April 1, 2020
How To Make Money On YOUTUBE

How To Make Money On YOUTUBE

how do people make money on YouTube how
can you make money on YouTube how er do I make money on YouTube with a pretty
small channel and not that many views that’s what I’m going to be sharing with
you in this video my name is Rachel Astley and my channel is all about
making money online and making passive income online so you can do work just
once and still get paid from it every day or every night while you’re sleeping
so if you’re into that kind of stuff be sure to subscribe to my channel turn on
the notifications and let’s get into the content so the first way to make money
on YouTube which you may have already thought about is ads the ads that play
before the video starts or in the middle of a video or ads that are showing up on
the video this is other advertisers putting ads on
your video depending on the niche that you’re in that your YouTube channel is
you will get paid more or less for ethics a lot of channels such as
entertainment channels don’t actually get paid that much from ads but if they
have a ton of views that when you can stack up I would say don’t go into
thinking about making money on YouTube just from paps
I’m going to share with you Darrow is and I think it’s important to implement
a lot of these another thing to consider sometimes you might not want ads
tickling on your videos if I’m making a video selling something promoting
something I don’t want my competitor to put their ad selling the same thing
right in front of my video so that’s just one way is YouTube
another way is ads that are deals you have with with a brand or with an
advertiser they’re not ran through the Google ad platform so sometimes these
are called brand deals or sometimes these are called sponsorships but the
company is paying you to shout out the video or even just link it below or say
today’s video is sponsored by this company or to do a review of the product
or show off the product or even make it like you are not promoting it and just
acting natural promoting it so that’s another way that you can make money on
YouTube that also ties in to getting sponsors and free product it’s not
actually making money but you could get a lot of cool gear clothes and makeup
electronics in my case I mostly come up software’s and purses lately on my
channel so I actually get a lot of those for free so another way to make money on
YouTube this is my main way is affiliate offers where I don’t get paid unless
people click the links my tracking link and buy or take some action usually buy
so with all my favourite Stoppers that I use or courses that I like I try to find
affiliate links and then I make review videos or tutorial videos and put my
links in the description below if you’re not sure what you want to sell as an
affiliate you can actually get Amazon affiliate links so if you’re talking
about something super random why exists scandal you can put an affiliate
like you can grab your affiliate link from the Amazon affiliate center and put
that in the description below and then when people buy other stuff on the
Amazon you’ll get paid for that too but pretty much any online store that
you could think of has some type of affiliate program so you can look into
that big way that I make money on YouTube isn’t actually right on YouTube
but it’s off youtube like off-site sales so I’ll give away free trainings or
there’s links to my website or my blog and people will click off of YouTube opt
in with their email opt-in with a chat bot go to some other website and then my
affiliate links are on those pages or they go through a process go through a
funnel and then eventually buy different affiliate offers and then then also ties
into selling your own products or services digital products online courses
coaching group coaching one-on-one calls consulting or even physical products
such as merch you can put sales page order form links right in the
description or you can get traffic from YouTube get followers fans and audience
from YouTube and then send them off YouTube to a website of pre-training and
then they’re the selling happens these are the main ways that I make money with
YouTube so if you are interested in starting any of these let me know in the
comments well you’re gonna get started on I’m gonna include some more training
in the description below more youtube training on how to create videos for
youtube and rank them on youtube so they get views and then also ways to make
more sales with affiliate marketing and other types of online marketing where
your traffic is coming from you too but then we’re making sales and doing
follow-up using other methods so check out the description below for those and
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  2. Do you make money off ads (#1)? Seems there is a lot better ways and I agree its important to keep their attention and not let them watch some other video.

  3. This is so awesome! Never knew that you can actually earn using YouTube. I will try this strategy very soon so I can also make money while I enjoy making videos for my online business. You rock, Rachel!!!

  4. The energy I needed today. Loving how you explain everything in this video. This is a brilliant video. I will definitely try this out!

  5. Another interesting video. You can do a lot with YouTube you can also earn from it. I am definitely trying this out. Thanks, Rachel!

  6. first of all, you look really pretty on this vid! love the outfit, hair and make-up!! and thanks for the ideas Rachel! great content! value packed as always! 😀

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