as we Can See Here the email Address is the input type Which means that When somebody puts Their email Here It’s Actually Saving That email Address for you know future Marketing if i want to email a Send a Broadcast email to my list or you know whatever the case may be we can we Could change the placeholders text to say You know your Ninja email or whatever It’s required obviously Because it’s you know to submit the form Um and so, There’s so much Variability that you can use here it’s Just a truly Beautiful Simple Type Situation so As you can See here the button is set to submit Payment and the button text The Action You can Set for any Button if you want a button to go to a specific webpage So maybe you want it to go to a Facebook group and Say Join our Facebook Group all you do Here is press set action Go to website url Enter the website url right and so This Button Actually Submits The order form right There or the order Pages are set Up so that You if you submit the order or submit the form It Actually process is the Payment Right Use Very simple to link you know the credit Card Information to your stripe account we can Talk about How to set up products like That if you’re selling digital products or you know ebooks or whatever the case may be? I’m not gonna save that and so then You have the thank you page right and the Beautiful part about Having a Funnel setup with a Sales Page on order page and a Thank-You page as your three sets of Funnels Is Advertising and so a lot of you Out there who are you know Facebook ad Experts or you know fanatics or Whatever the case may be you i think you’re probably Understanding How exciting This setup is from a Facebook Advertising Perspective so all we have to do here very Simply is go into the overarching settings of this you Know three-tier Funnel ad In our Google Code for Remarketing if you do Google Adsense we can Add in our Facebook pixel code if you do Facebook Marketing and then we can You Know Make custom Audiences and we Can Make You Know Look-Alike Audiences from Those custom Audiences of People Who’ve only Viewed the order page right so they are about to buy But Then they chose not to write maybe something Crazy Happen maybe coffee Spilled on their laptop and you know Electrocuted It a horse you know something That Just interrupted What They were going To do so They Only view the order page but They never Actually Bought the course so they never bought the e-book or whatever it is and so They Never saw the thank-You page and so you know Those of You Who’ve Seen my YouTube video on Facebook Marketing Know The Beauty and Understand How exciting This is right Because you can make a custom audience of Everyone Who’s come to my website Seen my Sales page my order page But Not my thank-You page right so They’ve Seen It they’ve almost bought but then they didn’t So we can retarget them on Facebook and show them you know retargeting Ads for Very Cheap and those are the most profitable profitable Campaigns for Any Type of products Whether it’s physical Drop shipping Amazon Fba or digital products so let’S move on to talk about some Actual Example Funnels and You Guys are gonna love these i promise i’ve used these all three of these in my Actual Business these templates To start and we are going to be sharing these Exact templates of 100% for free for you guys you know to Immediately Start Playing With putting in your own Pictures Your own content Your own Copy right and you don’t need to get overwhelmed with this Because There’s so many Examples Out there of you Know Very Good Very Nicely Written Copy you Know Graphic artists are so cheap to find on fiverr on Up Work now that there’s Really no Excuses guys so get started and Let’s take a look at These three all right so let’s Jump Right in so the first one that we’re gonna look at is Actually the cheat Sheet that is in the description of This YouTube video It took me literally like five Minutes to set it up and It Allows me to you know build a community of People you know with the like Mind Kind of interest in clickfunnels and in Creating online Businesses and Communicate with them at a later date so right email Marketing is Kind of Just a you Know part of Any Business It lets You communicate Especially With all of my emails i tried to add value I’m not Just like constantly Selling or promoting some Random affiliate Thing i really Try to give away as much As i Possibly can completely for free so how this Works is you know it’s Just a Simple landing page Two Buttons right so give me my cheat Sheet you Just Put your email in and then Basically All you see at the back end is Just the thank you page Which is here and Once You see the thank-you page basically it has Links That you Can download You Know all the funnels That we’re gonna see today i’m gonna have links to them right How to sign Up for click? Funnels With A 14-day free trial to Join our Facebook Group alright our Clip on a list Ninjas Facebook Group Where people