April 2, 2020
How To Make Money Online With Less Than $100! (Step by Step Tutorial)

How To Make Money Online With Less Than $100! (Step by Step Tutorial)

most people are going to tell you that
it’s going to cost you thousands of dollars to make money online and start a
business well scratch that because in this video I’m going to prove to you
that all you need is a hundred dollars or less to start your own online
business and make money I’m going to show you how to do this step by step
without missing out anything and I’ll prove that you only need a crispy $100
bill to make money online and start your own online business and I’m going to
show you the best method to do it so if you want to know how you can do this
with this and a hundred dollars smash that like button and we’ll now jump in
and I’ll show you how to get this done all right guys you’re going to want to
watch this video to the end it’s pretty much an entire free course on how to
make money online with little money literally we’re gonna be doing this
under $100 I’m not going to show you how to go and start a YouTube or anything
like that I’m not going to tell you to go and do any spammy garbage you will
learn how to start a real business online that actually makes you money and
you’re going to be copying what I’m already doing and I want to show you
proof that I’m doing this you can literally carve and copy what I’m doing
now guys can you really do this with less than $100 I’m going to prove to you
that for less than $100 right now you can start to make money on line okay I’m
going to prove it to you and yes this does get results guys I’m gonna take you
through step-by-step so how much can you make doing this now you can eventually
make a lot now I’m a very transparent guy it does get a little bit slow to
start but eventually you can make a lot of
money doing this and here’s some proof $800 a month of 900 900 this is gonna be
my biggest month yet and that is nine hundred already and I’ve still got 10
days left so so this month I’ll definitely be doing $1,500 at least with
this one particular thing that I’m promoting and then down here guys I’m
doing around about $13 a month doing this method so now that thirteen dollars
a month isn’t all from this method but a lot of it is so guys I’m going to show
you step by step how you can go and this and we need to cover the first step
step number one is essentially we are only going to spend the money the rest
of the steps are going to be completely free for you to do okay so step number
one guys you need to go out and start a website now a lot of people seem to
think that starting websites hard you shouldn’t start a website or whatever
but you if you want to start a business online guys 100 percent of people that
do that have a website of some sort whether it’s affiliate marketing drop
shipping whether they’re doing personal branding everybody has a website whose
step number one goes is to go and start a website and it does not cost much at
all so I recommend going to this link which will be below we you don’t have to
but you need to go and find some place where you can host a website this is
called bluehost.com you can do everything right here you simply click
on get started it’s going to take you through where you pick a plan and you
also get a free domain name usually you’ll have to pay for that so go down
guys and just click the basic plan that’s all you need when you’re starting
then go and put in your domain name and we’re just going to put in a random one
here guys and then go to next then on the next step you want to fill out your
details okay and I’m just gonna do that real quick and come back now guys once
you fill in the details there’s a couple of things you’re going to come down to
first of all you want to uncheck all of this stuff okay because it costs
unnecessary money if you do want you probably could leave privacy protection
on but it’s going to cost you money the next step is to go down and click on the
basic twelve month price which is four dollars and ninety five per month and
that is gonna run us guys fifty nine dollars and forty cents yes we can run a
website for twelve months for only $59 so that is the first step to go and sign
up to some web hosting guys get your free domain name and start a website and
what we’re gonna be doing is going out and promoting particular products to
make money I’m going to show you the products that i promote I’m going to
show you proof that I’m doing this right now and it’s working now what what you
want to do guys is once you’ve signed up you’re going to go
into the back dashboard and stuff like that but we’ll talk about that in a
second because the next step is you want to go and find software products that
you can get a commission from then you want to compare it to other products in
the industry so let me show you an example of that that I’m doing right now
and this you can go and copy this so this is the program called get response
it’s an email marketing platform and this is the results right here at the
top one now this particular product guys you can get $100 per sign up or you can
get 33% monthly recurring commissions which is what I’m doing okay so you
decide what one you want to do but what I do guys is they go and compare get
response with other particular products and also compare clickfunnels with other
