April 7, 2020
How To Make An ECommerce Website Pt. 2: The 3 Website Pages You Need (That Aren’t Product Pages)

How To Make An ECommerce Website Pt. 2: The 3 Website Pages You Need (That Aren’t Product Pages)

– Welcome guys to the ECommerce
Marketer and Barketer. I’m Kara, these are our star Barketers of the
day, Poppy and Hazel, and today I’ll be discussing
three website pages you need to help get you eCommerce
website up and running. And side note, they’re
not your product pages, so let’s jump into it. (upbeat music) (barking) The first page you’ll
need is your Homepage. Now I know this is a no brainer, but not everyone knows how to
set up an effective Homepage. Actually, the average eCommerce
bounce rate is about 45%, so rather than having visitors
bounce you want to capture and convert visitors from the get go. Make sure your Homepage displays your unique value proposition, or UVP, remember there’s tons of online
competition so throw your visitors a bone and immediately
state why your visitor should continue shopping on your site. But maybe they don’t take your bone, throw them another treat by
featuring any sales or deals you may be running at the
time on your Homepage. If a UVP doesn’t capture
your visitor’s attention, then maybe a sale on your Homepage will. And lastly, personalize your Homepage to your customers’ preferences. One of my favorite online pet
stores sells all kinds of pet products for cats, for
dogs, birds, you name it. But because I’ve been purchasing only dog products from the site, whenever I find myself
back on the Homepage I’m only shown dog
product recommendations. Nothing like personalization
from the get go. The second page to set
up is your About Us page. This is an opportunity to
share with your visitors who you are and why you do what you do. There’s huge opportunity to on this page to showcase your story, and voice, and connect with visitors, beyond barking at them to make a purchase. One element you can include
on your About Us page is your people, showing
off your team and pack, and putting face to your brand
helps humanize your company. Another element you can
include is your business model. If your business model
helps illustrate what makes your company so unique including that in your About Us page would be ideal. Lastly, include awards and press mentions your company may have received. Your About Us page is definitely
the place to put any and all kinds of social proof and
show that “hey you’ve been recognized that you can
play with the big dogs too”. The last page that
isn’t always as popular, but definitely suggested for
eCommerce shops is a blog. Even if you don’t consider
yourself a blogger, having a blog can be used to post updates about your company, showcase new products,
and share industry news. This is a great way to showcase
you company as top dogs, or thought leaders in the industry. Blogs can serve as an
opportunity to increase your brand awareness by writing
about popular topics within your industry that your ideal
customers would find helpful. It’s also a great SEO play legion tactic to publish helpful content through blogs, and also promote your
products within your blog. But remember make these
blogs more helpful, rather than promotional, you don’t want to come off
yanking their leash and come off too salesy losing trust from
your visitors off the bat. So, make sure you set
up a blog that provides quality content that attracts
new visitors to your site. So that’s all I have today guys. Hopefully this has given you
some guidance on what pages to tackle first when building
your eCommerce website, or even just how to optimize these pages. I know these were just a few quick tips, so if you have any other
questions feel free to leave a comment below, but for
those eCommerce marketers who already have these pages
I would love to hear some of your tips or any
elements you’ve included to make these pages effective. So leave a comment below as well. Thanks again for tuning in and
hope to catch you next week for more eCommerce marketing
tips and strategies with Ecommerce Marketer and
Barketer. Or Barketers. (laughing) (upbeat music)

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