can You Know help each Other share Funnels There’s Always Like new different Technology coming Out for click Funnels Little Hacks That Save People Money right and then I’m gonna share Every single One of These Funnels That we’re gonna look at today Expert Secrets Right for an e-book dollar Beard Club for You Know any Type of e-commerce Stroller Hooks we’re gonna Talk about Foreign Amazon Products and we’re Actually going to do a Brand New one that i actually Just set up today for dropshipping Which we are going to talk about as well so make sure that you do if You are interested Join our clickfunnels Group on Facebook and if You want the cheat Sheet with all Of Our free funnels and Things Like That Feel free to grab that as well so The first One we’re looking at Is The Dollar Beard Club So What This one Is is Pretty Cool it’s basically Just you know a video Landing page with a Little Bit of social proof right you can change all these Imagery To your own logos and Things like That it’s pretty Simple This Is a Very Visually Appealing One Right three Buttons you can Just Add you If you’re selling some Beard product You could have like Beard Oil and like a Beard Comb and maybe like a Beard Trimmer and you Know you can add each of them to cart and then it’s Very Simple right you can Have youR logo if you want any Copy Here maybe You have like a Facebook comment That Says You Know how Great Your? Business Is and you know what an awesome customer service you Guys Have or whatever You can Just Add Very quickly add you know a Facebook comment Here or some Type of testimonial Just As Simple as the click of a Button Within the order page and then We Have the 2-Step order form Here where literally you? Just Put in your name shipping information Billing Info it’s Very Frictionless Again It’s Extremely Easy to do So something i want to talk about Really Quickly is How to actually Go about setting up The email Collection Right Because a Lot Of You are going to be using this strictly for email Collection So i want to go through You know Exactly. How to do that Really quick with a landing page so? I i can share This one as well the one that is Actually gonna be in the description i actually i will i’ll add That As another share Don’t Worry Every single Thing You see in here i will share with you Guys you can download it all for free when you Join The Facebook Group And so Let’s take a look actually at How we Set This Up because it can be Kind of complicated Your first time but it’s Actually quite simple and setting up landing Pages and collecting emails you know to Later Sell Other Products in The related niche or to communicate with your fans or customers or Whatever it Is is Extremely Important so when They Actually click This button we can see that in little Text right Here it Says open the pop-up Right and so if we want. To look at the pop-up We can Show the pop-up here this is where you actually Enter your name right Enter Your email Address and you press give me My Cheat Sheet as we can See Here it submits the form goes to the next page Which has all the information That They’re interested in right and so as we can See Here we can see integrations so Integrations Is where we Actually set Up you Know Which service we want to use I’ll Just remove This Really picture so i can show you guys to set it up from scratch Right we Can Use a Weber Which is another common Autoresponder If You don’t want to get the full suite you can pay for a Weber it’S quite cheap i think it’s actually free up Until a Certain Point so you can Click This here and then You basically Just Integrate an Existing form it’ll give you an Api key if you do use a Weber or mailchimp or whatever the case? Maybe It’s Very simple to set up right all you have to do is go into your click Funnel setting and you know if you Google Search how to connect Mailchimp to click Funnels There’s a tutorial if You Google Search how to connect a Weber to Click Funnels There’s a Tutorial so you know don’t be afraid to Google Things it’s impossible to show People How to do Every single Thing for everyone’s individual situations i personally use the full Sweet Action Etics and Which is Funny as a side note so i figured out today That action etics and the full suite is 297 dollars a Month Right so Around $3,600 a Year but if you buy the funnel Hacks training it’s only 1997 for a free full year of the full suite so it’s much Cheaper if you buy the funnel Hacks training you know as of September 2017 you get a full year for Way cheaper Than if you Just buy the Actual Software itself so there’s another Little Hack for you guys So if you do have the full suite i Just use action Etics Which is what their email responder is called – The same Thing? As Mailchimp Right it’s Just Click Funnels native i do Add to list here and Then Basically I Just Add to the click funnels cheat Sheet list so you know iF Later on i want to Send an email Only to my click Funnels People Now you can see that the