products so clickfunnels is another one click funnels as a program will you go
and promote and you get a 40 percent commission it’s called affiliate
marketing so I do this guy’s right here it’s live we’re gonna dive more into
this in a second but now I want to go and show you how to actually set up your
website so you can start making money doing this okay
so let me just go back to the steps real quick so we are at step number one is to
go and create a website it’s under coaster over 50 bucks if you click the
link below step number two you want to find a software product that you can get
commissions from and you can compare with other products so on this
particular tutorial guys we’re going to be talking about click tunnels and get
response and doing articles and stuff on that now once you do that guys you want
to log in to your WordPress dashboard this is called WordPress it’s where we
go and start our website you’re just going to be a lot more basic than this
this is a website that’s running right now but you want to go and get a theme I
recommend going to my theme shop calm clicking on themes and then go to Shima
fastest and SEO optimized WordPress theme this is free for you to use this
is a beautiful theme it looks amazing and you can go and get this for free
once you have this theme guys this is step number three once you have a good
WordPress theme you want to go back to the dashboard you
want to go to appearance and themes and you want to upload that theme by
clicking add new and uploading the file that you download as you can see guys
I’ve gone and uploaded a theme and it’s ready to upload and I uploaded the one
that I just pointed out to you and then I’m gonna go install now and this is
going to install this theme on the website it’s gonna look beautiful
and we can have a look in a second and then I’m going to click activate so we
have done three steps now guys we have done we’re hosting for $59 we have done
we’ve you’ve gone out and and you’ve gone and found some products that you
want to promote and get a commission right we talked about how to get traffic
and all that in a minute and then now step number three we’ve gone out and got
a good WordPress theme Before we jump into step number four guys I just want
to go over something really quickly to help you navigate WordPress a little bit
easier okay once your themes install case you don’t really need to worry
about installing all of this garbage what you want to do guys is you want to
go to plugins now okay and you want to install a plugin called the classic
editor this is free it just makes WordPress a lot easier to use and you
want to install a plug-in called I don’t argue Yoast SEO
okay so install the classic builder and Yoast SEO okay
classic editor sorry to do that go to add new and simply search those two
plugins in the top right so Yoast you want to go and install this plugin we’re
going to need that later and classic you want to go and install the classic
editor and activate these two plugins once you’ve done that we’re ready for
the next step now guys I do want to point out that I’m trying to make this
as clear as possible but obviously I don’t want a super long video so just go
back and go over things again if I’m a little bit too fast but these steps are
start a website find products that you want to promote and essentially compare
with each other it’s a lot easier to do that and
you want to get a good WordPress theme because what we’re creating guys is
something like this where we compare two products and people click on these
buttons and we get a commission so this is get response here if I click on this
button it takes people to get response and I get a commission if they sign up
via their link now the easy part is starting the website finding the
products but how do we get the traffic how do we actually make money by doing
this I’m going to show you how to do it properly how I’ve been doing it for many
years and why this works and how this all works okay so the next step in the
process guys once you’ve activated those two plugins and you’ve got a theme on
your website you’ve got your website started is to go back and to the next
step and step number four is we need to write and upload an article to your
website and optimize the article based on keywords so the first place we need
to start here is keywords what sort of keywords should you target
but you know anoint sort of stuff now a lot of people over complicate this
process if you don’t want a keyword as it’s been someone searches in Google
specific queue and you want your website to rank at the top now what I do guys is
instead of trying to focus on specific keywords I do stuff like clickfunnels
verse get response click funnels verse leadpages or click funnels verse other
things and I don’t necessarily optimize for one particular keyword I just let
Google rank me for all sorts of stuff because Google is pretty smart at
figuring this stuff out now obviously you not want it you don’t
want to go and rank for hard keywords like just get response or click funnels
you want to rank for things like um what’s better click funnels get response
and stuff like that now to prove that this works guys before we kind of move
on here’s some of the positions that I rank for for that particular article so
where I rank it’s just a tip of the iceberg I rank for thousands of keywords
