April 1, 2020
How to make money online – Top 5 questions answered – Earn money online – J.R. Fisher

How to make money online – Top 5 questions answered – Earn money online – J.R. Fisher

hey everybody JR Fisher here want to
make sure you can hear me and you’re gonna love this video you’re just gonna
love it because these are the questions these top five questions are the
questions that I get more than anything else asked of me so I figured hey why
not do a video and just kind of explain what’s going on here so I want to go
through them one by one answer each question if you have questions feel free
to put them in the comments there at the end of this video I’m gonna give you a
free course on how to sell stuff online that’s pretty cool right all you got to
do is click put in your email and boom you got a free course you can start
watching video training today okay so let’s get started so the first question
I get is how much does it cost to start an online business how much does it cost
and you know that’s such an open-ended question I will tell you that when I
started my business oh gosh it’s going on ten years ago I started with one
hundred dollars one hundred bucks now did-did-did my income always go up from
that point no no I had setbacks and they went back and forth but essentially I
started with a hundred bucks nowadays there’s you know a whole lot more
opportunity back then you actually had to buy some inventory and sell it and
nowadays you don’t even have to buy inventory as a matter of fact I’ve got
some training on that on how you can just you know set up a Shopify store you
don’t need a hundred bucks and I will tell and I’ll you know fairness and
honesty I put that on a credit card so you know it wasn’t really my hundred
dollars but you know if you if you want to really start off right you know
you’re gonna have to invest in maybe a domain you’re gonna have to you know if
you’re gonna do videos you’re gonna need a camera but you probably already have a
phone a digital phone for something like that and it really doesn’t cost that
much I mean it really does not cost that much if you’re gonna want to run some
ads you know I have some videos on ads and how to run
but you know you can start with five dollars a day on Facebook so it doesn’t
cost a lot of money there so that’s how much it cost it doesn’t cost a whole lot
of money it’s it’s not a money obstacle and I wanna I want to cover that at the
very end but that’s not the obstacle I want to cover with the obstacle really
is the next question I get is do I have to advertise no no you don’t have to
advertise I mean I went probably a year or two before I ran any ad and then the
ads I did run didn’t work it I lost money on them so yeah you don’t have to
advertise I would suggest you don’t advertise initially until you kind of
get your bearings and know what’s going now if you want to advertise you want to
know how to do that I do have a course so that you can check it out I’m not
here to sell that course but get some training on it okay don’t don’t just go
out there and say you know I’m gonna run some ads and make some money because I
trust me you don’t know what you’re doing there’s no way to possibly
understand all of the intricate parts of running an ad and what the purpose is I
mean we run like ads for engagement first so we’ll get like 10 or 12
pictures on a post and have like 10 or 12 different posts and run an ad to
every single one of them to see which picture gets more clicks before we run
an ad to actually sell that product so all those pictures have to do with the
same product but they’re all different pictures because we want to know what
pictures gonna work first before we run a conversion ad so we run this
engagement campaign so you know advertising’s a little bit more
complicated all i would say to you on advertising is don’t do it on your own
do not do it on your own you have to get some training for advertising
there’s just the unless you’re some savant
you know advertising is a money sake if you don’t know what you’re doing so
that’s number two you have to advertise the answers now you know you know I mean
social media nowadays you got to Instagram you got YouTube you got
Facebook there’s so many things you could do you know you can start Facebook
groups oh my gosh you know you don’t you don’t have to advertise don’t worry
about it chill relax okay um the next question I get is where do I
find products to sell well you know ice I like the idea of actually Enya lating
what’s already working out there you can actually go into Facebook and type in
the name of a product you know maybe it’s a survival knife or
not knives then you can’t do that on Facebook but let’s say it’s a tent or
whatever it is and next to that put bi t dot ly which is a bitly link and you’re
gonna find all the people that are advertising and they usually use these
little bit leash orders and that that kind of segregates those posts you know
into ads and then i would look at some of the ads in there and see you know
what’s selling look at how many clicks are going there there’s a method to
doing that and then you can tell what’s working and then you can just go to
Aliexpress and find that product and heaven forbid you can sell it I know it
was two days ago I was watching an ad on YouTube and and it was a really cool ad
because it had this person and they were obviously in Japan and they they were
walking up to this geisha girl that was all painted up and they were saying
where’s the nearest truck station in English and then they held it up to her
and it said it in Japanese and she was like oh wow that’s really cool and it
made it look like this little gadget is like the coolest gadget in the world so
I immediately went to Aliexpress and typed in you know translator thing and
they were selling I think for $89 or $99 which wasn’t bad and I immediately found
it on Aliexpress for 29 to 36 bucks so you know that would have been a great
product to sell probably still is a great product to sell right now because
some of you don’t even know about it so you can do that you can go to
Aliexpress also and you can just sort by the number of a product that these
companies sell you know put in at the top makeup or blouse or shirt or
whatever and then sort by the number of actual sales they’ve had and that will