integrations are set up right so seo metadata we can See that you know this is What shows Up Like Actually in Google the Click funnels Cheat Sheet That ExPloded my Sales all Right tracking Code we can See that we Add our Facebook pixel here and you can Add you know Facebook custom Events Right If You want to track People That if you want to specifically track leads or if you want to specifically track Purchases On a purchase page right and i talked about all that in my Facebook Tutorial in My YouTube Channel so if you Guys are interested in a Facebook tutorial People are Saying That They Really like it so Hopefully you Guys Might Like It too if you are interested Right so if you want to change the csS if you want To change the background color right so all the settings are Just right Here Very simple to do and so yeah i Just wanted to show you guys How you actually link and collect emails If you want to do a Weber or mailchimp or any of the other ones Just Google Search how to integrate it with Click funnels and it’ll show you a Step-by-Step How Exactly to do that so Let’s Jump back in As we can See here we have the Beard dollar Carl azuz made at the dollar Beard Club page and What we see here is an ode so an oto is something that Russell Brunson Who is one of the founders of Clickfunnels Believes Very Strongly in It stands for a one-time offer and so a one-time offer Basically Says you know if you buy this Beard Trimmer Right Now you Know we’re going to throw in you know two extra Beard Trimmers and three Beard Oils like for only $19 right so it Adds value to the overall value of Your overall cart and you Know obviously you Get more Money and you Get more Sales and once You get a customer you know it’s much easier to kind Of Get them to buy more Than versus Just like a cold customer so that Is the dollar Beard Club it’s really Good for you Know ecommerce Stores or if you have a You Know set of niche products that You are trying to sell or upsell and Again Finally The order Confirmation page Which is great for you know Facebook marketing and Things Like That So this Next one we’re gonna take a look at Is for Drop shipping so this is a Great one if you find like some specific Little Niche Right Like Let’s Say That we’re selling this product Let’s Say That We Found it like on buzzsumo or you know Google trends or we Found that you know there was a ton of Orders on all The Express and People were making a Bunch of Money Right And if You Guys are curious i do have a video on how to find products on shopify Which is a Great great Way to Find you know products to sell on Aliexpress That can Be super profitable right finding a Necklace That Costs $2 on all Express and Selling It for $29.99 or even 1995 or whatever it is right has a Huge profit Margin Which Gives you some wiggle Room for marketing and Things Like That and so If you Guys are interested in finding how Exactly to drop Ship and use shopify to sell these really ridiculously profitable Products From Aliexpress Go ahead and Check out the shopify Product Research video on My YouTube so we’re gonna take a Look here free widget right This is set up beautifully yes Express Express Ship me My five for you Widgets right They have some social proof in here all you literally have to do on The old Editor Page is Click Edit Right And we Can Just Literally it’S Drag-And-Drop as we’ve Talked about before Adding Buttons Right You can Put Your own copy in here very easily Just change it to whatever you want if you want To change the picture you know Just come to settings right Here? Go ahead and change the picture right Here literally all you can Just upload anything You want from Your Desktop So more Photos of our Happy customers Right a Hundred percent secure check out our Refund guarantee a Lot of These you know Nice little Things That Just convert Better Right and When you when you use these you know Kind of Proven Funnels That We’ve tested and That we’ve made Work you know you don’t Have to really test That Much Yourself but that is good to note Right Because Testing Is Very important so click Funnels you know with with a normal website you’d have to recreate a Whole page right You’d have to? Change One Little aspect or whatever and then You’d have to figure out some way to drive Half of Your traffic to one Half of Your traffic to the other we can See here that we created a split test literally? So easily That it’s like Almost it’s almost difficult. To really. Believe so we’re gonna choose This one as the Winner? or Actually Let’s Let’s show you in a different Way so For This for This specific one so this is the stroller hook so let’s Say That we want to test Two different videos we want to send 50% of our traffic to one video everything Else is the same 50% of our traffic to another video Literally all You do At Any Step Whether it’s the first step second step Doesn’t matter right to test to split test or a be test or whatever you do or Whatever you want to call It literally