get response and click funnels I rank for number four and all of these get
search traffic guys click funnels versus get response I rank for number one and
two and what I mean by that guys as if we go
to Dec search term my website is here and there’s in the snippet
there’s also below it so this is my website at the top if we click on that
it goes through to the article that I’m showing you and this is my site guys if
I click on my story it’s me there this is my real website I owned this website
so and if we go back to the document I rank for the this keyword here one and
two this keyword here one and two should I get clickfunnels will get response one
in two better than click bundles number six I rank for hundreds and thousands of
keywords guys that Google meshes all together so how do we do this let’s dive
into how we can get this done for you so the next step is articles and I just
recommend you find two products and you compare them and let Google do the work
for you so the next step guys is to go back to your website and you want to go
to the post section on the left and you want to click add new post and we’re
something going to add a new post we’re literally just kind of replicate what
I’ve already done so you can see you know because I know this works it works
for me so you want to put an eighth title guys so for example I have some
text here and guys writing the article is it’s free right you’re not spending
any money to write an outer course completely free so you know there’s no
excuse not to not to go do this so we’re going to take the title here and I’m
going to put the title and either keep the title in there now you do or some
keywords in the title so clickfunnels verse get responses essentially my main
keyword and then you can just put whatever add at the wrist on the rest of
it but I’ve at least got click funnels and get response in the title then you
want to put some content in this a box here guys okay let’s go and do that
let’s get this text up I’m going to put some content and the and the thing here
and throughout the text guys you want to have keywords like click funnels get
response which ones better comprehensive look and Google’s going to
go and take random keywords from this and start to rank you for things it’s
smart enough to put things together now as we go down guys you
want to you want to put in what we call a h2 or h3 a header so I’m gonna put in
so this is what I like to do I like to do things like what is clickfunnels
because it’s essentially another keyword and you highlight this and you go to
paragraph and you make this an h2 heading and this symbolizes to Google
this is what this paragraph is about and then you put your text below okay that
now I’m not going to go too heavily into details on how to optimize the page
because you can go online guys I’ve got videos of my channel how to do this if
you literally go on my channel I’ll leave a link below to one of my other
videos where I teach you about search engine optimization and how to optimize
this page but I’ll show you some basic optimization so like honestly my best
advice is just write naturally because Google can figure out the rest Google
knows what to do optimize it but just make it natural and google loves natural
content now as I go down guys we’ve got some stuff in here I’m just going to
click Save draft okay and I’m going to click preview now this is going to look
a little bit messy with them I haven’t optimized the theme but you’ll see it
actually doesn’t look too bad to be honest we now have an article here that
says click panels versus get response the automated marketing showdown and
it’s got the text here the text here the text here and I’ve literally just
showing you a showing you in this 20 minute video how’d it go and get a
website starter for 50 bucks how’d it go and put the content on and you know
essentially over time Google’s gonna start to rank the stuff and you’re gonna
start to get traffic from Google and people typing stuff in Google I mean
that’s what I do guys it’s literature literally what I do this is a seven
figure business seven figures a year this makes this is literally what I do
in one of my online businesses and here is the proof guys this is just one of
the articles okay so that’s what you want to do guys now let’s go over some
basic optimization so here’s the article let’s go over some just some basic
optimization what you want to do guys is in at the URL and just make it a little
bit shorter so I’m going to make the clickfunnels verse get response which is
what I have in my other article here right click funnels versus get response
now as we scroll down guys we have this section here this is the Yoast SEO
plugin that I mentioned before this is where we edit what it looks like in
Google like this this is we’re gonna now going to be editing this section here
which what it looks like in Google so we want we’re going to edit what we want
people to see when they search this term and this does two things it tells people
what it’s about but also helps Google rank this article so we go back to edit
post guys you can click on here and you can simply change the title so I’m going
to do something like click funnels verse get response what one should you choose
okay so click donald’s verse get response what one should you choose okay
