April 6, 2020
How To Make Money Online Philippines – 5 Legit Ways (Ep. #1)

How To Make Money Online Philippines – 5 Legit Ways (Ep. #1)

Are you tired of the heavy traffic going to
work and work with a job with a boss you hate? Are you a someone who’s looking for ways to
earn money without leaving the comfort of your home while taking care of your family? In this video I’m going to share to you 5
legitimate ways you can make money online here in the Philippines… coming up! Hello Millionaires! This is Fibo Lim, your wealth & life coach. In this channel, we publish weekly content
that will help you earn more income and achieve success in business and in life. So if you’re new here consider subscribing. Don’t forget to ring the bell button so
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show notes and links in the description for more details. Let’s jump into the content. First way: 1. Advertisements and Sponsorship Are you familiar with those huge billboards
you see in the city, on flyover and on the side of the malls? The obvious reason is because they want to
advertise and market their products and services. But the not so obvious part is that these
companies are paying rent to these advertising spaces. So if you are the owner of these spaces, you
can easily generate passive income from advertising rentals. So why is this relevant in making money online? Because this is one way bloggers and website
owners make money online. Their blogs and websites serve as a virtual
real estate that they can allow advertisers put ads in it for a profit. And why would companies advertise on these
platforms? Just like billboards in the city, malls and
other high-traffic areas, these companies are willing to pay advertising rent for eye-balls
on their products. So for websites and blogs that has high number
of readers and visitors, they are perfect for earning good money in advertising and
sponsorship. The downside of this way of making money online
is that it takes tons of visitors for you to make a substantial income. So if your blog is just starting out, it may
take up to months before you’ll earn your first 100 dollars online. Another downside is that since you don’t
have a product, you are driving away precious visitors to a different company. You spent time and effort building an audience
and you drive them away by encouraging to check out an advertisement for a tini-twinie
advertising income. So another alternative should be to sell a
product online. But what if you don’t have a product? Here comes make money online way number 2 2. Affiliate Marketing This is basically promoting and selling other
people’s products. And by doing so, if you are able to successfully
refer someone, the product owner will pay you a commission in return. Think if it as a referral fee. The advantage of this type is that all you
have to do is drive traffic or show the product to as many people as possible. In fact, this is where I first made my fortune
in online business. I didn’t have a product, so I promoted other
people’s products. You can be an affiliate for famous motivational
speakers like jack canfield, grant cardone or t harv eker and promote their programs
and earn commission per successful referral. You can be an affiliate to physical products
like amazon, lazada or zalora. You can be an affiliate to software products
like website hosting, email marketing softwares and other tools. Or you can be an affiliate to membership sites
and earn recurring passive income commissions. The challenge with this type though is that
there are tons of other affiliates out there too promoting the same product. Meaning, you need to be different or outwork
the competition in order to be a top affiliate. Now what if you don’t want to promote other
people’s products, instead you promote your skills and services online? Yes that’s possible and it’s called: 3. Freelancing Freelancing in the Philippines is a growing
trend. People now are working at home offering their
services, skills and expertise and earning dollars without leaving their homes.. Let me explain.. Making money online in the Philippines is
still at it’s infant stage. But outside the country like US, it’s like
a norm already. Everybody is creating online businesses left
and right and these business owners have to maintain their blogs, websites, social media
accounts, emails and their communities. Since they can’t handle it all, they outsource
these tasks like social media management, advertising, replying to email and such, to
people outside the country for half or even way lower the price they pay for a local employee. This is where Freelancers in the Philippines
come in. They accept tasks like being a virtual assistant
(replying to social media accounts), managing advertising, email marketing, video editing,
transcription and more. They are trading their skills for money. And since they are living in the Philippines
earning dollars, it’s one lucrative way of earning money online. The only downside is that, since you are trading
skills and time for money, it is rarely way for you to earn passive income online. Another way to earn online is by selling physical
products online. This is where Ecommerce and Dropshipping come
in. 4. Ecommerce and Dropshipping This is basically selling physical products
online amazon. But instead of just being an affiliate (as
mentioned earlier).. ..you build your own online store. You buy wholesale products (cheap stuff from
china for example) and sell it in your website for like 10X the price. This is possible through branding and finding
a winning product. Personally I’ve bought a 250 peso product
and sold it in my website for 1,500. Kaching! The downside of this business model is that
it requires a lot of testing in finding that winning product. Add to that the cost of advertising and shipping
and handling. And since you are dealing with physical products,
you also have to handle damages and product returns. And lastly, my favorite. The last way in making money online is through
creating and selling your own digital information products. 5. Digital Information Products These are in the form of an ebook, audiobook,
video training, online courses and/or coaching programs. Unlike earning through advertising, you are
building and audience and monetizing it through your own products (not drive them away to
competition). Unlike affiliate marketing, you own 100% of
the income when you sell a product. Unlike Freelancing, creating digital information
product (after creating) you can automate it and make it make money in autopilot. And unlike eCommerce, these products are digital
meaning, no handling, no damages, no returns. This is for me the best way of making money
online. How? By using your knowledge, expertise or passion
and packaging it into an information product (like an ebook or online course) and sell
it. It’s just like going to school, but instead,
you pay online and learn in the comforts of your home. If you would like me to show you have you
can build your own business just by sharing your knowledge, passion and transform it into
a product that’s monetizable on the internet, I want to invite you to my FREE Webinar where
I’m going to reveal to you the secrets that will help you start at quickly as possible. Just go to launchph.com/register or click
the link in the description to register for a seat in my FREE Webinar Class. Question of the day. What do you think are other ways on how you
can make money online? What do you think is the best way? Let me know in the comments below! I read each and every comment because I want
to connect with you and have a conversation. Thanks for watching this video. Subscribe and ring the bell if you haven’t
yet. Until next time, this is Fibo Lim. Achieve success, live with happiness, and
enjoy the good life.

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