all you press is create Variation create duplicate page from free stroller Hooks And so all and Then That’s going to literally Just create the exact same page we’re gonna do Fifty Percent of traffic to each Apply Changes we’re Applying your Changes Right so they save It and then all you have to do is come into this split test Let’s Say we Wanted to change the YouTube url we have two different videos of our Amazing you Know free stroller Hooks all we Do Is come in here Change The YouTube url press save and That’s Literally as Easy as It Is Possible to get to do a Very Advanced split test Within 30 seconds Like You’ll never see that anywhere else it’s extremely exciting Clickfunnels Just Makes it’S so much Easier Which and removing you know the Friction of Creating Your own website and you know figuring Out all the html and figuring out How to like do all the website coding and all That Just it’s stopped People from getting started and clickfunnels While Is maybe a Little Bit more Expensive at first it’s going to make you money and you’re going to learn and execute and Actually create This profit and well so much Faster Just trust me when i say that Guys All right so let’s take a Look here so the next part of the order form Is Here order form with quantities So we can take a look at This Actual form itself as we see a very well-Designed Order form Right Enter Your Contact Information choose how many Widgets You’d like to have Maximum of five per customer? Yes Send me my Widgets like once They Kind of fill it out Which is Very easy and Here is the one-time offer Which is always fun so We’re going to Jump in here and take a look at this Add One more Widget to my order for Only x x Amount of Dollars right so if you want to add One more Widget to your Order For Forty-five Percent discount Then we’re gonna send it to you for this right and so when you have When you’re selling a product that Costs you two Dollars to buy and They’re Buying It for you know ten twenty even Thirty Dollars even if You give them a 50% off discount Let’s Say You’re Selling it for Ten so you have an eight You have an Eight Dollar or Eighty Percent profit Margin? If you sell them a Second one at Forty five Percent off right That Just Cuts Your Profit Margin in Half and Then You’re Still making more profit Than you would have if you didn’t sell them a Second Widget so the one-Time offer Is a Beautiful You Know Little Addition to these Funnels Russell Brunson Has proven again and again and again That you know this stuff Works One-Time offers and Things Like That so it’s a Beautiful little Funnel that we Would use for Drop Shipping So let’s look at the last one This Is a free stroller hook so this is what i personally use for My Amazon coupon distribution Right So They have a Little Nice little video Here? That They probably partnered With some Type of Influencer for on YouTube using you know Jen video or any of Those websites to create product videos And They Just Put It here in this Nice little Looking landing page with a Very frictionless Two-Step order page right Here where we Just put in our name shipping Billing Information right and we Have You Know a Little Bit of Scarcity Hurry This offer won’t last long Here’s What People Saying are Saying on Amazon You know they have? Literal Screenshots of All Their five-star Reviews on the ultimate stroller Hooks With some more pictures yes i Mean free stroller Hooks Just Pay a small shipping and Handling Fee right so this is another Very popular method that People Use When i was first starting house Thing How could They shoot me this product for free if I’m Only Paying shipping and Handling but if You Think about it it’s not Really how It seems right Because if the shipping and Handling Is 795 and the products free Right If you buy the product for $2 you’re still making a $6 Margin on that so you know you Just charge them 795 that Literally Just Comes in As a Credit Card Payment so it’s basically Like They’re Paying eight Dollars for the product you’re paying two Dollars and you’re profiting That’s six dollars so free plus shipping Is a Great method It Works Incredibly well Because People see on Facebook as an ad the ceo it’s free and they Click Through and It Gives you you know a Much Much Cheaper Conversion Rate for Those Link Clicks and you know getting People Into your ecosystem Where they’re giving you their email and you can you know Remark It to them and retarget Them Because They See your order page i Mean Yeah do the People who understand i Get Really Excited about This stuff Because it’s Just such a Beautiful iterative process Once You Understand Kind of How the full stream ecosystem Works and so That’s Kind of you Know and They have a Little pop-up here let’s talk about how that Pop-up was Actually Set Up so i’ve never Actually Looked personally Because They must have it on a Timer Here? and so we can Go in go to pop-up edit settings Right trigger on Exit Show When user tries to exit so