April 5, 2020

How to make Google Ads Ad Text Effective

hi my name’s Sam I am the paid and social media ads manager here at Matter solutions today I’d like to discuss how
we can make AdWords which is now Google AdWords and the ad text more effective
ad text is very important because a it’s the first touch point of your brand be
it can help lower your cost per click and see of course without ad text you
don’t have any search money so how can add texting impact the success of an app
I have a saying that is appealed for the human and satisfy the AI so in order to
write effective and and quality ad text you need to do those two things and by
appealing to the human obviously the human is someone that wants to buy your
product so you need to be able to provide them with something that’s going
to appeal to them and entice them to purchase your product or service and the
satisfy the AI portion is actually in regards to using the keywords and
writing the ads in a certain way that Google can read them and actually makes
a connection between the keywords and the ad text to give you a better quality
score it’s it’s very possible to tank and AD through bad ad text essentially
it decreases the click-through rate of course if you’re not appealing to the
human they’re not clicking on your ad often which decreases you click-through
rate when you decrease you click-through rate you decrease your quality score and
a decreased quality score resulting and increased cost per click if you want to
learn anything more about add text or keywords or any kind of strategy in
relation to Google Ads come back and see me here at Madison’s

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