tell you what’s popular what’s working okay so that’s how you can find some
products pretty easy to do you don’t want to try to reinvent the wheel try to
go out there and find something that’s already selling sell something similar
to it or you can actually sell that product the next question I always get
asked oh my god this is it this is this this should have been at the top first
question just kills me it says what is the best niche really what is the best
niche there is no best nation I mean there’s some horrible ones I guess but
best niche it’s anything that people are interested in that you’re also
interested in okay so don’t try to do this this this goes along with that last
question well what’s the best product to sell there’s so many products to sell
there’s so many niches out there as long as there’s an audience and there’s some
Facebook groups and other products are being sold in that niche that’s fine
just pick what you want to do don’t overthink this stuff this is this is
this analysis paralysis that people get where they dislike oh I’ve got to figure
out the best nation I got to have the very best product no you don’t know you
don’t you gotta find something you’re interested in that there’s an audience
for and then offer them products it’s really that simple so to answer number
four there is no best niche okay in number five this is this is this is the
thing that people ask me right after they asked me all this other stuff
they’re like how much money can I make I don’t know anywhere from nothing on up
to millions or billions I don’t know I mean it’s like that’s like saying you
know how much does a house cost you know I mean you can go to Detroit and
probably pick one up for four grand here in San Diego you’re gonna have to start
at about a million bucks so it’s really how much money do you want to make you
know is that possible you know if you’re if you’re teaching you know a friend of
mine had a photography business and what he was doing is he was doing wedding
photography and he was making a little over a hundred thousand dollars a year
which wasn’t bad and he decided he wanted to sell courses online so he well
in line and develop some of his photography courses and so little parts
of them had memberships and all these things going on and he did that for the
past four years I guess and he just sold out for millions of dollars to a major
corporation because he put his courses online and and the thing is he could
have never made that as a wedding photographer so you know really the the
the ceiling is endless as to what you can do online the point is you know all
these questions that you got are really just probably analysis paralysis you’re
trying to overthinking you’re trying to overwork it you know we’re doing a lot
of now on YouTube and I like YouTube a lot
and it’s a pretty cool platform but but people will try to overthink it they’ll
say well I mean I need to get the very best camera and the very best lighting
and if I can get those things I know I’m gonna have the best YouTube channel and
nothing could be further from the truth why well because if that were the case
everybody with the best cameras in the best lighting in the best backdrop I got
a brick wall behind me so it’s nothing fancy but everybody who had those things
would have the biggest channels would they they would have the most views they
would have the most subscribers and they’d be making the most amount of
money and we know that’s not true it’s not true because there’s more to
making that video in there there’s useful content that you’re helping
people out with okay there’s an interest you know there’s the sound of it you
know and quite honestly this video right now is being shot on an iPhone yeah
there you go an iPhone that’s it and I have a really fancy camera over
there in the corner but it’s a pain to set up it’s easier for me to grab my
iPhone and stick it up here now I do have an external microphone on it which
gives it better sound okay so I have that but you know don’t let these
questions you know keep you from you know achieving what you want don’t let
it happen and that’s what’s happening to so many of you use you you know let me
go through them again one more time number one how much does it cost to
start an online business you know I start with a hundred bucks number two do
I have to advertise no you don’t have to advertise you can use social media where
do I find products to sell you look on Facebook you look on Aliexpress you see
what’s already selling you get a similar product you sell it what’s the best
niche whatever you like whatever you like that there’s an audience for unless
you like some really weird stuff okay then you want to be careful maybe you
shouldn’t be aligned I don’t know and then how much can I make and you know
really how much can I make is you can make a lot you know it’s just really up
to you how much effort you want to put in but you got to treat it like a real
business you have to treat it like a real business if you go into it as a
hobby and say well you know I’m gonna I’m gonna put up two products and see if
they sell and if they don’t I’ll know that you know selling online doesn’t
work now now how many products do you put up you keep putting products up
until you get one that does sell that’s how it works
and you will if you keep trying if you keep putting forth effort if you keep
learning heck if you keep watching my videos here you know you’re going to get
some good information now I will tell you I’m giving away a free course now
and that free course is several videos it’s gonna teach you how to do some cool
stuff online and it cost you zero so what you want to do is look in the
description there there should be a link in there and just click on that link you
can click in there and within seconds me watching these videos it cost you
nothing nothing zero zip to go ahead and grab those so go ahead and grab you know
that course and I appreciate you listening you know if you’ve got some
more questions send them over to me I’d love to answer your questions
put put a comment down there – in the comment section now if you want to hear
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top five questions I hope you enjoyed it you guys have a great day and I’ll talk
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