i was about to exit the overall store and so They Actually had a Pop-up Trigger Saying okay this this user is about to leave The Specific page and so it’ll pop Up the pop-up only When They’re about to do that and then you know Say This person might Not Be as comfortable Buying on From Clickfunnels or from a website as They Would be Buying on amazon and so This specific Funnel is Very Cleverly set Up Where you know When the user is about to exit They give you one Final chance to buy and Just link to their Actual Amazon Page and those of You who are my students are do follow the Amazon Fba Ninja course or my YouTube Know that there’s a Great Way to you know create an Amazon Fba link Where you can Actually track Exactly How much Property you’re getting from These Ads and From These specific Click Funnels so there’s Always a Way to do things Guys You Just have to figure it out knowledge is powers i’m Trying to share as much As i Possibly can With You guys so i hope it’s helpful and so this is Kind of the Final one we’re gonna look at And so those are Kind of the funnels that i wanted to talk about and so Let’S take a Chance Now to Just Kind of summarize What we discuss so clickfunnels Really is good at taking The Friction Out of creating a Fully Sustainable website right You don’t have to learn about domains you don’t Have to learn html to like you know Position where you have things on the screen and images and? Hosting and All Of Those different Kind of complexities It Makes That Incredibly Simple Right Click Funnels also Makes It Incredibly Simple to create order Forms and order Pages and Accept Payments those are all different plugins That You Normally Have to integrate if you’re using WordPress or other Things like That It also Makes mobile Compatibility Extremely Easy Which may Not seem like a huge deal if you’ve never created a website before but You know 60% of my traffic comes from mobile and If You don’t have a Fully optimized mobile website People Will immediately Not give You Any Light Of day They’re Not going to break from you They’re not even going to look at Your website if it’s not Fully optimized on mobile You immediately Lost 60% of your customers click Funnels Makes that so much Easier Because everything is Fully optimized As you know mobile and desktop so it’s Great At You Know adding Images Titles Text with different colors and Things Like That it’s a it’s really Good at Adding Timers Which Adds a Little Bit of Scarcity if You want to you you know try to push people to purchase a product or Service It Makes It Amazingly Simple to have you know a Very succinct set of steps to Kind of Funnel youR customers in the Direction you Want to go and It Makes It Very simple to build and collect different email lists for different you know product Lines or different Interests or you Know Whatever the case may be to segment People that you can follow Up in a Very succinct Way It Makes Landing Pages so easy right so landing Pages are not Only important Just for collecting emails you can Also you Know have them for selling products like We Saw with the Beerd Page you can have an E-commerce You Know landing page Very easily set up that Way you can have a Drop sipping page where you Literally Are Just Linking The Buyer from Your Funnel Then There People are finding It from face book Ads right Your Your Advertising on Facebook They’re Clicking from a Facebook ad to your landing page and They’re Buying Your product from your landing page for 10 eur Then immediately Automatically Buying It from all The Express for – right and There’s Ways to do that Which we are gonna talk about a Little Bit more in the click Funnels Ninja Facebook Group order LyTx Right Now is The software that Makes it the easiest To automate Drop shipping and those of You who do follow my Channel i know i promised you a tutorial on how to automate How to automate Your Drop Shipping Funnels Using order Lytx It’s not that complicated i will create That for you as i promised and we are going to be talking about it in the click Funnels Group so Another Thing that is Very interesting to think about is right a Lot of People May not start Because They don’t know How to create a website click Funnels mix that Easy right or they don’t. Have a bunch of Money To have a developer Help Them or you know to get? Products Going Click Funnels Helps That Because Literally You can You know create a Gig on fiverr or on Up Work as a Freelancer or you can Just you know Go through the click funnels Facebook Groups and look for People Who need help Building Funnels and you can Learn How to create these Funnels and then become a Freelancer Where you’re charging People you know $20 an hour as a Click Funnels builder or click Funnels Expert and once you Kind of figure Out The editor for Yourself It Becomes quite easy to create these Funnels Save People time Save People Money Right and You become a value a Very Valuable Resource That Way and the Beauty of That Guys Is Every