so I’ve got click funnels in there get response in there and then what one
should you choose or maybe something better actually will be like see what
this review uncovers so it’s always good to put the word review in here because
then your shot for things like you could show I’m saying you could show up but
things like clickfunnels review get response review so it is good to put
review in the title and the SEO title and the article and stuff like that
right now the the Meta Description is this section here okay so in that
section guys you also want to put you can leave that blank if you want
actually it doesn’t matter too much because Google will go and take relevant
information from your article and put it inside this when people search but if
you want something something specific just type it in here like hey check out
this review on click funnels and get response
okay so I’ve just I’m quickly typed it out guys hey check out this review on
click funnels and get response we take a deep look at what these platforms can do
for you keep to find out more you need to remember
that at this point guys this is the first time someone sees anything related
to your site in Google it needs to be clickable needs because you want to get
high click-through rates because that’s what Google likes and you need to put
some keywords in there and stuff like that so it’s highly important that you
do optimize this quite well so people will click through to your website so
that guys as right as how to right get an article uploaded to your website and
then use the SEO plugin to optimize the article to rank in Google this is an
important part you need to definitely make sure you get this right because you
this is where people first see your website and Google step number six guys
is to repeat number three and four and do more articles on other keywords and
products to compare your ultimate goal here is to create a website based on
reviewing products comparing products that you get a commission from so you
don’t need to just do get response this is just an example you don’t need to
just keep you don’t need to do get response you don’t need to do click
funnels you can do leadpages like if I go to Google right now and I put in best
funnel builders right we have a list right away
leadpages click funnels instapage elegant theme Divi builder Unbounce
we have an entire list of of funnel building programs and guess what these
guys are doing affiliate marketing we literally just got pulled into our own
trap they are doing affiliate marketing as well so that’s another thing you can
do best funnel builders and you can go put your affiliate links and just like
these guys have and get a commission right the the spiderweb of like I don’t
think people understand the the scale of this you can literally do thousands if
not you will see thousands if not hundreds of thousands of articles if you
wanted to based on this stuff and build out this
huge website that can essentially make you millions in the long run I have
another blog EECOM elites we’ve done 80 articles right now we’re building it out
we’re already making over $300 a day with that we plan to get it to
three both $500 our $500,000 a month so there is so much money to be made
now the next step guys one more step that I do want to cover so there’s the
rankings for that one remember it ranks for hips of stuff as you might be asking
yourself how do I get these buttons down here so people can click on them and put
call to actions that’s what they’re called call to actions to do that guys I
use a plugin called thrive leads now this does cost a little bit of money it
does blow the budget out over a hundred dollars I think but this is something
you don’t actually need however I do recommend you get it okay so let’s see
how much it blows the budget out just because you can so sixty seven dollars
for one license or you can do $12 per month so even though the 67 brings it
over that 100 we’re still really low literally you can start a business real
cheap or you don’t have to buy this at all and you can just put links to your
your stuff so you’ll see down here these links so all I need to do is go and copy
my affiliate marketing link from get response or click funnels when I sign up
highlight some text so this will put some text here get your click funnels
trial here highlight that text guys and click the anchor link up here and just
put in your affiliate marketing URL and click that button there apply and then
that will put your affiliate link in the article so when people click on that you
get a commission if they purchase through your link guys I’ve literally
just shown you how you can start a business online and the only cost is the
website at $59 per year which is insanely cheap that is like a few cups
of coffee literally because it’s so expensive nowadays it’s probably like
seven cups of coffee and you can start an online business now if you want to
learn how to make more money online guys I will leave some videos up on the
screen you can click those right now it’ll take you through keep watching go
down that rabbit hole and learn how to make money online in fact I’ll put some
of my search engine optimization videos up so you can learn how to rank these
websites and Google and make money and I’ll see you in
the next video

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