time You Build a Funnel right You have that Funnel in your portfolio and click Funnels Makes It so easy to share that you? Know you can continue to sell that Funnel or you know Just to make Changes For People With adding Their content or images and it’s Very simple and It Becomes a Very profitable Account own When you start to accumulate more and more Funnels So it’s up again Very easy to tip for Opt-in Lead Generation It’s Extremely Easy to sell a digital product like an e-book right it’s Very simple to set up Fulfillment emails Which is how i Actually facilitate my Amazon Fba course you can’t i you know access into membership Sites so Let’s Say You want to make a Course or something where you have a Set of videos That People Get access to? you can Literally as Soon as Their Payment is processed in stripe click Funnels Is automatically notified and It Signs them access based on That Payment Which is Incredibly Hard to facilitate without clickfunnels i know it Sounds easy When i describe it like That But Just trust me you guys i’ve made a ton of websites and i’ve tried it all by Myself and i came Over to clickfunnels Because It was so much easier and more you know Centralized and compact and Beautifully Kind of Set Up in a Very you know tech Not not Necessarily You don’t need to be tech Savvy to be Able to do all of This so we talked about Drop shipping order Lytx Right So order lettuce is Extremely important Because It automates you know you iF you’re starting to get to a scale you know at first if you’re getting like Ten orders a day It’s very exciting and easy to Kind of you know Buy 10 units for $2 each For $20 and then you know you got a revenue of 10 Units Times $20 so you Got $200 right and you only Spent $20 so you Got a Hundred and Eighty profit it’s exciting right But Once You start getting Up into the Hundred orders a Day or You Know a Thousand orders a day it’s Just not it’s not Feasible To process all those By Yourself so order so order Linux Kind of Automates That for you and again We Will be talking about That in the Clickfunnels Ninja Group so make sure you do Join That and Get the cheat Sheet iF you’re interested so amazon Coupons and Giveaways We Talked about That with the free stroller Hooks Again it’s Very This is a Very Nicely Designed page and We Will Be sharing This with you Guys all for free you Know a bunch Of different product Photos Very Simple Here people do not like complexity i’ve split test again and again and Again and These Huge buttons Right are Very Very effective and Just Trust me When i say that in you know getting People to purchase your products and So the last Kind of a Couple Things are the other two Features of the full suite and the full suite is a Little Bit more Expensive Than You Know some People might be Interested in But We Will Talk about you Know exactly What the full suite offers Just Really quickly as you know an end and then i’m gonna Reveal You Know What i personally Feel the best Ways are to make Money Using it click Funnels all right so the last two little Features For Full suite we’re gonna Go through These Pretty quick i could do an entire training on you know Just Action edx Which is the autoresponder Similar to mailchimp right it’s how you send emails to a Thousand People at Once or 10,000 people at Once and you know these are normally Expensive Kind of Their own Mailchimp is you Know tears up as you Get more and more Subscribers if i had mailchimp i Would Currently Be paying you know probably $200 a month or more Just Literally for Mailchimp Just Because of you know the amount of contacts i have so let’s take a look at Call action etics So basically What this is right so we have you know 12 almost 12,000 members you can Set Up email Lists Extremely Easy Right i Showed you how to actually integrate you know specific click Cheat Sheets or Opt-in Pages to specific Email Lists They Make It Very Easy to set up Kind of automatic Campaigns Say That Somebody came to like Your webinar page but never Actually Registered You can Send an automatic email Saying hey you know i noticed That you got close but You Didn’t Actually Actually Watch The Webinar so you can set Up Kind of automatic Campaigns Here setting up email Broadcasts Is Very Simple right and Then Action Funnels is how you actually set Up like automatic emails right so if somebody Subscribes to your you Know cheat Sheet like the one i Showed i will set Up you know an action Funnel Well Actually Why don’t i Just do that Right Now so we’ll call this click Funnels Cheat Sheet and we’ll Put This click false with a Group tag and Group tag Is is basically Just a Way to keep Things organized for Yourself we’re gonna choose the click funnels cheat Sheet as the list right actions will immediately Start four Contacts on these lists as Soon As the step is Marked live right and so we’re gonna create That action Funnel and Then the first step it’s super Simple right This is Just gonna be auto email Trigger Is send email we’re gonna send That Zero Hours or Zero Days Zero Hours after so right as Somebody you Know opts in to the click funnels cheat Sheet Funnel It is going to actually email you you know immediately Whatever you know i create in this template here and so I’m not gonna you know bore you guys and create the Whole template Right Now but i Just Showed You as Easy as It is Literally to set Up an automated action Funnel and for those of You who use other email providers you Know sometimes It can Be a Little Bit more complicated to do that so click follow Just has so much Here All in one Place for One Payment right and it’s Just you guys can I’m Very passionate about it i’m Very you know i have a Huge Amount of belief in Russell Brunson and Todd dickerson and you know the Whole team and clickfunnels i Know That They’re gonna Really take This to the moon and so i have absolutely you know the biggest amount of passion for this Actual Software and it’s really Changed You know the way i’ve Been Able to do business in a Very you know structured Kind of Way In a larger scale Than It would ever be possible for you know one person to do and I’ve Kind of done it Hopefully Mostly by Myself so this is Backpack How backpack Works is Basically you Set up an affiliate program and for those of You who aren’t here who don’t know about What affiliate programs are so let’s Say i Sell you know how to meditate course for $100 i would make My affiliate Commission you know you could make it 25 percent or 50 percent or 75 percent or whatever you want so Let’s Say It’S 50 percent so if i said if I’m selling My $100 course on how to meditate i make My 50 percent affiliate commission and then It People Out there can Advertise my course for Me right to other Friends maybe They have a Friend that Wants to meditate so they Say hey you know What’s up can you want To buy Kevin’s course on how to meditate and use my affiliate link so if that person Buys My course on how to meditate for $100 through Their affiliate Link They Get 50% of That Overall Payment right and They Make It Extremely easy to Actually Just Pay Pay Out those Payments so i paid out you know probably $25,000 in affiliate commissions Yesterday and so we have another you know 1700 from today to pay out To all of My Amazing affiliates Out there who are spreading the word and you know teaching People about How to be free using Amazon Fba and soon to be you know shopify and Facebook Maybe So it’s incredibly easy you don’t Have to use you know Clickbank or any Other different affiliate service so you Have a Fully you know you have a Fully structured and Robust Way to create websites you know with order Pages Timers Stuff You Know all Different Types of Things That Would take different plugins to try to figure out all in one place and Funnels you have your action etics? That Replaces all of The Needs for an autoresponder with you know action Funnels Where you can create automatic Emails if Sort of Certain Thing Triggers Like They Opt-in to your click funnels cheat Sheet or whatever it Is and then you Have Backpack Where you can Actually you Know track Your affiliate commit you know pay Your Payments Directly Literally All It is you Just click Paypal Here and That’s as Simple As It Possibly can Get You Guys and It has It all here for you you Know in the Beautiful part about It is as i Showed you earlier you know you can Get the $37 Plan or the $67 Plan Just for a Few Funnels to start Kind of Get your Feet wet Without spending Too Much Upfront and then you know as You start to scale higher and higher And You’re Making more and more Money From click Funnels you can scale as Necessary so Let’S talk about Then the Final Kind of in my opinion the best Way to make Money using click Funnels so affiliate Marketing Is a Great Way you can create a Landing page Right for Whether it’s for the Amazon Fba Ninja course and you Just Use your Affiliate Link there or you know iF you’re going on Clickbank and finding other affiliate offers to Market for you can use That specific Link and then You Just Literally drive People to a landing page When they purchase Through Your affiliate Link you Get 50% of the money or 25% or whatever it Is and it’s that simple and it Costs Basically nothing Upfront You don’t have to buy products you want to do anything like That It’s a Very Good Way to make Money Without Actually you know creating a Product or creating a You Know course or whatever Yourself? Another Way is drop shipping So we’re using order LyTx to automate or we’re Just Manually Fulfilling them Ourselves you Know iF you’re only getting 10 orders a day It’s very exciting Kind of Paying $20 for something and getting $200 for the exact same Thing and so Once You start to scale up maybe you can Check out order Lytx but you know in The meantime You can Just do it all manually and it’s Very Easy you can use it for distributing coupons for Amazon Fba Like i Showed in a previous video you Know in my opinion if i had to choose One because i know everybody’s gonna Ask me you know what is the Absolute best Way iF you’re gonna start from scratch The best Way to make Money using clickfunnels or you know in General is to Create something of true value to people right and then to Enable People to you know Make Money from that and value from that so Selling a digital Product Whether it’s an e-book on how to lose weight or you know a Video Series on how to meditate or maybe it’s something teaching how to advertise on Facebook or shopify or any Number of Things Right Creating? a Incredibly Valuable Digital asset That is Worth Significantly more Plus the community that you Join right with the Amazon Fba Ninjas and i tried Incredibly Hard and Spent Thousands of Hours creating This community of People and if you can create a Digital asset That’s worth more Than the Money It costs to buy using clickfunnels – you Know Automatically Fulfill That Digital asset Right Assign membership automatically and create a Huge Beautifully Orchestrated Automatic infrastructure all As a single person right You don’t need employees it’S all Basically automated and It Just Selling a digital product on ebook Some type of video Series of Webinar Maybe You know an hour long Kind of Master Class on some Topic Maybe You’re teaching Somebody had a you Know Draw or there’s you know there’s Been Guys Who become millionaires Using Click Funnels and Other different software teaching all different Types of Things like You know i Remember reading a Case Study From Russell on a guy who became a millionaire Just because he had an obsession With Learning How to Jump he was you know he was a White man Who can’t Jump and he wanted to be Able to Dunk and So he basically dedicated His life became started a YouTube Channel started a Blog about How he was teaching Himself using all these different methods and you Know comparing and contrasting Ways to actually be Able to increase his vertical leap right and so, he created an entire Business Creating a Super Valuable Digital asset or set of Digital assets or a Course or whatever you want to call it teaching People How to Jump so adding true value to people in some way that They care about and then you know using the Beauty and the power and the automation of clickfunnels to actually Fulfill that Is Really Just a Thing that Is so difficult to achieve this level of scale Without The Necessity of a Bunch of employees and complication Using Click Funnels Just Makes That Easy Guys and i’ve Never Actually Shown anyone this before but i do have Kind of In the works a Ninja millionaire course where we’re gonna teach you guys Exactly How to actually make a Course and Really take it to the moon and so i you Know if you Guys are interested you Know i’ve Just i’m Kind of starting to put the skeleton together I’m not gonna release It Tomorrow and it’s definitely not gonna be for Everyone at All it’s going to be only for you know a Very specific set of People Because it’s Incredibly hard you know Forming a passionate Following and Really providing true value to People but if you guys are interested definitely leave me a comment in The comments Below Telling me that You would you know be interested in a Course on how to make a Course i’m thinking about calling It the millionaire course Ninjas Right Because i am so sure When i say This guys and i’m not you know i’m not always completely passionate i Mean i usually am but i know for a 100% fact That This specific Course is going to make millionaires i i know it for a fact i’m a Hundred Percent Confident in It that It is going to really Drastically Change People’s Lives who are Willing to put the work in so i mean This course on Everything You Need to know to make a Hugely Successful digital Course i will eventually release Maybe but if you Guys are interested Let me know and Maybe Y’All Maybe i’ll release That a Little Bit sooner so i Really Do hope That that Was you know a Good Kind of Introduction to all of Clickfunnels If you are interested in you know any of the funnels i Showed I’M more Than happy to share them all with you Guys i Hope that If you are if you are interested you Join the click Funnels Ninjas Group i promise i’ll try to make that you know As valuable as possible for Everyone and share as Much As i can for free and Just create Like a You Know community of People That want to help each Other so those are a bunch Of different Ways That you can Make Money With Click Funnels i hope You Guys Enjoyed It and if you have any questions feel free to reach Out to me on the clickfunnels Ninja page and we Will definitely See you guys Next time don’t forget to subscribe down Below Click The notification Bells so that You Get Updated on Every single that Lifestyle Ninja video in the future i promise i’m gonna be Absolutely Bringing Only The best Tutorials on how to make Money leave YouR nine-to-five Job behind and Join The digital Nomad Movement

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